Office Slave

Lysandra — a CPA at a successful small manufacturing firm — finds a way to avoid prosecution for embezzling from the company.

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Section 2

“A collar, you mean.”

“Often. It’s visible, out of the way, and prominent. Helps keep people from misunderstanding her position. But it’s up to you, and her. You do get a med-alert bracelet as well, saying that you are life-support for a RMCS case.” She smiled, letting them know she was being less formal. “I will provide basic versions of both, but you can also buy your own as well. There are a couple of companies who make them into some very nice jewelery.” She took a deep breath. “So, that’s the basics. Any questions?”

Section 1

“Kevin! Thank god!” Reanna threw her arms around him as he opened the door.

Carefully disengaging, Kevin stepped back to get a good look at her. “What’s the matter?”

Reanna seemed to pull herself together for a moment. “Can I come in? Please?”

Kevin just shrugged, and stepped aside, an inquiry in his eyes. “Thank you.” She held together long enough to take the step through the door, and close it behind her.

Then she obviously lost control for a moment, and was on her knees, scrambling at his crotch. “Oh god, I need…”

Submission Plague

How several friends deal with an outbreak of the ‘Submission Plague’.

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Section 1

“Commander Alfsigr, I thought you had left us.”

The barsum female walked up to the table where Leuwtendent Leonty and his second-in-command Sargent Pramod were seated at lunch. “I had. Barsum command changed it’s mind about my reassignment. May I join you?”

Both humans sat up a little straighter. Leonty answered: “Of course. May I ask what prompted this change?”

Logic's Slave

Alfsigr learns that Barsoom biology still has surprises, and that — despite being alien — humans are more compatible than they thought they were.

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Section 1

Sandra groaned and rolled over. The afternoon sun was getting in her eyes, and not helping her headache. If this was what a hangover felt like, why did people like to go drinking?

Or was this some sort of hazing ritual that her friends had cooked up for her? That made just as much sense. Why would you want to give your friend a hangover for her birthday? Though she had to admit that she’d been as eager to try some of the different drinks as anyone… Chalk it up to not knowing what she was in for, and the lure of new privileges.

Need vs. Want

When a prank goes awry, Sandra learns the difference between need and want.

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Section 1

“Got some more scents for me to try?” Alexis, entering the chemistry lab.

“A couple; I think I worked out the blood-barrier transfer problem.” Louis looked up from where he’d been synthesizing chemicals. “I’ve been meaning to say thank you for being my guinea pig for this.”

The girl shrugged. “I’m getting extra credit with Mr. Lehrer, and it gets me out of the science fair. I think he likes you: He was pretty exited about your project. Besides, what are friends for?”

Good Ideas

An experiment with some brain-altering chemicals gets out of hand.

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