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Dinis walked up the sidewalk to the sorority house where Sabina lived. She’d called earlier in the day, asking if he could help her with the statistics assignment. It had been an easy problem set: Dinis had finished it while the professor talked in class, but sometimes people just didn’t see something basic about how stuff worked. He’d helped enough people with enough homework problems to realize that over the years.

He would have suggested the library, or the student center, but she’d immediately assumed he’d come to the house. Not that he was going to mind an excuse to walk into a sorority house.

He rang the doorbell. Dinis didn’t know the girl who opened the door, but he appreciated the view: Tall, with a Mediterranean feel. She obviously worked out. And the outfit said she wasn’t afraid to show it.

“Hi, is Sabina here?”

The woman at the door smiled as if she were delighted to see Dinis. “Sure, Dinis, right? Sabina’s been waiting. She’s in the living room, follow me.”

Dinis didn’t mind the sway under the miniskirt either. Though he didn’t look too hard: After all, other women could see him.

Though, given the way the other sorority girls were dressed, they might not have minded… Dinis made a note to make sure to attend the next party they threw. Even if he had to crash it.

“Hey, Sabina, your tutor is here.” His guide stepped aside and gestured at him.

“Thanks for coming on such short notice, I just really need some help on this.” Sabina stood up to greet him, and gestured at the stuff spread over the table she was at.

Dinis had to notice that she was dressed to fit in with the rest of the girls. Not indecent, but not what he would think of as casual wear. Clubwear, really.

If it had been just her, Dinis considered, he would have thought she was trying to hit on him. “No problem, I found it fairly easy myself. I’m sure we’ll get it sorted out soon enough. We just have to find what you are missing.” He set his bag down, and took the chair opposite where Sabina was set up.

“I have to ask, are you all going out someplace or something? Everyone seems a little dressed up.” A girl walked by behind Sabina in go-go boots. Dinis missed the rest of the outfit.

“What? Oh.” Sabina seemed to just notice how everyone was dressed. “Oh, no, there’s no outing planned. It’s just that… A guy with some influence over the sorority might be dropping by, and we wanted to make an impression.”

Dinis decided not to comment on what type of impression they seemed intent on making. Not his business, after all.

“What’s this?” He picked up what looked like a bulky VR headset set in the middle of the table.

“It’s supposed to be a training program for statistics I found in the library. I haven’t gotten around to taking a look at it. I was wondering if you thought it looked like it was any good.”

“Well, a decent VR training program can be pretty good…” He obligingly slipped the goggles on the see how the scenario looked, and like the girls before him froze catatonic as his brain was rewritten.

The girls gathered around waiting for Dinis to come out. He stayed in long enough to worry them, but not quite long enough for anyone to comment on it. When he did finally remove the goggles he looked at them for a long time, then looked around at the waiting whores.

“Watermellon-pistachio surprise.” He said, and the girls all relaxed a breath they hadn’t realized they’d been holding. He turned to Sabina. “I take it you didn’t really need help in statistics?”

“God, no. I finished that problem set in five minutes.”

“Good. Is this everyone?”

“I think one or two girls are in the kitchen. I’ll check.” Dinis didn’t know who the blond was who ran off, but he didn’t care at the moment. He wanted all of his whores assembled. She came back with two more of his girls.

He didn’t have to repeat the passcode: that was a one-time only thing for new pimp who was programmed by his whores, to confirm that he was acceptable to the system in the goggles, and had accepted the programming. Once he was accepted by those who had programmed him, that acceptance would be automatically passed to the rest of the whores. It was a subconscious thing, but had been in the huge download that had just been pumped into his head.

“Ok, line up for inspection.” The girls obediently lined up single file before him, all looking straight forward, hands at their sides, chest held out. He glanced over them. “Your outfits: why those, in particular.”

“We just picked the sexiest public outfits we had.” Sabina answered, as the last to converse with him.

He walked down the row, examining them more closely. “Hmm. Not bad, considering. Overall.” He got to the end of the line. “Ok. Strip for physical inspection.”

The girls all removed their clothes as efficiently as possible. About half wore bras, only one a pair of panties. “You: Why were you wearing panties?”

“It’s my period, sir. The pad has to go somewhere.”

