Chapter 20

Talib walked through the house to the stable. “I was under the impression that not everyone would be here.”

Adieen shrugged. “It sounded like you wanted to work with us individually, so we picked nights for the first week.”

Talib considered, then stopped and turned to the not-so-discretely following gaggle. “Ok, you can watch, but only if you promise not to distract anyone. Otherwise, I did bring everyone’s gear.”

Chapter 19

“I can’t believe I agreed to this.” Mary was saying, as Slave led her down to where Talib was supposed to be waiting.

“You asked for this, if I remember correctly. You could have just come over for dinner and ‘dessert’ once a week, but you didn’t think it was appropriate.”

“Thanks for the support.”

“Too late to change your mind now, at least for this weekend. And hush; Master says no talking.”

Chapter 18

Talib considered ringing the bell a second time, but the door finally opened. He recognized the woman who opened the door, she’d spoken a couple of times during their meeting. “Hi, Adieen was it? Are people ready for my visit?”

“Yes, come in. Who is with you?”

“This is my assistant, she goes by ‘Slave’, actually. She wasn’t able to make the come to the office on the day we met.”

“I remember you said something about another client.”

“Yes, she was attending to them at the time. Nice place you’ve got here.”

Chapter 17

“Romy!” Alicia came running.

“Hi Alicia.” Romy replied with a smile.

Which caused Alicia to skid to a halt. “You can talk.” A closer examination. “And you have dog-ears, and a tail.” Another pause. “And the implant doesn’t say you are Property.”

“I’m not, at the moment. Me and my owner decided it wasn’t working the way we’d hoped.”

“Then why are you still a dog? And why the ears, and tail?”

“Because I like being a dog. And I’m hoping I can talk someone else into being my owner, and I think they’ll like the ears and tail.”

Chapter 16

“How are you feeling?”

“Not bad. A bit sore, but it’s fading. Worn out, but not really. I mean, I don’t feel tired, but mentally I’m worn out. Oh, and I’m hungry.”

Chapter 15

Talib really hadn’t wanted to come into the office today, but there’d been a prospective client who’d insisted, and realistically he wasn’t doing anything at home besides watching Romy. The werewolf mod pushed the limits, and she wasn’t always in full control of her actions, nor did her body always stay in one form, but beyond containing her so that she didn’t damage anything there wasn’t much he could do. He had left Slave to watch, with instructions to alert him if anything looked like it was getting dangerous.

Chapter 14

“So, Romy, want to pick out ears and a tail?”

“Hmm? Oh, yes, sorry. Just thinking.”

“What about? Not changing your mind, are you?”

“No, no, not that.” She smiled, laughing at herself. “Not even close. I was thinking about two things, actually.”


“First off, is there some way so I’d be decent in a fight, if I needed to be? One of my jobs is going to be to defend Alicia, and I can’t do much of that the way I am. A normal dog could.”

“There’s a few things we can look at, yes. I think so. The second?”

Chapter 13

Mary waited until the couple left before entering. “Oh, sorry, I didn’t meant to intrude…”

“Oh, don’t worry. Mary, this is Romy, who I’m doing a bit of work for. Romy, Mary, a friend of Slave’s.” A pause, as they both worked out how a woman and a dog acknowledge that they’ve been introduced, then Talib cut it. “Romy, can you wait in the other room? We’ll get started in just a bit.”

“Ok. Nice to meet you, Mary.” She left, and the door closed behind her.

“She was in Slave’s reports, wasn’t she?”

Chapter 12

Mary was picking at her food over lunch. She’d brought a healthful salad and juice; it even tasted decent, if very bland.

The blandness didn’t really bother her. It was the fact that she remembered what intense taste sensations her new tongue could provide under the right circumstances that was distracting her.

As she’d told Slave, she understood now why Slave was so happy where she was. Understood quite possibly all to well: The desire to be back there, crawling on her knees, his cock on her tongue… It was stronger than she’d thought it would be.

Chapter 11

Slave Scavo: So, did you enjoy your vacation?

Mary: Oh, god… I just got to work, please, I need to concentrate.

Slave Scavo: You seemed to be able to concentrate very well last week.

Mary: I know, I remember… Look, I need to concentrate on my work.

Slave Scavo: Isn’t keeping track of what Master’s doing exactly what you do at work?

Mary: Yes, but please, I need to be able to think clearly, not just be Master’s fuck-toy…


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