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Darius flopped back on his bed. “One more exam, and it’s not for two days. Ahh.”

“You are looking forward to your ‘vacation’ then, milord?”

Darius looked down at his ‘cat’. Siofra wasn’t often joking, but it did happen… “Yes, I am. And I’m looking forward to getting out of school for a few days as well, if nothing else. Plus, I have enough time to actually get home. Which will be nice.”

“Indeed. Home is… something we all cherish.”

“I have told you that you are welcome to visit Underhill anytime you wish, you know. I know you can.”

“My place is where you can make use of me. The year and a day has not passed.”

“I’m just saying that if you want a vacation, you can take one. I’m not expecting you to go without telling me.”

“It would not be right.”

Darius sighed. Siofira had either an Elven sense of pride, or a cat’s. He wasn’t sure which was more stubborn. “As you say. But I did tell my family what you are. So don’t expect them to treat you like a cat.”

“Of course.”

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