Chapter 5 (Wifwolf)

The breeze rustled the leaves near where Darius and Esti were studying. Darius turned his head carefully, checking the sound. “That’s just the wind. Remember, a sentence always starts with a slight whistle, before the rustle.”

“Right, sorry. Just trying to make sure I can identify the different sounds correctly.”

“You are doing well, and I thought you wanted to come out here to study. Classwork, I mean. Not…”

“I did. I…”

“Darius Kimball?”

Darius turned from the table, and Esti, to the new voice. “Yes?”

Chapter 4

“I’m not sure what’s going on milord: the binding you created doesn’t behave in the manner I was expecting. I can think of a couple of unbinding spells I would try, given how this one is supposed to be reacting, but each of them depends on the enchantment to be unbound working in a predictable way. I would hesitate to try them in this case.”

Chapter 3

Saturday morning, Esti woke Darius up. Siofra pretended she’d been awake all along. “Darius? I have a favor to ask.”

Darius opened the door the rest of the way and let her in. “Can it wait until later? Like when the sun’s up and I’m awake?”

“It’d really be best not to. We don’t want to draw too much attention, and sunrise is best anyway.”

“Ok, get out and let me get dressed.”

That took longer than normal, but eventually Darius was dressed, and becoming more awake. “Ok, Esti. What do you want.”

“Come. I need you to meet some people.”

Chapter 2

“So, what have you attempted towards fulfilling the terms of your vow?” Siofra asked Darius, as he and Esti finished telling the story of how Esti had become bound to him to his new bondservant. Siofra was in her ‘human’ form. (Human-like, rather. No one would mistake her for anything other than an sídhe, though they might not be able to place her clan.)


“Are you sure this is a good idea?”

Esti ignored Darius. “Come on, we’re getting close. This way.”

They were in the sub-basement of The University, well beyond where second-year students were expected to be. “I’m just saying that whomever put your tree down here isn’t going to like this. We should get a professor or something.”

“And tell them I’m a dryad? No way.”

“Meliae.” Darius corrected. The difference was normally a pet peeve of Esti’s. She just headed through the catacombs.


A general timeline, containing both written and unwritten events in the story:

Magic U. Timeline

(Note that year 1 was a normal year for Darius Kimball. He probably helped people as a friend, and at some point he saw Esti getting out of her tree.)

World Notes

Story Text

Magic U

Darius’s life at a student at a university for magic.

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There was an unholy shriek as metal tore, and glass shattered.  The world spun, with up and down becoming momentarily meaningless.  Colors became red of flame, and red of blood.  Then... cold.

A face, framed in white, dressed in red.  "Alena Raisel Fournier, you have died, and you will not like what your life has earned."  A scent of sulfur.

<Terror, pleading, desperation.>

"However, I have been granted a chance to reverse that."

<Hope, pleading, supplication.>


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