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"Thanks. Third floor." Innana said, as she stepped onto the elevator. She was glad they'd held the door for her: She might have been late otherwise.

"Why's everyone going to the third floor? Anyone on this elevator going anywhere <em>else?</em>" One of the other girls asked.

"I have to meet someone in room 320." A voice said.

"No way." "Who?" "Me too."

"Wait. We're all going to room 320?" Innana asked.

Everyone nodded their heads.

"I don't suppose anyone knows why they think they need to be there. Or know who's in that room."

There was a mass looking-at-everyone-else moment.

Innana looked around as well. She actually recognized a couple of the girls. She hadn't met them, but they were often in the same clubs as she was. And everyone was in their clubwear.

She'd come from a nightclub herself. She'd dumped a perfectly good date to do so. Well, a perfectly ok date at least.

"Great. We're going to be sex toys."

"What makes you say that?"

"<em>Whomever</em> called us all here obviously just walked through the clubs and picked out all the prettiest girls he saw, then compelled them to come to his hotel room. What else do you think he wants?" The doors opened, and she stepped out. "Come on, this way."

"Could be a girl."

Innana didn't see the need to dignify that with a comment. Besides, she'd reached the door. She looked around, waiting for all the girls to catch up, then knocked.

The door started to open, and everything went dim.

Innana woke up the next morning. She was slightly sore, but well relaxed. She was also, and this didn't take much time to figure out, completely naked.

There was a groan from the floor next to her. "Ughh. I don't think I'm going to be able to walk for a while." The voice didn't seem to think it was a serious complaint.

Innana surveyed the room around her. Naked female flesh was everywhere, and the scents were of only one thing. "See, what did I tell you: Sex toys."

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