Future Dom

Setting Notes

Submitted by Darkmind on Mon, 11/11/2013 - 18:16

This story is set ‘after the change’, whatever that might be. There’s plenty of energy, plenty of food, etc. No one particularly needs to work for anything, but it gets boring to not work. There are different reactions to this, and there are probably thrill-seekers and even death-seekers of all sorts, as well as explorers and inventors, etc. We aren’t really going to be following any of those: The main character has decided to seek risk and interest by flirting with illegality.

Chapter 7

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Talib gave Romy a little jolt of pleasure as they got to the entrance of the park; she’d kept her place at his side exactly all the way, despite him trying to surprise her. He could claim ‘heel’ as fully trained, then.

He shifted the backpack, and wished he’d brought Slave to carry it. But having both of them around would distract him, and he’d decided to push giving her a new accent and see how well it could work. Still, he was here, he could find a place to drop it off, and take a seat a moment.

Chapter 6

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Talib rose as his prospective client arrived in the office, always ready to extend a hand in welcome. “Hello; I’m sorry I wasn’t in myself when you came by earlier — I’ve recently taken on a new client and was working on some intensive training. I’m glad you were able to set up an appointment with my reception-bot. Please, have a seat. What can I do for you?”

The man seated himself, looking around suspiciously a moment. “I was given your name by a mutual acquaintance, a Mr. Faust. Can we speak freely here?”

Chapter 5

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“Come on Romy, heel. You’ve got to keep up. We’re almost there.” Slave didn’t mention that she knew it was hard — she was jogging, and Romy had to crawl along beside her — but those were the orders she’d been given. They could walk home at least.

Romy put on a burst of speed, and managed to keep up long enough to get to the park’s entrance. Slave slowed down to a walk, and let Romy catch her breath.

Chapter 4

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Slave Scavo: Hey there.

Mary: Hi! Did you get in trouble again?

Slave Scavo: No. Well, yes, but not enough that I lost my comm again. I’ve just been busy.

Mary: Oh?

Slave Scavo: Master got a new client — he’s been hired to train a ‘pet’ for some rich guy. I’ve been being a training aid, example, and helper. Plus he decided to actively train me in how to use my new tongue.

Mary: Kneeling there licking something sounds pretty mindless to me. ;)

Chapter 3

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Talib heard the bell ring as his door opened, and shut down his vid terminal. He was going to have to teach Slave that ‘I would complain, but…’ counts as complaining, but he didn’t really mind the casual tone of the exchange. She was reassuring her friend that she was still herself, and she needed to keep in practice slightly. As long as she didn’t have any problem holding to proper discipline normally, he’d let that slide.

Chapter 2

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Slave Scavo: Mary! How are things going at the office?

Mary: Scavo! You made quite a scene today… And you changed your name?

Slave Scavo: Yeah… I guess it shows in the comm, doesn’t it? It’s to help with my deep-cover assignment. Help to convince anyone watching that I’m fully conditioned.

Mary: How are you taking it? And should I be calling you ‘Slave’? ;)

Chapter 1

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Talib looked over the woman he’d selected. Slightly shorter than his hundred ninety centis, on a fit, lean frame. Her hair was currently a sky-blue, matching her eyes, though he thought a more natural color would suit her, eventually. Her mouth was working hard at the gag he’d placed in it, but for the moment he didn’t want her talking. Her breasts were generous, and apparently still natural, as they hung slightly off-center as she stood in the bindings.