Product Tester

Submitted by Darkmind on Tue, 05/27/2014 - 00:29

Jodie groaned to herself as she woke, and struggled upright.

The chains helped.

Not that they were chains, really. Metal cables, attached to formed bands, wrapped around her wrists and ankles.

Sometimes she thought they might be attached deeper. Not that she’d ever get a chance to look.

She had a job to do, after all.

She was barely awake, and the wall lit up, with a dildo in the normal location. She didn’t bother to look at the instructions, at least not first thing. She knew what they said.

On her knees already, she leaned forward and took the dildo in her mouth, and started to lick.

As usual, she was rewarded — a slight buzz in her most sensitive area, between the tube in front and the tube in back.

The tubes made sure she never needed to leave the box she was in.

Her mouth started taking the dildo further: She’d finally looked at the instructions. They wanted pattern 3-T, which included deepthroating the false cock.

Not that she could be sure it was false. They were designed to be realistic, after all, and she sometimes wondered if it was possible for someone to stand and put a real one where the product to be tested normally was stuck.

It wouldn’t matter to her. She would have to ‘test’ it either way.

She’d been hired for her skill in blowjobs. They’d said that right up front — they’d been developing a new line of dildos that helped train people who wanted to learn how to give head, and they’d needed a baseline on what a ‘good’ blowjob was. She was it.

She expected having to give a couple of demonstrations, let them record while she went down on a prototype or two.

She hadn’t expected to be a permanent part of quality control.

She’d seen the box, she thought, that she was now in. A black box, off to the side of the assembly line. A stand and a harness in front of it, with a single opening.

They’d joked about the ‘black box method of testing’.

Right before she’d felt a bit drowsy, and woken up naked and bound.

The buzz in her sex was stronger now, as she pushed to the end of the sequence. The dildo was pushed forward, and she took it as deep as she could into her throat, conditioned and trained response telling her what was expected and required of her.

She was rewarded with both food and pleasure — another successful test.

Then the phalus was withdrawn, and another put in it’s place.

Time for the next test.

She let her mind drift away as she focused on her job.


Product Tester

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