Chapter 10

Slave Scavo: So we have confirmation that Mr. Faust is a mechanical. He just picked up a 70-kilo load without any apparent effort.

Mary: A 70-kilo load? What was he carrying?

Slave Scavo: Ms. Shri and the box she arrived in. Which she has just departed in as well.

Mary: Already?

Slave Scavo: She’s been ready for pickup for over a day, and we notified Mr. Faust two days ago what the timeframe was.

Mary: Just… It hasn’t been a week, even.

Chapter 9

“So if you’ll sign here.” The delivery man was bored.

Talib signed where indicated, and handed the pad back. “Thanks for the fast service.”

“It’s what we do. Though I hate these heavy ones on the weekend deliveries. Can I get you to lend a hand? It’s got wheels, but…”

“Yeah, sure. It’s fragile anyway, I wouldn’t want you to drop it.”

“Wasn’t marked as such.”

“That’s why the case is so big. Still, best not to push it, right?”

“Of course, sir.”

Chapter 8

Talib was waiting when Mary walked into the office. Her eyes flicked momentarily to her friend, standing in the corner, dressed today in a long top and boots. It took a second look to realize the ‘top’ was a corset, and while it covered her breasts (while giving them a nice lift), it didn’t quite make it to her cunt. Mary pretended not to notice.

“Welcome, please, have a seat.”

Alicia's Return

Talib watched the new client walk into his office, then turn to her puppy-girl beside her. “Romy, why don’t you go play with Scavo, ok?”

“I haven’t heard her called that in… Romy, you said? I thought I recognized her. Let me guess, you are Alicia, right?”

“That’s right. And you, of course, are Talib Yoshida.” The young woman sat.

“What’s it been? 10 years?”

13; I’m 21 now. I got Romy’s message, from before, just a few weeks ago.”

“Ah.” He waited.

Additional Scenes

Additional Scenes from the Future Dom universe, not related to the main story.

Currently: ‘Alicia’s Return’ - Set 13 years after the main story, the return of Romy and Alicia.

Chapter 1

Talib looked over the woman he’d selected. Slightly shorter than his hundred ninety centis, on a fit, lean frame. Her hair was currently a sky-blue, matching her eyes, though he thought a more natural color would suit her, eventually. Her mouth was working hard at the gag he’d placed in it, but for the moment he didn’t want her talking. Her breasts were generous, and apparently still natural, as they hung slightly off-center as she stood in the bindings.


“Thanks. Third floor.” Innana said, as she stepped onto the elevator. She was glad they’d held the door for her: She might have been late otherwise.

“Why’s everyone going to the third floor? Anyone on this elevator going anywhere else?” One of the other girls asked.

“I have to meet someone in room 320.” A voice said.

“No way.” “Who?” “Me too.”

“Wait. We’re all going to room 320?” Innana asked.

Everyone nodded their heads.

Ambrosia Ascendant

A man finds the origin of the story of the mythical ‘ambrosia’, and finds that it has nearly magical effects on himself — and others.

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Princess Aurelia


Madeira wine

The calendar adjustment was in 1582. (October 4 - 15.)

He lost his cell phone, and the police would have tried to reach him on it. Opportunity for lost paperwork for insurance company.

Main Text

The fire was beautiful. Red and yellow, dancing against the dark night sky, the faint hints of smoke visible by the light of the inferno beneath. It flickered, appearing almost gentle at a distance, in and out of the already blackened windows and doors. Firemen busied around, shadows against the light. Ants wresting a chunk of sugar, breaking it down, guiding it to where they want it to go, always almost just out of control; the cube always threatening to fall and crush them.

“Hey man, you got a place to go?”


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