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My dorm room wasn’t far enough away, at least for my state of mind. Just halfway across campus, not halfway across the world.

Though, that may not have been far enough, if what I suspected about that Russian mafia boss was true…

The room was quiet: My roommate was taking a nap. She’d probably earned it: a full load of classes, as well as memberships in on-campus clubs. The night before I had never heard her come in.

Quiet suited me. I wanted to think. I’d been fairly sure Edwin had been up to something, but what and how…. I’d had no clue. That he could be doing this, well, it was unbelievable.

It answered my questions how he was able to be so effective, and how he didn’t get caught.

I took the bag in my hand, and pulled out one little cube. It was less than a quarter inch on a side, tiny really. Just a dark, grey, mass. It looked like one of those super-powerful fridge magnets, only darker, and there was a hint of more texture.

I wondered how it worked. Obviously whatever it was made of could be absorbed through the skin, but what did it look like? I hadn’t felt anything. Was that something it did?

I placed the cube carefully between my roommate’s lips, and watched. It took a moment to start, or at least, nothing happened that I could see to start. A moment later the edges started to blur, like a sugar cube dissolving, but from all sides at once.

It was fascinating to watch. There were the slightest hints of grey on her lips, but just barely visible. Mostly, the cube just shrank back into her lips.

I wondered how long it would take for them to get into place, and if I’d be able to tell. I imagined the bots flowing into her mind, taking control of key points, guiding the whole…

I realized I was kneeling next to my roommate, masturbating to the idea that she was being taken over by Edwin’s nanobots. This was unlikely to be my own thoughts.

Lily’s eyes opened before I was able to try processing that. She looked at me, from a distance of a few inches, lust probably written on my face. “Naomi?” I couldn’t identify what was in that voice.

Mine I could: Authority. “Kiss me.”

She obeyed, with the only hesitancy that of someone who wasn’t sure if she was still dreaming or not.

I drew her out, then pulled away. It was a short slide to the nearest chair. I moved up to sit, and motioned for Lily to rise.

She stood, eyes smoldering.

“Show me.” My voice.

She knew what it meant, before I did. For her nap she was in a t-shirt and jeans. The shirt came off first.

She took her time, making a show of it. Jeans next, worked down slowly, then bra, and then she teased with underwear before finally removing them as well.

“You like?” She asked, posing.

I paused, considering the body in front of me. She was gorgeous, of course. Not the best on campus, but not something anyone would turn out of the bed. I nodded, consenting to approve.

A smile spread on her face. I pointed to my spread crotch. She knelt, and quickly worked to get a new taste on her lips.

Either she had done this before, or the bots could teach quickly. It wasn’t as good as being with Edwin, but then nothing ever could be. It was still better than anything but that I had ever experienced.

“Was I good, Mistress?” Lily looked up from between my legs, my juice on her face, concern that she had preformed adequately radiating from every pore.

“You did fine, pet.” I reassured her with a hand through the hair, which she leaned into with pleasure. “Get dressed and go wash your face.”

It was a command, and it was mine. Whatever had been on me had just worn off, or at least mostly. She still looked sexy, but I wasn’t following a script.

I waited until she had left, only getting myself re-dressed. As soon as the door shut behind her, my hand reached for the phone. “Edwin here.”

“I just ‘acquired’ my roommate for you. And had her eat me out.”

“I’m impressed: You are an efficient assistant, to get her so soon.”

“It was a good opportunity. I get that part. I don’t like it, but I get it. But why did I order her to lick me? And why ‘Mistress’? What are you trying to do here?”

“I just thought you should have a few perks. Starting with her. She’s yours. Your slave: She’ll obey anything you tell her to do. At the moment, she’ll forget all about it if there are other people around, but you can order her to remember. Or you can order her to forget anything she’s seen.”


“Because I thought it would be fun. And because it’ll simplify things: You might need to do some odd things in your room, and this way you won’t have to hide them from her.”

“What if I tell her she’s a slave? What you’ve done to us?”

“Then she’ll know. She won’t be able to talk about it to anyone who doesn’t also know, but you’ll have someone to talk to.”

“So it’s up to me.”

“Entirely. Neither of you will jeopardize me, but you get to decide the rest.” And he hung up, just as Lily walked back in the door.


“Yes, Mistress?”

“We need to talk.”

She took an attentive seat at my feet. I told her to use the bed instead. At least she understood that wasn’t an invitation to more play.

And how long had I found her sexy as hell, anyway?

“We need to decide what just happened here, and how we are going to handle it.”

“What do you mean, mistress? I’m your slave. You just finally claimed me.”

Oookay, that’s one way to take this… “Please, for the moment call me Naomi. We need to be equals for this discussion, ok?”

“Sure, Naomi.” And she sounded more like herself again.

Good. I let out a breath. “Look, I’m not saying I didn’t enjoy that. Or that it wasn’t what I wanted.” The first would be a straight-out lie. The second… It was what I wanted right then. Whether that was ‘me’ was another question. I’d deal with that as the time came up. “I just… It was a spur-of-the-moment thing, ok? And I’m not sure where we are taking it, or what it meant.”

