The Gift

Alena is in a fatal car accident — on Christmas Eve. Between this life and the next, a choice is offered to her, and a gift of life. But is the gift for her?

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Rise of the Mental Mechanic

“Pat’s been asking around again. I got her diverted.”

“Handled then.”

“For the moment, yes. But she’s going to keep asking, and she’s getting suspicious. She’s not the only one, either.”


I really didn’t mean to become a supervillian.

I didn’t even really think of myself as a villian per se. I just was a guy with a crush… Well, ok, it was a bit of an obsession. Two obsessions, really. The first was with how the mind works, not just psychology, but the actual physiology of thought. The second was with my next-door neighbor.

Green Star

A lonely nerd gets more than he bargained for when he finds a way to influence the mind of his neighbor.

(This probably needs a different title, but I don’t have one at the moment.)

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Section 1

“Next up is Chava Montoya, one of this year’s top hopefuls for the Olympics. She has won five competitions already this year; if she can place here at the Nationals, she’s got her spot reserved.”

“Yes Bob, she’s an excellent skater, and is in the top three coming out of the short program. However, the long program has been problematic for her in the past, and she’s never actually managed to win a medal in a Nationals competition.”

“True Dave. She wins regularly at the lower levels though, and is looking better than ever this year.”

Existing on the Edge

An exploration of just how far someone would go to win an Olympic Gold…

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I don’t know why I bother coming in to the office the week before Christmas. The week before Christmas, no one wants to know what little secrets their brother/sister/husband/lover/coworker/whatever has. I sit on my butt in at my desk, pretending to wait for a call and actually getting some sleep.

But that was last week. This week I’m a new woman.

Santa Must Get Laid

A bit of drabble about a private eye who is looking in to some ‘interesting’ Christmas gifts.

Complete - but I’m not particularly happy with it.

Energy Play

Nate discovers that he can see — and manipulate — people’s auras, leading to some amazing abilities.

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Section 1

“Come in, Lysandra. Close the door and take a seat.” Nico waved his subordinate in.

“Thanks, Mr. Shaw.” She strode in, and took the indicated chair. “I’m sorry I wasn’t in sooner, I’m still trying to get I. T. to get my computer working again after my vacation.”

“How was your vacation, by the way?”


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