Chapter 1 - Brianna

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Everyone turned to look at Brianna as she walked in the door. For most it only was a momentary reaction; they turned back to what they were doing immediately.

Kelsey ran up to her friend. “What?”


“Oh.” A beat, as she blushed, at forgetting the obvious. “So, um… Was there anything else?”

Brianna dropped her bag at her stiletto-booted feet, having reached her locker, then sighed. “No. I almost wish there were… All I got given was the ‘lesson’ to wear these type of boots and a corset. And nothing else. No panties, no bra, no shirt, no jacket. Nothing. The corset can’t cover either above or below.” Another sigh. “Oh. And I have to keep shaven.”

“That’s not new.”

“Yeah, but it was re-emphasized. Maybe he forgot.” She snatched the books she needed out of the locker, and stuffed them in her bag. “But otherwise nothing new. I don’t even get to not be mortified for letting everyone see me like this. And ‘bits’ get cold in this thing. Hi Brooke.” This was to anther friend, who had just walked up.

“Hi. I take it this is the latest?”


“What happened?”

“He sent around a team in a van. They rang the doorbell, told mom and dad they were there for me.”

“I bet they loved that.”

“Oh, the team had the paperwork. So everyone was all smiles of course. Including me, all the way into the chair. Which was in the van. I was expecting to be taken to the castle.”

“Yeah, and not be seen again.”

“Not as myself anyway… But they just strapped me in, and ran through a ‘lesson plan’ they had ready for me. Then dumped me back in my parent’s arms. They were just about crying over me when I snapped out of it.” Brianna looked away. “Of course, then I screamed and tore my clothes off as if they were on fire. Which didn’t help.”

Her audience shuddered. “Then what? I’m guessing you didn’t have that in your closet.”

“No. After I calmed down, and mom had learned to not try putting a blanket over me, I was able to say what I needed. We did a run to the fetish shop: they had this one in my size. Which I’ll be wearing non-stop until the stuff we ordered online comes in.”

“You have to wear that for <em>everything?</em>”

“Well, I can go naked. Though I’m more comfortable in this.” She looked down at her outfit. “I even slept in it last night.” She shuddered a bit, then calmed herself by running her hands over the leather. “At least the guys aren’t staring at me.”

“<em>Yet.</em> Right now they aren’t sure if it’s safe.”

“And besides, there’s the ‘no touch’ rule. Until he decides which of us he’s keeping, at least.”

“I almost wish he’d just get that over with. Knowing I’m going to be a sex slave the rest of my life has got to be better than this.”

“Maybe.” The bell rang, and the group broke up. “Later.”


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