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Susan woke to the sun in her eyes. Her first thought was that someone should have closed the curtains: it felt too good in this bed to get up just yet.

A moment later she was fully awake. This was her hotel room, exactly as she had remembered it. Not the prison suite she remembered from the last few days.

Or, at least she thought she remembered. The memories of being locked in that room were fuzzy, indistinct, almost dream-like. Susan found herself looking down at her body to see if those memories were real.

Her breasts said they were. They were still the huge, perky, sex-toy breasts of the mad doctor’s parasite.

The thought of the doctor brought back the memory of sex; mind-blowing sex. Susan could barely remember what they had done, actually. But how it felt, that she could remember. Nothing could feel half as good as that sex held felt.

That pleasure was addictive: any more and she would spend her life in search of that pleasure.

It was a very tempting thought.

She got out of bed, showered and got dressed. All her clothes were back in her suitcase as she had left them. And none of her tops fit.

Susan thought she probably had clothes that would fit over her new figure, back at her apartment. But she hadn’t brought them on this trip. But she would need a whole new wardrobe of clothes that actually fit her expanded bustline.

She wondered what it would take to have it reduced.

Susan quickly apologized to the bug in her head, and picked herself off the floor. Ok, messing with what the parasite had given her was not an option, if she wanted to be able to continue to think without massive pain invading her every thought. At least until she found a way to get rid of the parasite invader.

That pain was worse. Susan found herself addressing the parasite mentially: ‘Ok, I’ll keep you. I’ll protect you. I’ll do whatever you want. I’ll spread your children. I’ll help you and serve you. I’ll be a good host.’

Once was not enough to calm it down. Twice was, but Susan got lost in the pleasure feedback loop, and found herself repeating it over and over to herself, enjoying the feeling of thinking it. Or the pleasure thinking it was bringing her.

She broke herself out of it. Time for breakfast.

Her mind had learned: The slight thought that she should worry about her submission to the parasite was held apart, so she would not feel the pain such thoughts brought.

A late breakfast at poolside in a bikini top and shorts was not an unusual sight on the island, and Susan drew no comment. She did draw some appreciative stares, and she found herself enjoying them.

It felt good to see the sun again, and Susan walked to the downtown, to go clothes shopping for her new body. What she brought back was mostly clubwear; Susan rationalized that she would buy ‘serious’ clothes when she got back home.

And something inside her mind really liked how well these clothes showed off her body.

She slid into one of the outfits and headed down to supper.

Supper had been followed up by heading to the hotel’s bar. Susan wasn’t much of a drinker, but she felt the need to relax a little tonight: to much was happing inside her head.

And, well, she was feeling slightly horny, and nothing beat bars for picking up guys. But she didn’t admit that reason to herself.

Eyes followed her to the bar: The combination of the improvements that had been made to her body and the miniskirt-and-bra-attempt she was wearing made her look like something out of a porn mag, and if Susan thought about it she even knew it. She just didn’t want to think about it too hard at the moment.

Most of the guys there were content to stare out of the corner of their eyes. Susan sat with her back to the bar, surveying the few patrons, unsure of what she was hoping for. Leaving would be rejecting her parasite, and Susan knew that was unacceptable, but she wasn’t quite comfortable with the thought of helping this plan she’d been made a pawn of.

Finally she saw a group of guys arguing send out one of their members towards her.

“Hi. May I buy you a drink?” He asked, thinking he’d arrived unnoticed.

Susan evaluated him. Not bad, overall. “Sure.” She nodded to the seat next to her.

He took it. “Another for the lady, on me.” He told the barkeep.

“Right. One ‘sex on the beach’ coming right up.” Susan winked at her benifactor, and he gulped, just for a moment.

“So, what is a nice guy like you doing in a place like this?” She asked.

“Isn’t that supposed to be my line?”

“I don’t think I’m pulling off ‘nice girl’ right now.” She posed to make sure he could see why.

