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“Got some more scents for me to try?” Alexis, entering the chemistry lab.

“A couple; I think I worked out the blood-barrier transfer problem.” Louis looked up from where he’d been synthesizing chemicals. “I’ve been meaning to say thank you for being my guinea pig for this.”

The girl shrugged. “I’m getting extra credit with Mr. Lehrer, and it gets me out of the science fair. I think he likes you: He was pretty exited about your project. Besides, what are friends for?”

“Yeah, I’m the star pupil… If this works. Anyway.” He filled up a couple of atomizers, and turned to her. “So, ready?”

“Sure.” He puffed a cloud of scent in her face, and she sniffed, then started giggling. “I think you may have fixed your problem. I’m guessing this is supposed to be a ‘happy’ scent?”

“Yeah, is it working?”

Alexis was grinning now. “Yeah. I’m really happy. It’s kinda scary, but I’m to happy to care.”

“Obviously, we’ll need to work out what’s an acceptable dose. You can still think clearly?”

“Oh yeah, it’s just… It’s going to wear off in a moment, right?”

“Yeah. Let’s give it a minute, if you want. I actually feel it a bit now; some of the scent’s wafted back this way.”

“This will probably get you an A. And it’ll probably be made illegal.” She was still smiling. “I could see people getting hooked on this stuff.”

“Probably. It shouldn’t be addictive, at least not directly. But it’s not that different then some of the stuff out there, it’s just airborne.”

They both waited a couple of minutes. “Ok, It’s starting to fade.” Alexis relaxed. “Finally. I don’t mind being happy, but that was overdoing it, and it was scary. At least it doesn’t last long.”

Louis was scribbling some notes down. “None of these should. That’s the point, really: I’m trying to find a better way to administer short-term dosages of certain types of drugs. You wouldn’t be able to do everything with these, but you should be able to calm down a panicked victim quickly. Ready for the next one?”

Alexis steeled herself. “Sure.” He gave her another puff of scent, and she waited a moment. “This one doesn’t seem to do anything.”

“Really?” Louis was grinning. “Why don’t you take off your shirt?”

“Ok, sure. Why didn’t I think of that? I really should take off my shirt.” And she did. “Wait, why did I do that?”

“This one’s a slight modification of the previous one. It should make anything that crosses your mind feel like the best idea ever. Didn’t it feel like a good idea to take off your shirt?”

“Yeah, it did. It still does. Oh god, you could make me do anything with this. Make me get naked, or turn me into your sex slave. Which is a great idea. You could take over the school, I bet. Turn all the girls into whores and sluts! Play with the minds of the staff…”

Louis could feel these great ideas roll over him. Each new idea Alexis came up with seemed to feed her imagination for more and more extreme things he could do. The thought crossed his mind that he needed to stop her. “Alexis, stop. Be quiet. Stop thinking until I tell you.”

She stopped mid-word, and went blank.

Ok. Time to take stock, she’d been rattling out ideas as fast as she could. She’d started with the idea that he could make her do anything, went to becoming his sex slave, then to taking over the school…

Louis realized that his nose was tingling. It’d wafted back again, and he was being affected. All the ideas she’d spouted off were sounding great to him too…

He looked at the near-topless girl in front of him. Well, why shouldn’t he make her his sex slave? He liked sex, what little of it he’d had, and here she was, ready to do anything he said. She wasn’t the most attractive girl in school, but she wasn’t anything to turn down either. They even had the lab to themselves; class was out for the day, and he’d been given a key so he could work on his science project.

The sight of the mindless girl in front of him gave him an awesome idea. “Alexis, until the drug wears off, I want you to concentrate only on three things: Being my sex slave, obeying my every whim, and being incredibly horny for me. While you are doing that, take off the rest of your clothes and wait. Tell me when you can feel the drug wear off.”

She nodded, and started to remove her clothes, as if she was in some kind of trance. Louis watched as she finished, then stood there getting visibly more and more aroused.

He was admiring the look when she spoke. “Master, I feel the drug wearing off.”

“Ok. You have my permission to think again.” Immediately life came back to her eyes.

“Oh, wow…”

“How do you feel?”

“I feel… Well, I’m horny, Master, since you’re around. The idea of being your sex slave still sounds awesome. I tried to fight it a moment, just to see if I could, but I couldn’t. It’s the best idea I’ve ever had.”

“Oh, I can think of one or two others. You realize you just programmed both of us to want this, and for me to want to take over the school, at the very least, right?”

“I realized it as I was saying it, but it just felt like a great idea to keep going and coming up with more and more ideas…”

“You won’t though. Not without my permission. And you do not have my permission to use that spray on me, ever, understand?”

