Chapter 2

Slave Scavo: Mary! How are things going at the office?

Mary: Scavo! You made quite a scene today… And you changed your name?

Slave Scavo: Yeah… I guess it shows in the comm, doesn’t it? It’s to help with my deep-cover assignment. Help to convince anyone watching that I’m fully conditioned.

Mary: How are you taking it? And should I be calling you ‘Slave’? ;)


Susan woke to the sun in her eyes. Her first thought was that someone should have closed the curtains: it felt too good in this bed to get up just yet.

A moment later she was fully awake. This was her hotel room, exactly as she had remembered it. Not the prison suite she remembered from the last few days.

Or, at least she thought she remembered. The memories of being locked in that room were fuzzy, indistinct, almost dream-like. Susan found herself looking down at her body to see if those memories were real.


Susan’s first thought when she woke up was that it was dark.

It wasn’t actually. The room was fairly well lit in fact, but it was painted in dark colors. She noticed that about the same time that she noticed she was tied to the table she was laying on. Other things her survey of her current situation noticed were that she was still dressed, and that the table was at an angle, so she was closer to standing then lying down.


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