Together, Separately

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Marta had soon found herself back in the other training chair. She didn’t get the extra electrodes, and she didn’t get strapped in, but she soaked in the training just the same.

Lunchtime there had been two plates in front of her, and Jeana’s arms had been strapped behind her. Just when Marta has been lifting the first bite for her friend, Brian had stopped her. “These first.” And there had been the two pills from the morning.

Marta had only hesitated a moment. Jeana had looked to her master with a question before opening her mouth. “Or, of course, you don’t get lunch.” Had been the answer given.

She swallowed the pills.

Supper had been quicker yet.

And then they were back in their room, with the lights out, strapped together, with the same dildo between them.

Jeana started fucking immediately.

“Are you really that horny again?”

“Slave Jeana must fuck anything in her cunt.”

“Why is that?”

“Jeana has been instructed.” This was less sing-song. Marta realized the first must have been something in Jeana’s training.

“And you have to do what you are instructed.”

“Jeana obeys Master. Jeana obeys Master.” From the feel of it, Marta mused, just saying that was making Jeana hot.

Not that the pumping cocklike object in her own cunt wasn’t being welcomed…

But she wanted to talk to her friend. “Even when ‘master’ can’t see you?”

“Master always sees.” That was sing-song. “He knew what Jeana and Marta talked about last night.” That wasn’t.

That managed to cool off Marta for a moment. “What? How do you know that?”

Jeana managed to focus on her friend for a moment. “Please, Marta… Fuck now, talk later. Slave Jeana must fuck anything in her cunt.”

Marta had to consider a moment, but she could see the strain in Jeana’s eyes. She lowered her mouth for a kiss, and they both let themselves be lost in their bodies for a while.

They came together, and for a moment Marta had to just absorb the endorphin-glow. “Ok, can you talk now?”

“Yes, if Jeana is addressed.”

Oh right, the other rule. “How about if I say you are allowed to talk?”

Jeana smiled. “Then Jeana can talk, this one thinks. Master has not said otherwise.”

“Good. When we are alone, you can talk to me freely. Now, what was this about ‘Master always sees’?”

“That was a line in training. Think… Jeana thinks there was more than just repetition today. Remember when master first brought us here? Said something about hypnosis. Jeana thinks this one’s training today included some.”

“What makes you think that? And please, I know Brian said no ‘I’ or ‘me’, but just between us should be ok.”

“Actually, that’s one reason. Jeana can’t use… those words. Can’t even think them. Other things as well: The need to fuck any object in Slave Jeana’s cunt. It’s not just a saying: It’s a trigger. Jeana couldn’t stop: It was automatic. Had to fuck until you came.” She paused. “Jeana thinks it will probably restart in a bit, if the dildo isn’t removed. This body fucks on it’s own, if something is put in it.”

It took Marta a moment to process that. “Ok, that’s… Well, weird. And scary.”

“A bit.” Jeana tightened her hold, and Marta responded.

“Are you sure you want it like this? If we talk to Brian, he’d probably agree to switch you back to more normal training.”

“No… Either way, Jeana serve, in the end. This way… Things clearer. Jeana obeys Master, master commands Jeana. Not trying to guess what master wants, or what he’ll allow Jeana to do, or get away with. Just obey Master.”

It wasn’t lost on Marta that Jeana bucked a little each time she said ‘obey’.

“Well, ok, if you are sure that’s what you want…”

“Yes. Jeana’s sure. This is… What Jeana expected, when she agreed to be brainwashed by master.”


Marta didn’t know what to say next. Jeana did. “On your other question: About Master knowing what we talked about yesterday. It’s not really clear, but Jeana remembers some stuff in the training saying that she had done good last night. That what she said, that what you said, was true.”

Marta tried to figure out what that meant. “Oh?”

Jeana nodded. “Yes. All of today’s training is a bit fuzzy, but Slave Jeana remembers glimpses. Not much more: It’s blurred together, and the hypnosis stuff is… missing, though Slave Jeana can feel it’s effects. But she noted that about last night; realized it meant master knew.” She gave a self-depreciating grin. “It meant ‘Master always sees’ was real, not just a saying.”

“Yeah, I can see that. I suppose he must have some sort of camera in here, watching us…”

Jeana grinned again. “And you like the thought of that.”

“I… What?”

“Slave Jeana could feel you react.” Her grin got a bit wider. “A bit like how Jeana reacts when she says ‘Jeana obeys Master’.” She played it up. “Like this, we both feel it.” She grinned for a moment more, than her eyes rolled back, just for a moment. “Ohh… Sorry, Jeana just hit a trigger. The… compulsion is back.” She buried her head in Marta’s shoulder. “Slave Jeana must fuck anything in her cunt.” The rhythm started. She brought her head up. “But… don’t need to cum, like before. Just have to fuck.” She kept it slow and steady.

“That is… going to be distracting. Do you think this will happen all night?”

Jeana nodded. “The trigger — something in this slave’s cunt — is still present. Will have to fuck, until you cum, then give time to be removed, then restart if not.”

“It’s going to be a long night.”

“Yes. But enjoyable.”

Marta’s body was responding by now. “As long as I can keep up with you.”

“Don’t worry. Jeana exists to give pleasure, to serve. This one won’t go faster than you can deal with. Besides…” She whispered in Marta’s ear: “You love sex. And you love having master watch us.”

Marta found herself bucking hard at those words, pulling tighter. Hearing them echo in her head.

And, not meant for her to hear: “And Jeana likes to see Marta obey Master.”

