WorldBuilding - Jeweled Magic

(Contrary to the title, the main idea of this world is not jewelry as magic per se: Jewelry is possible, but iron collars and cuffs work just fine as well, and are far more common.)

This at the moment is an exercise in world-building more than a story. It is possible a story will be set in this world at some point however – if I can think of one.


Magic works, but has some severe limits in scope. As a start:

Chapter 5 - Jessica

Jessica drew looks on friday, as her mom held the door open for her to walk in. Her mom also accompanied her to the lockers, until she got to the group of girls waiting. “I can’t stay long. Jessica can’t use her hands. She can talk, but only if you remove the bit-gag and talk to her first. Took ages to figure that out.” She turned back to her daughter, and gave her a quick hug. “Have a good day dear. Have someone call if you need me.”

Jessica just nodded in reply.

Chapter 23

Slave Scavo: Master wants to report that his latest client is a ‘Faust’ client.

Mary: Oh? What was he doing?

Slave Scavo: It wasn’t really well defined; he didn’t even mention any ‘special’ requirements, or that Faust had referred him until Master and I were about to leave.

Mary: So you were there as well, and saw him.

Slave Scavo: Yep; I’m uploading imagery as well. He seems to intend to set up a dairy-farm and use that for cover, somehow.

Mary: Dairy farm? How would cows cover missing girls?

Chapter 1

“Esti, I’ve told you that you don’t need to do that.” Esti was cleaning Darius’ room. Again. He kept telling her she didn’t need to, that whatever the effects of the spell he’d cast to keep her from a worse fate, he was not going to order her around, or make her serve him.

She stopped, and came over to where he was working. Studying, really. “Darius, I’m not cleaning your room because I love you. I’m cleaning your room because I’m a meliae.”

Character Sheet

Central Characters

  • Talib Yoshida

  • ‘Slave’ Scavo

The Police Force

  • Mary

The Ponygirl group

  • Hadia

The leader, instigator. Tallest - got shorter with the leg mod. Skipped foot mod.

  • Cynthia

Somewhat reluctant. Took the foot mod.

  • Adieen

More adventurous, and interested in mods. The shortest - the leg mods gave her really long legs. Took heel and catheter mod.

Chapter 22

Talib leaned back and sighed. Turning a guy away was always — awkward.

“Master, may I ask a question?”

“Sure, Slave. What is it?”

“Is it just because you prefer women that you don’t train men?”

He turned his chair to face her. “Pretty much, yeah. I have trained men in the past, when I was starting out, but it never worked as well, for either me or them. Money isn’t a problem at the moment, so I stick with women — who I enjoy training more.”

Slave nodded. “And you don’t put that in your ads?”

Bring Your Family to Work Day

I was in Edwin’s room for our weekly meeting (Which he’d organized after I’d gotten used to working with this software.), putting my clothes back on, and wishing we could discuss business first, so I didn’t have to talk to the guy who’d just made me love being raped. “You’ve been doing good work. I’ve only got a couple for you to work on this week.” He handed me a list.

“Light week?” Usually he had four or five, but it varied.

“Yeah. Parent’s day this weekend.”

“Oh, right. My mom and dad are bringing my sister down to look the place over.”

Roles and Responsibilities

Sunday afternoon I was sitting, staring at that check. Trying to work up the nerve to sign it and send it in to be cashed, to make that gesture that I accepted this role I’d been forced into.

Lily had gone home for the weekend. I missed her. I wanted her around to distract me.

Of course, that was just another gesture that I’d accepted the role I’d been forced into.

Other Duties, as Assigned

The next couple of days I almost managed to put Edwin, and what he’d done, out of my head. I didn’t want to think about it, so I tried to ignore the signs around me. Of which there weren’t many anyway: He covered his tracks well.

Of course there was Lily. She was in my bed every night, and even in a little dorm room there were more ways than I’d have thought for her to show her service.

Benefits Package

My dorm room wasn’t far enough away, at least for my state of mind. Just halfway across campus, not halfway across the world.

Though, that may not have been far enough, if what I suspected about that Russian mafia boss was true…

The room was quiet: My roommate was taking a nap. She’d probably earned it: a full load of classes, as well as memberships in on-campus clubs. The night before I had never heard her come in.


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