Questionable Rescue

Exploring the Self

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That night they had only a short chain between their collars. “Nice to be able to move a bit in bed.”

Jeana grinned back. “Still only one view, though.” She leaned in to give a quick kiss to her friend. “Not that Jeana is complaining.”

Marta laughed. “Only one thing on your mind, isn’t there?”

Together, Separately

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Marta had soon found herself back in the other training chair. She didn’t get the extra electrodes, and she didn’t get strapped in, but she soaked in the training just the same.

Lunchtime there had been two plates in front of her, and Jeana’s arms had been strapped behind her. Just when Marta has been lifting the first bite for her friend, Brian had stopped her. “These first.” And there had been the two pills from the morning.


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Brian came back after three nights, in the morning. He arrived just as the girls were finishing breakfast, and knocked on the door. Marta let him in.

He looked over the pair as he walked in. Jeana was visibly better; rest and food had done wonders for the flu she’d been fighting. Marta was anxious, and both were dressed in new clothes. The beds were unmade, and the room looked well lived-in.

Brian took the chair he’d sat in before, and spoke: “So, any final questions?”

Silence was the answer.

“And your answer?” He looked at Marta.

Getting Away

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Darren found them before Brian arrived. He stormed up to Marta, knowing she would be the leader of this little expedition. “What do you think you are doing so far from your area?”

“I had a call from a client…”

“A client!” He calmed down, a bit. “So, where’s your payment?”

“He’s not here yet…”

“So you’re just walking across town on the hope of getting a client. And dragging Jeana with you.” He advanced, obviously ready to punish them for their disobedience…

A Dark Day

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Marta collapsed against the wall, cringing from Darren’s blow. He grunted, sure he’d made his point, and left.

Marta would be back on the streets in a few minutes, as soon as she could pick herself up. Otherwise, Darren would be angry again. And, she had just had another taste of Darren angry.

It had sounded like a good deal at the time: some steady work, and Jeana had needed some medicine which they couldn’t afford, so they had agreed.

Just Another Night

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Marta eyed the cars driving by, hoping for one to slow down. Preferably a nice Italian sports car, looking for directions…

Yeah, right. Her normal customer drove either a few-years-old sedan, or (fairly common) a truck. Sometimes a new truck. Also common was moderatly new to new mid-size cars bought by parents of the drivers.

If they were alone, she liked those customers. If they were in a group, or drunk, she avoided them if she could. Alone usually meant some shy guy looking to loose his virginity, someone who’d need her to seduce him.

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Jeana’s safeword is ‘sicher’. (German for ‘safe’.)


Brian has apparently studied some German. Probably in high school.

Questionable Rescue

A man offers a way off the streets for two streetwalking prostitutes — for a price.

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