Bring Your Family to Work Day

I was in Edwin's room for our weekly meeting (Which he'd organized after I'd gotten used to working with this software.), putting my clothes back on, and wishing we could discuss business first, so I didn't have to talk to the guy who'd just made me love being raped. "You've been doing good work. I've only got a couple for you to work on this week." He handed me a list.

"Light week?" Usually he had four or five, but it varied.

"Yeah. Parent's day this weekend."

"Oh, right. My mom and dad are bringing my sister down to look the place over."

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Roles and Responsibilities

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Sunday afternoon I was sitting, staring at that check. Trying to work up the nerve to sign it and send it in to be cashed, to make that gesture that I accepted this role I'd been forced into.

Lily had gone home for the weekend. I missed her. I wanted her around to distract me.

Of course, that was just another gesture that I'd accepted the role I'd been forced into.

Other Duties, as Assigned

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The next couple of days I almost managed to put Edwin, and what he'd done, out of my head. I didn't want to think about it, so I tried to ignore the signs around me. Of which there weren't many anyway: He covered his tracks well.

Of course there was Lily. She was in my bed every night, and even in a little dorm room there were more ways than I'd have thought for her to show her service.

Benefits Package

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My dorm room wasn't far enough away, at least for my state of mind. Just halfway across campus, not halfway across the world.

Though, that may not have been far enough, if what I suspected about that Russian mafia boss was true...

The room was quiet: My roommate was taking a nap. She'd probably earned it: a full load of classes, as well as memberships in on-campus clubs. The night before I had never heard her come in.

The Interview

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"So, what can I help you with?" Edwin asked.

I sat down on the free chair. Now that the moment had come, the words ran from my mind.

A deep breath helped steady me. "I'm working on a story for the student paper, and, well, you are the most popular student here. I wanted to interview you."

"Really? I'm flattered." He took the other seat, at his desk. "Although I'd have thought that one of the undergrads was a more likely choice."

College Collection

Naomi goes to interview the most popular boy on campus about exactly how he gained that popularity. Maybe she should have believed the rumors a bit moreā€¦

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