WorldBuilding - Jeweled Magic

(Contrary to the title, the main idea of this world is not jewelry as magic per se: Jewelry is possible, but iron collars and cuffs work just fine as well, and are far more common.)

This at the moment is an exercise in world-building more than a story. It is possible a story will be set in this world at some point however – if I can think of one.


Magic works, but has some severe limits in scope. As a start:

College Collection

Naomi goes to interview the most popular boy on campus about exactly how he gained that popularity. Maybe she should have believed the rumors a bit more…

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Office Slave

Lysandra — a CPA at a successful small manufacturing firm — finds a way to avoid prosecution for embezzling from the company.

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Good Ideas

An experiment with some brain-altering chemicals gets out of hand.

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Future Dom

A long, ongoing story about a professional Dom in the future — who works both inside and outside the law.

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Set in a high school, this story chronicles the reactions of the senior girls as an unseen (but known) controller remakes them.

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