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A general timeline, containing both written and unwritten events in the story:

Magic U. Timeline

(Note that year 1 was a normal year for Darius Kimball. He probably helped people as a friend, and at some point he saw Esti getting out of her tree.)

Year 2

  • Help Esti find her tree. (Get bonded to Esti.)
  • Help Satu deal with the cat. (Siofra becomes his liege-servant for a year.)
  • Retrieve books from cavern.
    • Take tree to tree-healer.
      • Retrieve plant for Carmel
  • Meet the forest.
  • Mishap in Summoning Class. (Get bonded to Elpis.)
  • Help Melanie Roux
  • Christmas
    • Get summoned to Elven court.
      • Be assigned as protector of ____
  • Introducing ____ to the University/Humanity
    • Administration ?
    • Issue in shielding class.
  • ?
  • ?
  • Spring Break
    • Help Faculty with Fire Spirit (Get bonded to X)
      • Share memories with Shui. Not a bond.
Magic U

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