He took the oppotunity given him. “I… Think that may depend on your definition of ‘nice’.” He rallied. “I’m Steven. I’m just enjoying a nice vacation from accounting. How about you, what do you do when you’re not being an atomic bomb?”

The last was given with the obvious expectation that it was over the line, but Susan felt an appreciation for his… ablity to focus on the goal at hand. The mid-level arousal she’d been feeling suddenly bloomed into a full-blown need, focused on Steven. It wasn’t as powerfull as she’d had when she’d been locked up, but the parasite had obviously decided Steven was acceptable. “Oh, I work in general sales. The product depends on the client. I just wanted to unwind a bit.” She took her drink, and sipped carefully, aware of how her mouth was being presented to Steven.

“Sounds interesting.”

“Not really.” Susan set her drink aside, and looked directly at Steven. “Look, let’s skip all this small-talk, ok? I’m so horny I can’t stand it, and you are just trying to get me to think you’re interested in something besides my body. I apprecaite the effort, really, but I’d rather just go up to your room.” She was pressing herself up to him. “Please?”

Susan didn’t know about the pheremones she was putting out, or the fact that some basic sexual behaviour patterns were even now impringing themselves on her reflexes. She could see Steven make the quick apprasial that she was hot, horny, willing, absolutely stunning, and practically begging him for sex. He wouldn’t be much of a success in the gene pool if he were willing turn that down. To help him along she kissed him, making it a promise of things to come.

“You sure about this?” He asked, when she let him up for air.

“Absolutely.” Her voice dripped.

“Come on.” He led her out of the bar, to raised glasses from his friends.

Susan found it hard to control herself on the way to his room. The parasite wasn’t understanding of the need to wait, but seemed to realize that she wasn’t actually fighting it. It encouraged her by upping her libido further, till even the feel of her juice running down her leg was an erotic experience, and Steven’s touch was almost unberable.

The one thing that saved her, really, was the fact that he wasn’t pressing it. He obviously was going to fuck her, but he wanted her someplace else first, and that was enough for the parasite. The thought occured to Susan that she was submitting to what Steven wanted, and the thought was rewarded.

Which led to the first words out of her mouth as she entered his room being: “So, what do you want me to do?”

“I thought we had an agreement on that downstairs.”

“Oh, I’m sure we’ll get to that, but for tonight I want to be your fantasy.”

“Really? Hmm…” Steven looked at the vision in front of him. “What are my choices?”

He was expecting the breathy “Anything.”

He walked over to the bed, and lay down. “Well, why don’t you start by taking those clothes off… slowly.”

Susan smiled a feral smile, and closed her eyes as she went into a slow striptease. She kept them closed the entire time, until she was done.

When she opened her eyes Steven was looking uncomfortable with the buldge in his pants. Susan decided to help him with that; she took them off. She drew up along him, then paused a moment with his dick pressed against her stomach. “Anything else you desire?”

He reached for her magnificent new breasts. Susan arched her back, pressing her lower body down and bending so he would have unrestricted access. Presenting her breasts to him.

His hands felt good. A small part of Susan’s mind noted that her new breasts weren’t just bigger, they appeared to be more sensitive. Steven took a nibble at one of her nipples and her breath caught.

Then he drew her forward, and Susan let him enter her. From that point, all Susan knew was the pleasure waves that engulfed her.

Susan woke before Steven did. She slid out of his bed, careful not to wake him. Her mind was humming with desire for that pleasure again, but she felt no arousal, and no attraction to the man in the bed.

The parasite had probably done all it wanted with him, she thought. She needed a new partner.

Susan carefully dressed, to avoid waking the man in the bed. Abstractly, she noted that she had accepted her role as host and servant to her parasite. Those blasts of pleasure helped: they litterally overwhelmed her, and there was nothing she could ever do or get that even came close to the feeling they gave her. It already didn’t matter to her what it took to get that feeling; she just wanted it again.