Dinis accepted that explanation without reaction, and walked back along the assembled girls, this time examining their backs. His hand traced a tattoo here and there, or ran over a particularly well-formed butt.

He walked back past in front of them, spending a little more time. Dinis checked almost every set of breasts for feel, and stroked several of the freshly-shaven crotches to check for stubble. He played with body piercings on a couple of the girls, usually nipple or clit piercings. At one girl he stopped, and had her open her mouth. He nodded when he saw the tongue stud.

“Not bad. We’ll have to get some of you into better shape, but not bad overall.” He said, approvingly, when he had finished his examination. He paused a moment. “What do I need to know about this place that I’m not likely to?”

“The police still check up on us occasionally, probably looking for items like those goggles.”

He held them up. “They know these exist?”

“They busted a prostitution ring here a few years ago, everyone is in jail now. The sorority bought the house at a police auction. Beyond that we don’t know what they know. They have asked us to report ‘suspicious items’ to them.”

“So we have to be extra careful.” He thought about that a moment. “Ok. For the moment, here are the rules: You are all to dress as sexy as possible without arousing suspicion. That does not mean slutty. You are whores, not hookers. You need to look slightly unattainable, so everyone wants you, not easy and cheap. I will want names and resumes from all of you, with lists of interests and skills or knowledge areas. Everyone will work out for at least one hour a day. Sex is exercise, and you need to be in shape. As for periods? You’ll need to find some way to avoid them. Same for pregnancies: you will be ready for consequence free sex at any time. Underwear is permitted — even encouraged — but it must be sexy, and ready for show at any time.”

“We have a long way to go before we are a functioning brothel. I don’t know the present market yet, and we will have to be very careful with the police watching us. You are expected to be walking advertisements, but to be subtle. All of you with boyfriends will break up with them, but not all together; spread it out over the next month. Regardless, no one is to have sex with anyone without my permission. That includes each other. If anyone asks you on a date, you are to refuse, but politely. I want names and circumstances of any passes made on you for the near future. I especially want the names of any professors who would be interested in a few? ‘extra credit’ sessions. Any questions?” He didn’t wait long enough for an answer. “Good. Get dressed. Sabina, show me around the house.”

Sabina paused. “Should I get dressed first?”

Dinis smiled. “No.”

Sabina gulped just a little bit, then led her new owner around the sorority’s house. It was a large three-story house, with the basement divided into several smaller rooms, some large living spaces and the kitchen on the ground floor, and the upstairs a series of smaller bedrooms with two larger rooms, which had been used as study rooms.

“Not too bad.” Dinis said, once he had finished his survey. “We’ll have to get new furniture, and do some rearranging, but given that we want to keep a low profile not too much. Go get a couple of the girls to start clearing out these big rooms upstairs: One will be my room, and the other will be you girls’ sleeping area. The bedrooms will be only for use with customers; we’ll decorate them up a bit.”

Sabina ran off eagerly, having learned during her tour that obeying her pimp was automatically rewarded by pleasure and arousal. Soon there was a work-crew emptying the study rooms and moving the few bunk-beds available to the girl’s dormitory.

Dinis watched just long enough to make sure they were working. “You two, Sabina; come with me.” He lead the way back to one of the bedrooms; the one with the largest bed, and shut the door behind them as they followed him in. “Time to start testing your sexual skills.” He said, grinning, as he started to disrobe. “Sabina, come show me how well you do on a blowjob. You two: on the bed. Get each other as close as possible, but don’t bring each other off.”

Sabina hadn’t waited for Dinis to finish instructions, and was already on her knees in front of him. She took him in her mouth, using her hands massage his balls. She’d given head before, and was mildly amused to realize that the taste tasted better than it had, even though it was the same taste. She was not surprised at all that she knew much more about how to make this feel good for him.

She was using it too; she wanted to impress her pimp with her skill, with how good a whore she was. So he would recommend her to clients.

So she would get to fuck. Because all the girls had realized they needed to fuck, and if he wasn’t going to let them fuck without his permission, well, there were going to be some very horny girls around, and frustrated as well. It was just starting to sink in to Sabina’s mind that in short order they were going to be begging him to rent them out.

Not that tricking him into being their pimp really was any less desperate.

Dinis pulled out before she had tasted more than just his pre-cum. Which was delicious.

House of VR

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