Chapter 2 - Amber

Submitted by Darkmind on Sun, 11/10/2013 - 17:20

Tuesday morning Brianna was starting to get accustomed to walking around dressed as a slut. And people were more willing to take in the view she was presenting.

Which didn’t stop heads from turning when Amber walked in.

Brianna was the first to reach her. “So, he got you too, huh?”

“Yeah. Just like you: They drove up last night.”

“At least you can cover your cunt.” Brianna wished she could think of a better word. But she’d thought of it as a direct reference, so the earlier ‘lessons’ they all shared took effect.

“Yeah. Although I’m not comfortable with that… At least this outfit shows my nipples.” She realized what she’d just said, and closed her eyes in a moment of shame. “I mean… I can cover them as well. But the ‘lesson’ was to prefer them uncovered. But it wasn’t strong. I think he wanted keep the standard outfit as much as possible.” She looked down at herself. Black bodysuit, with a cotton-ball tail and huge ears on a headband. “I’m fighting the urge to hop everywhere. I’m not good enough with heels to do that. I’d break an ankle.”

“If he hears about that…”

“Yeah. I’m practicing. But I didn’t even have a good set of heels before last night! And I can’t wear boots like you: They have to be small black things.”

“Can you go without shoes?”

“Not outside the bedroom!” She sounded panicked a moment. “Sorry, that was drilled in pretty hard. Shoes everywhere. I managed to take them off for a shower this morning, but just barely.”

“Ouch. Well, if I can help in any way…”

“Thanks. You too.”


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