She knew the parasite was playing with her other thoughts as well. Making some pleasurable, and some… Unpleasant. But her mind had learned already, and was skipping away even now from the unpleasant ones.

Susan slipped out of the man’s bedroom, had breakfast, and went to find someone else to fuck.

Susan wasn’t looking forward to being back at work. Her last few days of vacation had been amazing… She’d had sex with at least one new man a day, and quite often two or three, fucking them till they passed out. She was growing accustomed to the pleasure having a cock in her vagina brought, and was starting to be able to direct her actions while in that state. Not control them; Susan knew she was barely in control of any of her actions at this point.

She’d joined the mile-high-club on each separate flight back.

The parasite did seem to recognize that she couldn’t have sex all the time. It hadn’t complained about her shopping for new work clothes, and it wasn’t complaining now as she rode the elevator to her office.

Though admittedly her new office clothes would push the boundaries of the dress code a little.

“Susan, you’re back! Woah! Look at you, a little ‘enhancement’ over the vacation?” Rhoda, one of Susan’s friends from the office was the first to spot Susan’s return.

Susan blushed; she liked it when people commented on her breasts. Or on her body in general. “Yeah, a few things got modified…” She realized she needed a story to explain her new look. “I thought it might increase my commission rate.” She put in a smile to show she was joking. Let them assume what they wanted about the ‘real’ reason.

“Well, I’m sure a few brains will short circit at the sight. They look very real.”

“Yeah, they do.” Susan took the opportunity to jiggle the orbs in question a bit. “No one will ever know the difference.”

“You said you had a ‘few’ things modified? What else?” Rhoda was surveying the rest of Susan’s body now.

“Nothing dramatic, just trimmed and firmed up a bit.”

“Well, you look stunning. You’ll have to give me his card sometime.”

“I’ll see if I can find it at home.” She smilled back and walked to her cubicle.

Susan knew the grapevine was going to be busy speculating on why she’d gotten enhanced, and she’d probably have to watch her step for a few days.

Not that she minded: Her new body meant it was easy to get guys to fuck her. And once she had a cock inside her, nothing else mattered.

She sat down and started going through her worklog, see what needed to be done after the vacation. In her mind she also started a countdown…

Ten minutes. That’s all it took, for her boss Bill to hear that she was back, that she was worth looking at, and decide to come over.

She’d have bet five. Guess the office lecher must be out of the loop.

“Hi Susan, welcome back. Looks like a little time at a tropical beach did you good.” It was obvious from his gaze what he really meant. Before the vacation, she would have minded. Before the vacation, Susan had hated that Bill could never keep his eyes on her face.

Right now, she was trying to figure out what the quickest way to get him to fuck her was. Preferably without getting either of them fired.

“Yeah, well, my vacation had a little side-trip… What do you think?” She pushed her chest out further into his gaze.

Bill dropped all hint of pretense. “Very nice.”

“Thank you. I like them, but I’m a bit prejudiced.” She looked up from the items in question. “So, have any big new projects come up while I was out enjoying myself? Anything I need to handle?”

He gulped. Usually he was the one flirting with innuendo. “Not that I can think of at the moment.”

“Ok. Well, I need to get on this backlog. Shall I come by later and see if you have found something I need to see?”

“Sure. Anytime.” He backed out and left.

Susan watched him go. Yes, he understood what she wanted. What the bug in her mind was telling her she had to do.

She was glad on a couple of levels that her cubicle wasn’t surrounded by others like most. Part of her would have hated having others overhear that, as it would impair her ablity to seduce the rest of the office. And another part of her still didn’t want to broadcast the image of a slut to all her old friends.

Like Jenny, the next person to come by. Jenny was probably Susan’s best friend, and Susan felt a twinge of guilt at not already having said hi.

“There you are! I thought you were getting back today.”

