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Submitted by Darkmind on Sat, 02/23/2013 - 00:00

So I just set this site up a couple of weeks ago, and I haven’t put anything on it this week yet, so I thought I should at least say why.

I have been doing some writing, but nothing that’s going to make it to this blog. Most of my writing will make it to this blog, one way or another, eventually. (At least, that’s the plan.) But there are a few things that won’t.

The main story I’ve been working on this week is ‘My Hagiography’. Which will never make it to this blog, except possibly as alternate scenes or notes.

Partly, that’s because it’s a huge mess - I’ve converted it between three different formats, split it up, edited it, edited the original version, join the two back together, rewritten sections, etc. Another format conversion just doesn’t feel like it’d be worth it.

Partly, it’s because it is a story I go back and rewrite parts of: Most of my writing tends to be once-through, then a light edit pass, mostly to catch errors, and I call it ‘done’, for some value of ‘done.’ ‘My Hagiography’ I do more than that: I rewrite scenes with information from future scenes, I re-evaluate characters, etc. Putting it up here would be less putting up a work-in-progress than a slice-in-time, and it changes.

Largely though, it’s because that story is important to me in ways most of mine aren’t. It is deeply character-centric, and deeply exposing of those characters. And, if I get out of character on occasion, of me, in ways I don’t always intend. I’m not quite willing to do that in public.

It’s a story where I talk to the characters in my head, often and regularly, on topics that have nothing to do with the story. I’m not really willing to let that leak. ;)

Anyway, I have finished the ‘current’ scene that’s up on the EMCSA, and I have finished the next as well. I want to finish the entire week before I put it up anyplace, and I need to double-check my date math so I know when certain dates fall before I go much further. (They are getting close to the Fourth of July, which will be a semi-important day.)

So, thanks for reading, and thanks for your patience. I hope you like the rest of what’s up here. Please comment - it helps, really.

CovertHypno (not verified)

Tue, 11/12/2013 - 23:39

Just checking in on this. ‘My Hagiography’ is a favorite of mine that I’d like to see more of. I know the comment is a little late, but I just went back through it again this past week. I remembered your site, and I thought I’d see if there was more posted here. Sadly, there was only this blog post. Anywho, I’ve enjoyed most of the stories you’ve got on the EMCSA, so please keep up the great work!

Anon (not verified)

Sat, 08/08/2015 - 12:07

When would you be posting more stories on the EMSCA site?

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