“I understand. It wasn’t something I’ve planned either. I’ve just… I’ve had a crush on you for months. No way I was going to do anything about it, of course, but… And then, there you were, with that look in you eyes, looking at me. Thinking about me, with your hands down your pants. My first thought was that you’d kissed me, and that’s why I’d woken up. I wasn’t sure what to think. And when you told me to kiss you…”

Um, yeah, I’d been there for that part. But the crush for months? Was it real? Had she really felt that way?

I’d had no clue. Not a sign, nothing. I’d have sworn she was straight. Not that she’d dated.

Of course, it’s hard to know if she’d really had that crush, or just remembered it. Maybe all of this was just a part of whatever Edwin’s game was.

“I… I hadn’t kissed you. I’d been thinking about how you lips looked while you slept…” I managed to blush and look away. I wasn’t sure I wanted to tell her what had been done to her. To me. To us both.

I glanced back. She was smiling at me, in a sweet, knowing sort of way. “How long have you liked girls?” Her question, not mine.

“I don’t, or I didn’t. I…” I didn’t. At least, I’d never noticed that I had. Edwin’s assistant apparently did, no matter what I thought.

“I know. It can be confusing, at first. I remember my first time. On a sleepover, in high school. I found myself kissing Lacy, and liking it, and…” Her turn to blush. “We didn’t do anything but kiss. It just stuck with me.”

I’m not sure I believed her, that she and this ‘Lacy’ had never done anything but kiss. But I believed her that Lacy existed.

Which meant she wanted this. At least part of it. “And ‘Mistress?’ Where did that come from?” I asked, carefully.

“I had, well, a cover boyfriend who was into that. I let him a few times: I could keep him happy, and, with the bonds it didn’t matter as much he was a man, you know? But I liked it, and you’ve always been the one in charge…” Another blush. “It’s been in my dreams, a few times: Me at your feet, serving you. They were, ah, nice dreams.”

More than a few, from the sound of it. “I never really thought of myself that way.” Truth. I still didn’t: A slave isn’t a mistress, no matter how she pretends. “I just… It felt right.”

“That’s what I thought.” She said, smiling. “It was fun. I liked it.”

“And you want it to continue?”

She just nodded.

“Well, um, I’m not very experienced in that…”

“It’s ok. I’m not really either. We’ll have to learn together.”

“So you really want this? To be my…”

“Slave? Playtoy? Fuckbuddy? All of the above?” She grinned, answering. “Yes. I mean, if you don’t want to, I understand, but…”

“No! No. That’s… Um. Let me think about this a moment.”

Ok. At the moment, that was really what she wanted. From what Edwin had said, it wouldn’t have surprised me if I could change that at a word, but this was what she was right now. I wasn’t sure I trusted my memories, but if I thought of her as a lesbian, that made a few things start to make more sense. Nothing big, but…

In fact, nothing I could double-check. But I was willing to believe that for now. The submissiveness… That I’m sure came from Edwin. At least most of it.

The question was what was I going to do about it? Edwin wanted us as lovers. Why, I wasn’t sure. But between just setting this up and the way I still was feeling just looking at her — and I know I didn’t feel that way before — I could be certain of that. Fighting that wasn’t going to be worth it. I’d just have to remember it every time I looked at her.

But being her ‘Mistress’? Edwin didn’t seem to be pressing either way. Beyond setting her up as my slave to begin with. And making it so that my word was law. And so that I could tell her to forget all of this, and she would…

Which really answered my question: She was my slave, in fact. Anything I told her to do, she’d do. Anything I told her to believe, she’d believe. Edwin had told me that already. I was just choosing whether she knew it.

Well, I wasn’t going to tell her what had been done to us. It was making me miserable already, and it wouldn’t help her any. But this she would be happy with. And it would mean she could tell me if there was something wrong, or that I needed to know. I could be a better mistress if she knew.

Of course, my life wasn’t entirely my own either… “I’m not a lesbian. I want you to know that. I’m attracted to you, yes. Very much so. But I’m into guys too.”

She nodded.

“Can you handle that? I… I’m not going to stop going after guys. Even dating them. Or more.” I wished I didn’t have to say that.

Or that she would take it normally. “I understand. If I’m a slave, you still want a partner. And I wouldn’t be that.”

“Ok. As long as you understand that. I’ll take you as my slave, Lily.”

“Oh, thank you Mistress!” She managed to give me a hug, before I could think, then sat back. “So, um, what now?”

“Now, I think we have one more thing we have to discuss: What to do in public. But I think that can wait. You have a class to get to.” I looked meaningfully at the clock.

She wasn’t late, or even close, but it did take a while to get across campus. “As you say, Mistress.” She smiled, knowing I was putting off further discussion intentionally, but that I was aware of it. She packed her bag quietly and left, barely taking her eyes off me.


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