“Hi Jenny. Sorry, I wanted to see if any emergencies had come up first thing. And then Bill came by…”

Susan was turning to face her friend. “He hitting on you again? I swear… Woh! I thought your plan was for a relaxing vacation? What brought those on?”

“What to do you think?” She answered, with a sideways grin. “I, uh… Didn’t want to tell anyone ahead of time. I wanted to see everyone’s reactions.”

“Well, they are certainly noticable…” Jenny returned the grin. “I assume that was the idea?”

“Something like that… Anyway, what’s new with you?”

“Oh, you know this place around this time of the year. Boring and slow. The boys have been in practice for a play every day after school, coming home late, so it’s just Robert and me. I actually was going to invite you to dinner tonight, unless you have plans?”

“No plans yet. I’d love to come, brag about my vacation.”

“Great. See you this evening.”

“See you.”

Susan was somewhat surprised that she could actually work effectively with the thought of impending sex on her mind. She managed to hold off from her appointment at Bill’s office until just before lunch time, even, waiting for people to start to leave.

When she heard people starting to talk about organizing a group lunch, she knew it was time. She slipped into Bill’s office, trying to avoid too much notice. “Hi there.” The door was quietly closed and locked behind her.

“Hi yourself.” For all his attempts at charm, he wasn’t really ready for his flirting to work, Susan could tell. She smiled to herself: if she was right, he was going to have a fairly major change of luck in a bit. Quite apart from her being about to fuck him senseless if she could.

After all, that mad scientist had said something about making guys more attractive to subjects…

Susan wasn’t completely unaware of the effects of her parasites now: she knew they were about to start dumping pheremones into the room to make absolutely sure the male wouldn’t change his mind. She was in favor of their efforts, though she didn’t think they would be needed.

“So, anything coming up that needs my personal touch?”

“Well, we haven’t had any new clients while you were away…”

“Oh, I know that… I was just wondering if there were any personal items I need to see to. Unless you really haven’t meant any of that teasing you’ve done over the years.” She was on his desk now, and wanted him to be clear on why.

“I…” Gulp. He really wasn’t thinking well. He took a deep breath, and Susan saw the pheremones take effect.

“Here, let me check if that mouth of yours is still working.” It was, for a kiss at least.

“Why?” He managed to gasp out, a few moments latter. Susan knew what he was asking: Why now, when she’d never given any indication of any interest in the past.

“New breasts have me horny. Just need…” This was the one thing she was worried about: She knew she’d be uninterested once she’d fucked him. She didn’t want him making a scene later.

That was the last she let him speak. Neither of them wanted any sound.

Susan felt better in the afternoon. A couple people wondered what was up with Bill — he was acting a bit dazed — but no one seemed to connect it to her. Which was fine with Susan.

The evening was harder. Dinner with old friends was therapudic to Susan, who realized as she sat talking that she had been starting to feel like this whole thing was some absurd dream she was having, where she was turned into a sex-crazed monster.

On the other hand though… She didn’t want to tell Jenny or Robert about it. They would want to do something about it, and Susan was enjoying having Eve in her head. She realized that was largely because Eve had conditioned her to like the idea, but at this point it was how she felt.

But the hard part was that Eve wanted Robert.

It kept reminding Susan of that all night. Susan knew that if she let Eve help, she could get Robert. Right then. Get him to fuck her over and over, until they both passed out… But Jenny wouldn’t like it, and Robert would know something had gone on, to get him away from his wife.

That would be as bad as telling them. They would have to investigate, see what Susan was up to, and then they’d notice the string of one-nighters she would be pulling, and sooner or later she’d wind up in front of a doctor, who’d find Eve, and then… Well, Susan didn’t want to think about it.

Eve, however, wasn’t quite intelegent enough to understand all that. It accepted that Susan knew what she was doing, but it couldn’t quite let go of the idea of fucking Robert. And Susan couldn’t figure out how to go about it, no matter how much she wanted to. Not with Jenny there as well.