“Yes, Master. The thought had never crossed my mind.” She looked down at herself. “I wish I’d thought not to be embarrassed about being naked in front of my owner.”

“You’re embarrassed?”

She managed a blush. “Yes. You can see how aroused I am, and it makes me feel… Well, not quite fully human. Like I’m bearing more than just my body to you.”

“And yet you aren’t moving to get clothed.”

“You told me to take my clothes off. You haven’t told me I can put them back on.”

“And if I don’t? If I tell you that you are never to wear clothes again?”

“I…” There was dawning realization in her eyes. “I would. Or rather, I wouldn’t: I would never wear clothes again. I’ll do anything you tell me to…”

“Because that’s a good idea, isn’t it?”

“Yes, yes it is. One of the best.”

“Good. Get up on the teacher’s desk, and spread your legs.”

“Yes Master.”

“By the way, have you noticed that you are calling me ‘Master’?”

“Yes, Master. A slave should always address her master as ‘Master’, I think. Is this wide enough?”

“It’ll do just fine.” He stroked her legs. “You’ll have to call me Louis in public, of course. At least for now.”

“Of course, Master. I won’t forget.”

“Good.” He was opening his pants. “Ever had sex before?”

“Just once, with an old boyfriend.”

“Well, just remember: For a sex slave, the purpose of sex is her master’s pleasure, not her own.”

“Ahh…” Her eyes rolled back, just for a moment, as he entered her. “Yes, Master. Your pleasure is all that matters.” She tried, hesitantly, moving her waist. “How is this, Master?”

“Not bad, slave. We’ll get you some practice. For now… Don’t talk.”

Alexis started to say ‘Yes Master’, but stopped herself. Instead, she just focused on her master’s face and what he was doing between her legs, trying to help him, and see what gave him pleasure. Nothing else mattered. He wanted faster, she went faster. He wanted slower, she went slower. He wanted to suck her breast, it was offered willingly.

Why had she never thought of being a sex slave to Louis before? It was such an obvious, and wonderful idea.

He pushed deep, and pulled her tight against him. She squeezed tight, on instinct, and he came, feeling like he was filling her.

It was heaven.

She stared up at him, as he pulled out of her. “Thank you, Master.”

“You’re welcome. Now, get dressed and help me load this stuff in my car.”

Gathering the family

Louis walked into the kitchen where his family was working on dinner and gave broad spray with his dispenser. “Forget I just did that.” Expressions of surprise faded, and people went back to setting up.

“Mom, dad? I’ve decided I’m going to be recruiting a harem of sex slaves.”

His parents looked at each other, then looked back at him. “Ok son, that sounds like a great idea: I know how much sex a teen-aged boy wants. Remember dear?”

His mom blushed. “Ah, yes, I remember. And it’s definitely a good idea for you to have some outlet for that.”

“Great, I’m glad you’re on board with this. Because I’m going to keep them here.”

“Where else would you keep them?”

“Exactly. And I’m going to need a bit more space than my room. I was thinking I’d take yours.”

“Makes sense.”

“He can’t possibly be expected to fuck several girls at once in his narrow bed after all. So we’re moving into your room?”

“No, I don’t think that would be right. After all, it’s my room. You two should move into the attic.”

“The boy has a point.”

“We’d just be in the way down here.”

“Good to know we are in agreement on this. So you’ll start moving your stuff?”

“Right after dinner dear. Eat up.”

“Yeah, you’re going to need your strength.”

Louis relaxed a bit: he’d gotten everything in before the spray wore off, so he didn’t need to chance a second spray, and now they would all accept anyone he brought over.

“Say, brother, can I join this harem of yours?”

He’d almost forgotten Gabriella was home. Louis felt the tingle of the last remnants of the spray as he answered, “Yeah, sure, Briella. That’d be great. You’ve always been amazingly sexy, and I’d love to be able to fuck you whenever I wanted.”

“You’d also be able to use her room to help house your harem. More space.”

“And she wouldn’t need to go to college — you could keep her college fund. Harem’s aren’t cheap, I’m sure.”

“Besides, who better? You two have always done so great together.”

“Great! Just wait until I tell my friends at the sleepover tonight!”

Louis fought the thought that telling all her friends was going to be a great idea, but managed to top it instead. “Better yet, we can invite them to join themselves. Better let me ask though, I wouldn’t want them to misunderstand.”

“Ok. I’ll wait until you tell them.”

“And we’ll work on getting our stuff moved, so you can enjoy your first night with your harem. Honey, do we still have those camping mattresses?”

He really needed to work on that immunity dose. Oh well. It was going to be great to have his sister in his harem, and her friends… “Briella, remind me, who’s coming over?”

