House of VR


Submitted by Darkmind on Sat, 11/23/2013 - 13:12


Dinis walked up the sidewalk to the sorority house where Sabina lived. She’d called earlier in the day, asking if he could help her with the statistics assignment. It had been an easy problem set: Dinis had finished it while the professor talked in class, but sometimes people just didn’t see something basic about how stuff worked. He’d helped enough people with enough homework problems to realize that over the years.


Submitted by Darkmind on Sat, 11/23/2013 - 13:12


Natalia looked at the item she’d just pulled out of the wall. It looked like an over-sized pair of VR goggles; the same things she used in classes all the time.

She really should report this. The sorority had bought this house last year off of a police auction; it had been used as the base of some kind of prostitution ring/brothel and had been seized when the ring was broken up, and the police had told them to turn over anything suspicious they found. Made sure all the girls knew about it.