So Susan had been about plead fatigue and head home (or to a club, to troll for a fuck) when the phone rang. Jenny answered it, and came back in a moment.

“Justin’s stuck at school: He let Ethan take his car, planning to catch a ride, and no one is headed this way. Can you go pick him up dear?” She asked Robert.

“I’ll do it; I’ve got you parked in.” Susan volunteered. They looked at her, and she shrugged. “It’s not that far, really. Besides, I haven’t seen how he’s doing in ages. I’ll pick him, drop him off back here, and then head home.”

Jenny shrugged and agreed. Susan said goodbye and headed out.

She did have them parked in.

Justin was waiting in the lot, under the streetlights. Susan pulled up next to him, leaning over and opening the door. “Hi there. I had your dad parked in, so I voluntered to come get you.” She knew Justin, had seen him grow up all the way from when he’d been Jenny’s out-of-wedlock baby in high school. Now he was almost out of high school himself: a senior, all grown up.

“Hi Miss Garrah. Thanks.”

“I’ve told you, call me Susan.” She looked over at him, as he got in. Eve liked him. A lot.

As with every male, he noticed her most obvious additions immeadately. “Ok, and…” He didn’t know how to talk about the breasts of a woman nearly his mom’s age.

Even if she wasn’t even twice his own.

She grinned, letting him know it was ok to talk about it. “Thanks. I had some work done over vacation. Seems to get a lot of attention.” She winked, to let him know she was letting him in on a joke.

He recovered quickly. “I think I see why.” He grinned back.

She laughed. “Thanks. That was kinda the point, to get a few more eyes following me. Anyway, how about yourself? Got a girlfriend yet? I’m sure the girls are just throwing themselves over you.”

He’d shut the door, and Susan pulled away from the curb. She didn’t want to go to far, not yet, but she also didn’t want to scare him by just sitting there.

“I wish. I just can’t seem to figure out what to do with them. It’s not like in a play, where I’ve got all the lines written for me.” He looked out the window.

Well. That sounded interesting. Susan wondered if Jenny knew about her son’s feelings. Some, certainly, but Susan didn’t think it was something he just let out. Something in the vibe that Eve enabled her to put out had opened him up, Susan was sure of that.

She was more interested in the opening this gave her though. “Oh, it’s not that hard. Here, try it on me.” She pulled up to the side of the road, well away from any lights or houses. She’d picked this route based on needing to serve Eve… Secluded and private were easy to find. “Say you find me working on something in the play, by myself. What would you say?”

“Can I help you?”

“Good, but you can do better. Try ‘Here, let me help.’”

“Here, let me help.”

“Good. See, now you can start helping and I’ll feel ungratiful if I try to stop you. If you want a girl, make her have to say no, not yes. She’ll let you closer, and as long as she can say no she’ll still feel safe. Ok, so you are helping me, what next?”

“I’d probably talk about the play.”

“Good. A little small-talk means you are interested in me as a person, not just as a girl. Then?”

He thought for a moment. “So, where would you like to go Saturday night?”

“A little too pushy. Don’t make it sound like you are assuming I’ll say yes: You need to let a girl decide for herself. Try something a little roundabout: ‘What are you doing this weekend?’ works well. If she’s uninterested, she can lie, but if she isn’t thinking about it…”

He smilled. “So, what are you doing this weekend?”

She smilled back. “Heading to the mall, homework, hanging out, the usual. You?”

“The same.” He paused, but Susan knew he was going to get the next line. “I hear there’s a good movie playing at the mall theater, think I could talk you into seeing it with me?”

“Perfect! Any interest at all, and you’ve got her.” She paused, put on a wicked smile, and told Eve to start the pheremones, but at a low level. “Now, you’ve seen the movie, and the mall is closed. What next?”

“Can I offer you a ride home?”

“Decent, decent, but you can do better. Try ‘Do need a ride home?’: It helps remind me that I need some way home. I’m more likely to say yes that way.”