“It’s the cheerleader end-of-season party silly. I’ve only been talking about it for weeks. The whole varsity squad is coming.”

“Oh yeah, sorry.” Well, he’d been thinking he wanted to start on the cheerleaders. Though he had been thinking to start small, like a couple of members of the JV squad…

Oh well, this would work as well.

“Ok ladies, now that we’re all here, before we get started my brother has an announcement.” There were groans and derision, but the girls didn’t put up any serious fight; If this was going to be required, no problem, and no little brother really wanted to but in on her big sister’s sleepover, right? He’d be gone soon enough.

Louis walked to the center of the room, and sprayed a long dose of his scent over them. He still hadn’t had time to work up an immunity system, but he had liberally brushed his top lip with Old Spice. That should be enough to mix up the chemical signals in the scent. “Forget I just did that.”

“Hi. I’m collecting a harem of sex-slaves, and I think all of you should join. Don’t you think that’s a good idea?”

There was a moment of silence as they all tried to process this. “Sounds like a great idea; I’m in.” Katie finally spoke first.

There was a chorus of ‘me to’s and ‘sounds fun’. Louis never would have noticed that not everyone joined in, if Ashley hadn’t spoken up. “You’ve got some mind-control power over us…”

He turned to her, willing to roll with that. “Yep. And you love it, don’t you?”

“Yeah, I do!” She smiled. “It’s just like in the stories!”

“What stories?”

She managed to blush. “I read, um, naughty stories about this type of thing online.”

“Oh? So I take it you like fantasizing about it?”


“Well then, in those stories, is there a way sex-slaves are supposed to act?”

“Yeah, they are all…”

“Good, come up here and tell everyone.” He gestured. “If you make a mistake I’ll correct you.”

“Well, first off we all need to be perfectly and completely obedient to our master.” She nodded to Louis. “No matter what.”

“Secondly, we should wear revealing clothing, if we wear clothing. At home, usually, we should be naked.” Her hand moved to her blouse.

“We’ll get to that in a moment; first go over the rules. Everyone stay where you are and pay attention now, we’ll have you strip and stuff later.”

Her hands went back to her sides. “Of course, we should be extremely horny, specifically for sex with master, but bisexual as well, so we can recruit or put on a show for him. But we all need to be eager enough to beg him for sex whenever he wants us to.” He nodded.

“When in the harem, none of us should speak unless we need to. Basically, we should only speak when spoken to.”

“You can talk amongst yourselves, if no one can overhear you. And of course we are going to have to maintain a cover, so you can talk when there are people around who don’t know about my harem.” He added to explain.

“Yes, Master.” She turned back to the rest. “We should always address master as ‘Master’, unless we are in public. And we should never use ‘I’ or ‘me’ for ourselves - always refer to yourself as ‘this slave’ or ‘this slut’ or something else that refers to what you are. Not your name: We don’t have names unless master assigns us ones.”

“We aren’t allowed on the furniture unless he says so, nor can we use silverware, or our hands to eat unless he says so.”

“Then how are we supposed to eat?” Mary was confused.

“Like a dog, from a bowl or plate on the floor.” Ashley explained, to the slow student. She turned to Louis. “Can we stand in your presence?”

He nodded, and she turned back to the group. “Then, when we are wearing clothes, we should always wear high heels, unless it’s absolutely impossible. And when we aren’t we should walk or stand on our toes, to show off our legs.”

“Most importantly though, we always need to remember that our only pleasure is master’s pleasure. If he is happy, we are happy. If he isn’t happy, we try to make him happy in whatever way he wants us to. Making him happy makes us happy. Obeying him makes us happy. Any other happiness we might have had or felt is irrelevant. His pleasure is our pleasure, and that is the only pleasure we feel. Even sex is just to give him sexual pleasure; when he cums,” she saw confusion on a couple of faces, “or orgasms, we orgasm. If he tells us to, we orgasm. But never on our own.”

Louis took over again. “So, everyone got that?” There were nods, but he wanted to reinforce. He turned to his sister. “Briella, what were the rules? Summary versions.”

“Obey you. Wear sexy clothing, or go naked. Be horny for you and each other. Don’t talk unless spoken to. Call you ‘master’, ourselves ‘this slave’ or similar. Stay off the furniture, and eat like a dog. Wear high heels with clothes, or stand on tip-toe if without. Your pleasure is our pleasure, your happiness is our happiness, when you cum we cum, nothing else matters.”

“Ok. Everyone, what do you think of those rules?”

Everyone agreed they were great rules, and were glad Ashley could explain them to them.

“Good. Then, off the couch.” He gestured to the three who had taken the main seating, and seated himself in the center as they sprang up. “And give me a floor show as you take your clothes off.”

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