Just Another Night

Marta eyed the cars driving by, hoping for one to slow down. Preferably a nice Italian sports car, looking for directions…

Yeah, right. Her normal customer drove either a few-years-old sedan, or (fairly common) a truck. Sometimes a new truck. Also common was moderatly new to new mid-size cars bought by parents of the drivers.

If they were alone, she liked those customers. If they were in a group, or drunk, she avoided them if she could. Alone usually meant some shy guy looking to loose his virginity, someone who’d need her to seduce him.




Jeana’s safeword is ‘sicher’. (German for ‘safe’.)


Brian has apparently studied some German. Probably in high school.


Main Party

Darius Kimball

  • Race: Human
  • Magic Types: Arcane, Mental, Nature. (The last boosted by his bond with Esti.)
  • Magic Style: Sorcerer-in-training. Picking up seid and warlock as protective/relevent to his current situation…

Central character, the ‘leader’.

Legal Systems

In general, region and society has their own legal system. Things get complicated however when multiple societies share an area — whether they interact directly or not. As there are multiple sentient races, each tends to have originally had it’s own legal system. However, as humans became the dominant force in an area, they tended to impose their own legal system, ignoring those of the other races. (Take a good look at gypsy/jewish legal systems at the end of the middle ages, and how they were subsumed for similar effects.) In the most part, this has been accepted, if not always liked.


Most beings speak English, as it’s the main language of the human world. So, if they want to deal with humans, they will speak in it. There are also translation spells, either temporary or permanent to an item or place. (Which may be limited in what they can translate, or not, depending largely on the amount of power someone is willing to spend on it.)

However, at the same time many races or peoples have their own languages as well. Some of these are defined, some not. Details on selected are below.


In general, any and every fantasy race may have presence. Races like Dryads which are tied to a specific natural item or place are generally considered ‘spirits’ instead of independent individuals/races. (And are therefore considered non-sentient, at least by most humans.)


Magic use in the MagicU universe is governed by two things: Access and style. Once you have access to a type of magic, you can use it in any style you choose, with results depending on the level of access you have, and your skill in that style of magic. (Or at least that spell.) Access is (generally…) controlled by accident of birth: You are born with access to certain types, in certain amounts, and that is all you will ever have.

Spring Break

Darius was still worrying an hour later when they’d rounded up Esti and gone over to Professor Conway’s lab. The Dean and the Chair of Nature Studies were just outside: The Chair looked exhausted.

“Ah. Mr. Kimball… You have an idea?” The Dean said, putting back down a wand as he saw them approach.


Darius flopped back on his bed. “One more exam, and it’s not for two days. Ahh.”

“You are looking forward to your ‘vacation’ then, milord?”

Darius looked down at his ‘cat’. Siofra wasn’t often joking, but it did happen… “Yes, I am. And I’m looking forward to getting out of school for a few days as well, if nothing else. Plus, I have enough time to actually get home. Which will be nice.”

“Indeed. Home is… something we all cherish.”

“I have told you that you are welcome to visit Underhill anytime you wish, you know. I know you can.”


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