Chapter 5 - Jessica

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Jessica drew looks on friday, as her mom held the door open for her to walk in. Her mom also accompanied her to the lockers, until she got to the group of girls waiting. “I can’t stay long. Jessica can’t use her hands. She can talk, but only if you remove the bit-gag and talk to her first. Took ages to figure that out.” She turned back to her daughter, and gave her a quick hug. “Have a good day dear. Have someone call if you need me.”

Jessica just nodded in reply.

Chapter 4 - Jasmine

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Thursday no one really noticed as Jasmine walked in. In a blouse, skirt, socks, and pumps she almost looked normal after all. “I guess it was my turn.”

Amber looked her over. “Let me guess. School girl?”

“<em>Japanese</em> school girl. I think. But he used a fair amount of anime as part of his ‘lesson’.”

“I guess it fits.”

Chapter 3 - Ashley

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Wednesday it was Ashley. “Looks like you lucked out.”

“Yeah… I actually had something in my closet that would work. And look:” She held up her foot. “Flip-flops! No heels!” She put her foot down. “This is pushing it though. I’m going to need to find some smaller swimsuits: This one still ‘itches’ horribly. I don’t think it will work long-term.”

They looked at her mini-bikini. “String?”

Chapter 2 - Amber

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Tuesday morning Brianna was starting to get accustomed to walking around dressed as a slut. And people were more willing to take in the view she was presenting.

Which didn’t stop heads from turning when Amber walked in.

Brianna was the first to reach her. “So, he got you too, huh?”

“Yeah. Just like you: They drove up last night.”

“At least you can cover your cunt.” Brianna wished she could think of a better word. But she’d thought of it as a direct reference, so the earlier ‘lessons’ they all shared took effect.

Chapter 1 - Brianna

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Everyone turned to look at Brianna as she walked in the door. For most it only was a momentary reaction; they turned back to what they were doing immediately.

Kelsey ran up to her friend. “What?”


“Oh.” A beat, as she blushed, at forgetting the obvious. “So, um… Was there anything else?”