About Darkmind

I’m a tall (2m) white male, with training in IT and business. I was born in 1978 — to American parents of Dutch extraction, in a hospital in Saudi Arabia. I grew up bouncing back and forth between the USA and various countries overseas: Most of elementary school was in Sudan, high school was in Kenya, and I worked summers during college in Israel. We visited more as we had the chance; Holland, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Cyprus, etc. I’ve camped in areas where lions and zebras were common. (And worried more about the zebras, or worse yet, baboons.) I’m still waiting for a chance to set foot on Australia and Antarctica; then I’ll have set foot on every continent, though I haven’t really had much chance to see Asia. (And only a couple of weeks for South America.)

I’m an American citizen by birth, but it’s hard to consider myself such sometimes. I grew up all over the place, with no real ‘home’, and my friends were from all over.

On the other hand, I haven’t had the chance to leave the USA in several years, so I don’t feel as connected to the world at large as I used to. I live alone in a house of my own, worry about the mortgage, and wish for more time to write.

I’ve been writing since middle school, and writing erotica/porn since college.