Hmm, I’d prefer to think we autists have better sense than to unleash our horrible experiments on the world without proper testing! But you never know with the dudes.

Could use another editing pass, naturally, but it’s quite a nice start. Metallic tentacles are great fun, as are pain and body control ^_^ I’d read more if it got written.

Well, to be fair to Dr. Meier, he didn’t intend to unleash this experiment without testing. He just should have done more simulated testing before using himself as a test subject. One bad mistake kinda ruined the whole project. (For some definition of ‘ruined’, of course…)

I keep meaning to write more on this one - I have both an overall plot and quite a few different units I’ve thought up - I just need to organize my thoughts on how to use one to support the other. I’ll try to get someplace with it.

(And thanks for leaving a comment.)

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