Dinis walked up the sidewalk to the sorority house where Sabina lived. She’d called earlier in the day, asking if he could help her with the statistics assignment. It had been an easy problem set: Dinis had finished it while the professor talked in class, but sometimes people just didn’t see something basic about how stuff worked. He’d helped enough people with enough homework problems to realize that over the years.



Natalia looked at the item she’d just pulled out of the wall. It looked like an over-sized pair of VR goggles; the same things she used in classes all the time.

She really should report this. The sorority had bought this house last year off of a police auction; it had been used as the base of some kind of prostitution ring/brothel and had been seized when the ring was broken up, and the police had told them to turn over anything suspicious they found. Made sure all the girls knew about it.

House of VR

A sorority house finds an old device lodged in the walls, leading to a change in their education.

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I just wanted to mention that this is one of my oldest ‘in progress’ ideas I’ve got. There’s some obvious influences from some of Tabico’s work (notably Adaptation), but the primary inspiration is from a story in an old issue of Asimov’s Science Fiction & Fantasy – from the mid-90’s, when I was in high school.

So it’s taken over a decade and a half for it to get this far, and I haven’t actually worked on it in a while. Hmm.

Section 1

Galactic Time Index, 4 836 891-31 Battiato Logbook, entry 42.

Dominant predator located; tenative name ‘reunveod’. Four-legged, of moderate size. (Estimate 80 Kilos, average.) Feather-fur indicate of being of the maluote family. Appears to be a hunter, from cursory examination. Will need to scan and analyze a specimen.


Skira learns that the local biology on a planet that she is assigned to survey has it’s own way of recruiting help.

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The Gift of a Curse

Alicia gets to know Shirley, who’s under a unique curse…

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Section 1

Alicia smiled in apology as she brought the drink to the girl at the end of the bar. “From the gentleman over there.”

The raised eyebrow was enough for the question to get across. The girl rolled her eyes and took the drink. “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of this.” She headed over to the lone guy at the bar.

She hadn’t taken a sip by the time she got to him. On the other hand, well over half the eyes in the bar had watched her every move as she’d walked. She stopped just short of him, and looked him up and down.

Chapter 21

Adieen met him at the door again the next night. “Come in; Hadia and Joanna are waiting in the stables. We, um, decided to get started early.” She was grinning.

Talib just raised an eyebrow and followed her.

The scene when he got the stables made him shake his head. “There are right ways and wrong ways to put things on. Am I going to have to teach you?”

Hadia looked up and blushed. “Sorry, we were just playing…”

Future Dom

A long, ongoing story about a professional Dom in the future — who works both inside and outside the law.

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