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“Come in, Lysandra. Close the door and take a seat.” Nico waved his subordinate in.

“Thanks, Mr. Shaw.” She strode in, and took the indicated chair. “I’m sorry I wasn’t in sooner, I’m still trying to get I. T. to get my computer working again after my vacation.”

“How was your vacation, by the way?”

“Very nice, thank you. A week and a half of sun and sand is always nice.” No need to mention the day at the beginning getting her lips touched up. She gave the male across the desk a slight pout, having enjoyed the results already. “So, why did you call me in here?”

“Well, Lysandra, we took the opportunity of your vacation for a surprise audit of the company’s account books…” Her stiffening form was all the answer he needed. “Would you care to explain?”

“I… Have you called the police?” The fear was evident in her voice.

“Not yet. I wanted to hear your account first. I should tell you that after the auditors found the discrepancies, I had a private investigator check into you as well. I needed to know what else you might have been doing.”

“Nothing! Nothing else, I swear! I just… I’ll pay it back. I promise.”

He raised an eyebrow at that. “You’ll pay it back? Three quarters of a million dollars, Sandra. How are you planning on paying it back? What did you even spend it on? I mean, obviously there’s the house, the car, even some gambling, but…” He shook his head. “That’s what I don’t understand. Well, that and how you could do this. I hired you straight out of college, Sandra. Took you in. And you…”

“I know.” She was starting to cry now. “I took advantage of you. I just…” Suddenly there was violence in her voice. “All the while growing up, all through college, I was never good enough. Never pretty enough. Never…” She broke down again. “I just needed to…”

“Start at the beginning, then.”

“I just wanted to be attractive, ok? I got this new job, and I wanted to treat myself to something for me. So I went and… Well, I got these.” She pumped her breasts, to show what she meant. “They weren’t that expensive, at least on paper. I thought I could afford them. But there was a little complication, and the bills mounted, so I borrowed a bit. Just a bit. A few thousand. I knew I could pay it back.”

“I liked the looks I started getting. Of course, my mother… I didn’t tell her, but she could tell they weren’t natural. And I wanted to pay the money back, and a few things came up, so I tried my luck at the casino… I almost made it back, that first night. But the next weekend…”

“I guess I started borrowing to cover what I was losing as I tried to make back what I was borrowing. And… I wanted that rush again. That feeling of being noticed. Of being attractive. So, when I thought I had earned it…”

“You are saying you spent it on plastic surgery?”

“Not all of it. Just… Portions. I told myself it was worth it, to go to the best doctors. The best clinics.”

“So, how much of your body have I paid for?” Nico asked, bluntly.

She blushed. “Um… Two boob jobs, lipo, an ass lift, a couple of cosmetic tattoos, butt implants, labiaplasty, and some lip enhancement.”

“That’s the latest one, isn’t it? And what the heck’s a ‘labiaplasty’?”

“Yeah, I just got back from the lips… Labiaplasty is…” She blushed. “Um, reshaping down there.”

“Down…?” Comprehension dawned. “You had your cunt enhanced?”

Lysandra nodded, unable to look up. “I really mean to pay it all back, it just… And I figured that just a little more didn’t hurt…”

Nico sat back, trying to understand what his CFO had told him. “Ok, thank you for being honest.” He reached for his phone.

“No! Please!”


“Don’t call the police. I’ll pay it back! I’ll make it up to you! I promise!”

“Exactly how are you planning on paying me back?” Nico asked. “I saw the P. I.’s report. You don’t have any savings. I’m not going to let you work as my CFO any longer, not with this. And don’t tell me you’ll get another job, I’m not going to write you a recommendation.”

“Please, just not the police! Anything but…”

Nico sneered. “Oh, come on, it won’t be so bad. You’ll probably get what, a half-dozen years, minimum security? I won’t even get my money back, and you’ll be out in no time.”

“Please…” Desperation entered her voice. “I… I can’t go to jail. I can’t get a criminal record. I’ll…”

“You’ll what?”

“I… Dad never immigrated.”

“You’re an illegal immigrant as well?”

“No! I was born here. I just… I can’t let them look at my dad. It would crush him. He’s… He’s the only one.”

Pity was starting to take over Nico’s features, as Sandra just broke down in front of him. “He’s the only one what?”

“He’s the only one who ever thought I was anything. I can’t… I can’t let him see me in jail. I can’t let him get deported. He’s…” She was openly crying now.

“Ok. Say I don’t call the police. Exactly how are you going to pay me back? Sell your house? Car? I doubt they are worth that much.”

Sandra flushed again. “The car’s a lease. And the house… Fully mortgaged. You wouldn’t make much on it.”

“So, what choices do I have? I called you in here to get your side of the story, sure, but… It doesn’t sound like you are giving me many options. It’s not like I can repossess what you spent the money on.”

The words flashed an idea through Sandra’s head, flaring hints of memory from jokes John in I. T. told about what ‘the boss’ liked to look up on his own time. “What if you could? Would that be enough?”

“What do you mean? You just told me you spent it on casinos and plastic surgery.”

“Yes, I did. How long would I have to let you use this body before I paid it off?”


Sandra finally looked up. “I’m attractive, aren’t I? I spent good money to make sure I am. Your money, as you’ve pointed out. I can… let you do what you want with me. And pay you what I can from my salary — if you’ll let me keep working here, I guess. Not as CFO, I assume, but…”

“What are we talking about here? Sex?”

