Chapter 5 - Jessica

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Jessica drew looks on friday, as her mom held the door open for her to walk in. Her mom also accompanied her to the lockers, until she got to the group of girls waiting. "I can't stay long. Jessica can't use her hands. She can talk, but only if you remove the bit-gag and talk to her first. Took ages to figure that out." She turned back to her daughter, and gave her a quick hug. "Have a good day dear. Have someone call if you need me."

Jessica just nodded in reply.

They all waited until her mother had left, then Brianna managed to work the gag out of Jessica's mouth. "That better?"

"A bit, thanks. There's a latch on the side for easy release though."

Jasmine spotted it and unclicked the bit. "So, um, pony, eh? How is it?"

"My thighs are killing me with this high-stepping. And heels are only 'barely acceptable'; we've got hoof-boots on order. The 'can't talk unless addressed rule' is the worst though: If you ask me a question I can answer without talking I will. And I can't tell anyone about the rule so they know they need to question me!"

"Yeah, that sounds harsh. And the rest of the clothing rules?"

Jessica answered what everyone wanted to know about. "The tail has to stay in, unless I'm going to the bathroom. It's annoying, but not as bad as the 'don't talk' rule, really. The rest is really up to me, as long as tits and cunt stay exposed. Well, as long as it doesn't really look like clothes." She rolled her eyes.

"Anything else we should know about? Or the teachers should?"

"Thanks for asking. That's the other part of the 'no talking': I can't volunteer extra info, really. Which they'll need to know. Sitting... doesn't work well. I can sit, but the tail gets in the way. And the bit-gag has to go back in most of the time." She paused a moment, reviewing. "I think that's it, really. Oh: One more thing. I can walk around on my own, and the fetish shop was out of reins, but if anyone has a set... And if I'm wearing them, I have to be led, I think. The rest is behavior and posture, and you'll see it." She started fumbling with her gag.

Amber stepped in and took care of it. Jessica thanked her with her eyes.


subhuman (not verified)

Tue, 12/03/2013 - 19:27

FYI, this story has two chapter fours.

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