“Do you need a ride home?”

“Now that you mention it…”

“Here, my car is this way.”

“Ok, I’m in your car, what then?”

“Well, I could drive straight home…” He saw the look on her face. “Or I can wander a bit, give us some time to talk.”

“Good. But don’t wander too much: That feels like you’ve got me trapped. Ok, we’re talking, and I make a comment about the night, being peaceful or something like that. Maybe something about the stars.”

Justin looked confused.

“That’s your cue to stop. One of them, at least. I’m giving you a chance.”

“Ok, so I stop. I find someplace out of the way, a little, and pull over so we can look at the night.”


“I’ll lean over, a little. Pretend I’m looking through your window.”

“<em>Nice.</em> Be careful not to lean to far, of course.”

“Of course.”

Silence for a moment, while Susan considered that she needed to change tactics: She was doing what she had just told Justin not to do: making the default ‘no’. “Ok, now let’s say I’m the one who’s making the move on you. I come up with some excuse to lean over to you like this, what do you do?” She suited action to words, and demonstrated the move she was suggesting, ending up with her face only a few inches from him.

“Well, from here, I kinda have to kiss you next.”

“Show me.”

He wasn’t as hesitant as he pretended. Susan could taste his desire on his tounge, and could feel Eve doing its best to make sure desire and lust ruled his thoughts.

“Ok, that was good. Let’s say I want to take it a little farther; leaning over like this isn’t all that comfortable, after all.” Taking a moment, she managed to wedge herself into his lap, straddleing him. “Now what?”

“I continue, of course.” He gave a small kiss. “Though at this point I think I can be a little more adventurous.” He reached under her shirt, trying to cop a feel.

“Yes, I think a girl in this situation has given permission for that.” She leaned into his hands. “Now, if she’s enjoying herself, you can probably go further.”

“You mean like this?” He poped a button free on her blouse.

“Yes, that’s right. I probably don’t mind if you do all of them, at this point. Though you should be ready to stop, if I say so.”

“Of course. Never push it if the girl is hesitant, right?” He was unbottoning her.

“Right. Now, dropping a few kisses in while you are doing that will help make sure I’m in the mood. Never forget a little foreplay.”

“You mean like this?” He kissed her on the mouth, “or like this?’ He kissed her skin, just where he had opened a button.

“Both are good.” She took a moment to return the attention. “Now, at this point you have a desicion to make: do you try to take my bra off or not? On one hand, playing with a girl’s tits can be enjoyable for both of us. On the other, many girls use their bras to make it look like they’ve got more than they do, so removing that will make them feel self-concious. Also, if you fumble it, trying to remove it and failing can break the mood.”

Justin looked forward at the item in question, and at what it pretended to conceal. “In this case, I don’t think the girl will be shy about it, so I’m going to try to remove it.”

“Ok then. Now this is a back-clasp bra, so reach around, causually, using both hands. Good. Take your time here, don’t make it too obvious what you are going for. It’s best to just spend a moment making out here.” She demonstrated. “Now, find the strap accross the back.”

“This it?”

“That’s the one. Feel for the center, where the two ends overlap. There are several types of clasps, this one is fairly common with a set of hooks and rings that overlap between the fabric. Best way to remove these is to find the ends of the straps and pull on them, just slightly.”

“Like this?”

“That’s good. Be careful not to pull too hard. Now you have to do something with it, or let me. Remember, my arms are still in it, so you’ll need my help, unless you want to tie me up in it.” She leaned back a bit, sliding her bra off forward. “Very good. With practice, you can probably learn to open it one-handed, but don’t try unless you are sure.” She grinned. “So what do you think of them now?”

Justin’s reply was inarticulate. Susan laughed. “Well, now that you’ve uncovered them, don’t just leave them there! Give them some attention!”

Hesitant, Justin reached forward

Parasite Mind

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