“What was that?”

Jeana pulled back, trying to figure out what she’d said. After a moment, she realized. “Oh. That must be something else in today’s training.” She focused on her friend. “It felt good to hear you repeat your training. Made Jeana want to please you more.”

Marta just stared at her friend, their lower bodies still locked in a common rhythm. Finally she gave in, and pulled Jeana tight. “I’ll have to talk to master about this tomorrow. But for now…” She whispered in Jeana’s ear: “I love sex.”

Brian let them sleep in the next morning, but came and released them just as Jeana woke up.

Marta was pleasurably sore, though if that was going to be a regular occurrence, she could see that the ‘sore’ might start to dominate.

And feeding Jeana at mealtimes seemed to have been added as one of Marta’s duties.

Despite that, breakfast still managed to feel domestic. Brian offered juice again, and made french toast today, and omelets. He even offered Jeana a choice of which she wanted. “So, what do you want in it?” He gestured at a small selection of choices he had set out.

Jeana strained up a bit to look them over, which showed off her bare breasts fairly well, especially with her arms behind her back. “Ham and scallions, please, Master.”

He nodded and threw them in, frying them up a bit. “I take it you can cook.” He said, as he placed the omelet in front of her, leaving Marta to start cutting it. Which she did as soon as she finished her own breakfast.

“Yes, Master. Jeana grew up on a small farm, her mother taught her.”

Brian had eaten before he woke the girls up, so he was just sitting across from them. “Hmm. And how did you get here?”

Jeana had to finish her bite. “Jeana came out to go to college, but didn’t do well. Had an incident at a party, that wasn’t her fault… Parents were angry, couldn’t go home.” She shrugged. “Didn’t have a home, didn’t have anyplace to go.”

Brian nodded, and waited for them to get a few more mouthfuls of breakfast into Jeana. “So, how about you, Marta? What’s your story?”

“I was just stupid: I followed a guy, who didn’t want me. Dropped out of high school for him, and when I realized what he was I didn’t have anything of my own. Figured if I was going to put out to survive, at least I’d do it for real, and not to some guy who was pretending I was his girlfriend until something better came along.” She glanced over at Jeana. “Fairly typical stories, both of us. I can’t cook, not anything real anyway. Never knew dad, mother never had time.”

He nodded again. “And how are you doing so far?”

Marta glanced at Jeana, and got the clear message that she would have to do the talking. “It’s… I’m not sure what to think yet, honestly. The last couple of days went by in a bit of a blur.” She paused. “I do have a couple things I like to ask you about.”


“Last night, me and Jeana were talking…”

“I know.”

“Um, yeah. That’s one thing. Are you watching us in there?”

Brian indulged himself in a small grin. “Not all the time. I do have a camera and microphone in your room. I’m not going to say where. The main point is so that I can check up on you without disturbing you.”

“Though you enjoy the show as well.”

He grinned “On occasion.” The grin faded. “I don’t record. And while I might occasionally praise for something I catch, I’m not going to punish for what you do on your own, unless I’ve specifically given an instruction otherwise.” He took a breath. “I do want you to feel free to talk to each other, or work out your reactions on your own, without my interference, on occasion.”

“And we’re to trust you on this?”

“Well, I could just listen at the door for a while. The camera stays, no matter what: I leave you bound and alone at times, and it’s a good safety measure. The microphone… If it’s going to be a problem, I can take it out.”

“I suppose… You could have just put that bed in your bedroom. Made us sleep there.”

“I could have.”

“It’s still a bit creepy. Let me think about it.”

“Sure. You had other concerns?”

Marta looked at Jeana and blushed. “You, um… programmed Jeana to like it when I follow your commands?”

The grin came back. “ ‘Like’ probably isn’t the word… ‘Is aroused by’ is better.”

Okay… “Um, why?”

“It’s useful to have you reinforcing each other. I’ll probably put in the same on you, sooner or later. But it fit into her schedule yesterday.”

“Can we discuss that?”

“No. You are here to be my slaves. If I can help it, you will enjoy that, and enjoy seeing each other as such.” That brought silence, but he continued in a moment. “I did say that I would try to make you enjoy your lives. This is part of that. A major part.”

Marta didn’t know what to say to that. Brian turned to Jeana. “What do you think of that?”

She turned to look at Marta for a moment. “It was enjoyable last night, Master.” She grinned back at him.

Which caused Marta to look at her in bit of shock, and then shake her head. “Ok, fine. I trust you. It just seems a bit weird.”

“All of this is, really. Anything else you want to discuss?”

“Just… Um… Are we going to do anything else? I mean, it’s not like I’m bored or anything, but…”

“But it’s repetitive. Which is the point. So, for the moment, no, you aren’t going to be doing anything else. If and when I decide you should do something else, I’ll tell you.”

“Oh. Ok.”

And before she could think of anything else. “So, right now I want you to go strap in Jeana, ok?”


Brian supervised, but Marta quickly became vary self-conscious about trying up her friend. Especially when the ‘ties’ included a remote-controlled dildo, and she had to make sure Jeanna was wet enough before it went in.

He just stood, watched, and waited, his face giving away nothing.

“Ok, Marta. Your turn. Take a seat.”

She’d barely finished strapping in Jeana, and had somehow expected a moment to gather herself together, but Brian was standing, holding the chair, and Marta couldn’t think of a good way to say she wasn’t ready.

She wasn’t actually strapped in, just given the buttons, headset, and vibrators, but the moment she put them on she found herself slipping away.

Questionable Rescue

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