College Collection

Naomi goes to interview the most popular boy on campus about exactly how he gained that popularity. Maybe she should have believed the rumors a bit more…

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Product Tester

Jodie works as a product tester. No, not running the the machine to test the product.

(Story completed: No RSS feed.)

Questionable Rescue

A man offers a way off the streets for two streetwalking prostitutes — for a price.

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Magic U

Darius’s life at a student at a university for magic.

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The Gift

Alena is in a fatal car accident — on Christmas Eve. Between this life and the next, a choice is offered to her, and a gift of life. But is the gift for her?

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Green Star

A lonely nerd gets more than he bargained for when he finds a way to influence the mind of his neighbor.

(This probably needs a different title, but I don’t have one at the moment.)

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Existing on the Edge

An exploration of just how far someone would go to win an Olympic Gold…

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Santa Must Get Laid

A bit of drabble about a private eye who is looking in to some ‘interesting’ Christmas gifts.

Complete - but I’m not particularly happy with it.

Energy Play

Nate discovers that he can see — and manipulate — people’s auras, leading to some amazing abilities.

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Office Slave

Lysandra — a CPA at a successful small manufacturing firm — finds a way to avoid prosecution for embezzling from the company.

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