“Yes. Among other things — it’s an open secret that you look up some more ‘deviant’ sites on your computer. I don’t know the details, but… What if I let you live those fantasies. How much would that be worth to you? Could I pay you back that way?”

“And being my whore would be better than going to jail?”

She flinched, but answered. “Yes. I… My father could understand me sleeping around.”

Nico considered. “Strip.”

Sandra stood, hands going to her blouse. “Does that mean you accept?”

“It means I want to see what you are bargaining with, and to see if you are serious.”

She nodded, and delicately removed her clothes. It wasn’t a striptease, but she made a point of showing off what she had. She ended up nude, in front of the desk, just standing there. Nico motioned, and she slowly spun around, letting him see all sides of her. “Shaved, I see.”

“Hairless, from the neck down, actually. Laser hair removal. Again, your money.”

“How well did that work?”

She shrugged. “Pretty well. I still need to shave if I want to wear stockings, but it’s not visible unless you look close.” She paused. “Do you like what you see?”

“You at least spent my money well. You can sit, if you want.”

Sandra did, carefully not covering herself, no matter how much her legs wanted to cross. “So, can we deal?”

“You said I could ‘do what I want’, and you mentioned some rumors. What are you offering, exactly?”

She kept her face calm. “The rumors are of… BSDM sites. Sexual slavery. I’m offering to let you use me as your sex slave. However you want. Beat me, chain me, fuck me. Whatever.”

“What are your limits?” She looked confused. “What wouldn’t you let me do.”

“I…” She wanted to say whatever, but Sandra took warning in the voice. But she could still show how serious she was. “No mutilation. No getting me addicted to drugs.” She tried to think of what else she could imagine that he could do to her. “Nothing of that nature, I’m not sure what else that could be. I don’t know enough about it.”

“But you are willing to go along with whatever I want?”

She nodded. “Until we’ve agreed I’ve paid you off.”

“And when would that be?”

“I thought that was what we were discussing.” Sandra pointed out, reasonably.

“I’m still trying to see if you are serious.” Her boss said. “Or, for that matter, what you think you are offering.”

“I thought I was clear: You paid for this body. I’m offering to let you have it.”

“So I can sleep with you whenever I want? Or do you mean I would own that body?”

It shook her, slightly. “What’s the difference?”

He stood, to come around the desk himself. “If I own it, I can do whatever I want with it. Day or night. Including getting more surgery, tats, whatever. You don’t get to do anything without my permission, no matter how minor. You obey, without question, without comment.”

“And you won’t call the cops?”

“I’ll consider it.”

She gulped. “I said no disfigurement, no addictions. Otherwise, fine.”

He sat on the edge of the desk. “You are serious.”

Sandra nodded. “Yes. Anything. Just… Not the cops. I don’t want everyone to call me a jailbird, I don’t want my dad in trouble.”

“And how long? Do you think.”

“I…” She hesitated. “If we say $1,000  a day, then…” She mentally calculated. “Two years?”

“You think that body is worth $1,000  a day?”

She shrugged. “Full access… I don’t know what the going rates are, especially with the bondage included. It seems… reasonable.”

“Hmm.” Nico pondered. “You’ll require training. And we both have to work during the day, cutting out the time I can make use of my purchase. Plus there will be times one or the other of us will be sick, or something. How about we cut that in half?”

“Four years?” She squeaked.

“It’s still less time than you’ve been stealing from me. And you’d probably be in jail that long as well, if I were to come to my senses and call the police.”

“You only call the police if I don’t live up to my end of the bargain.”

He shrugged that off. “And in the meantime, what happens to your stuff? If I’m getting ‘full access’, I’ll want you available day and night, on instant notice. That means you’ll be living with me.”

“Sell it. Take the money, if you get any, and pay down what I owe you. I don’t have that much anyway, take it all.” She paused. “Um, if I’m living with you, and I’m still working…?”


“Do I need to pay rent? Room and board? My salary…”

“You want your salary to go towards your debt as well?”

She nodded. “It would take some time off…”

Nico drummed his fingers. “Well, you’d have to take a pay cut anyway. And you would owe room and board, but I don’t see why we couldn’t put the rest towards paying off the balance.” She let him think a moment, until he suddenly pushed off the desk. “Of course, I might still date. What if I find a girl I like? You think she’d allow me to keep you?”

Sandra shrugged. “I’m assuming you’d want someone who would understand your appetites. Tell her the truth. Offer to share me, if you want. I experimented a bit in college, I know how to handle a woman. Or not; It’s your choice what to do with my body. If you just want me to do the cooking and cleaning, that’s up to you.”

He nodded. “I’ll think about it.”

“Think about it?”

“Well, you don’t think I’m going to make a decision immediately, do you? I’m a busy man, I may not be able to fit a sex slave in my life. It may not be worth it.”

“But… You won’t call the police?”

“I’ll consider it. That’s still first option, but…” He looked up at her. “If you run, or if I hear anything about this, I call the police, and I give them the tape,” He pointed to a small camera in the ceiling, “that I made of this conversation.” If you change your mind and come to me, I’ll destroy it first.”

“Yes sir. Thank you.”

“You can go back to your desk now.”

She nodded, and started gathering her clothes. “Leave the underwear.”


“Call it a gesture of good faith.”

“Yes sir.” She got dressed without it, and handed the garment in question to him before leaving.

Office Slave

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