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Natalia looked at the item she’d just pulled out of the wall. It looked like an over-sized pair of VR goggles; the same things she used in classes all the time.

She really should report this. The sorority had bought this house last year off of a police auction; it had been used as the base of some kind of prostitution ring/brothel and had been seized when the ring was broken up, and the police had told them to turn over anything suspicious they found. Made sure all the girls knew about it.

Not that they had done anything with the few things her sorority sisters had brought in. In fact, they’d been almost contemptuous of the items.

And VR goggles weren’t anything interesting. You could buy them cheap just about anywhere. Especially if they were pre-loaded with only one scenario, like this pair appeared to be. It had to be, without any input ports.

Natalia would bet it was nothing more than an old sex scenario of some sort. The goggles were probably ancient; that would be why they were so big. They probably hadn’t even been used much in the brothel, which was how they got accidentally stuffed behind this loose wallboard. If she hadn’t been trying to remove that stuck wall-hook, they’d have sat collecting dust for ages.

She was kinda curious though. What was on these goggles. It was probably good for a giggle at least. There were no markings, nothing to say what scenario they ran.

After all, no one knew she had it, or where it came from. And while she wouldn’t be caught dead trying to buy one of the porn VR sets that were available, she had always wondered what was on them…

And it wasn’t like it was illegal after all. The only reason the police wanted it was to know what had been happening. And the crooks were already in jail, so what did that matter?

Natalia checked that her door was closed, then slipped the goggles on.

Her mouth opened to scream, but no sound came out as her mind was overwritten.

Natalia calmly removed the goggles from her face when they were done.

They were not VR goggles. They were direct-neural interface goggles. Highly illegal, except in very specialized applications. And then a full background check was required just to own them: developing software for them required high-level security clearance, and constant psychosocial checkups.

This information had just been loaded into her head. So she would know how to protect the goggles.

Direct-neural interface systems allowed the computer to load new information into someone’s brain in seconds, either supplementing or replacing what was there. Data. Skills. Memories. Personalties. Anything could be changed.

Now Natalia knew why the police wanted anything suspicious. This hadn’t been any normal prostitution ring. They had brainwiped girls into becoming whores, so they would serve eagerly.

Just like she had been brainwiped.

‘Brainwipe’ was really a bit of a misnomer in this case. Natalia still had all her old memories and skills intact, after all. Even her personality hadn’t been tampered with too much. She just had a new set of sexual skills in her head, and a new set of goals she could not question. She would serve the brothel-house willingly and without question, no matter what. She would help it grow, and protect it. She would take commands from the man who was in charge of the house, and obey him utterly.

At the moment though, the house wasn’t a brothel. Not yet, anyway. Natalia would fix that: her sorority sisters would make a good core group of whores. And they would have to find a man to be their pimp. The goggles could reprogram him too. They had told her so.

She did wonder why they were set up to be so thorough, but that was not something she had been given to know. She just knew enough to do her job; to rededicate the house to it’s true purpose, and to serve within it once it was.

A look at her watch told her no more than a couple of minutes could have passed since she found the goggles. Now she just needed to figure out how to get the rest of the girls to put them on…

She had an idea, but it would take a little while to set up safely. For now, she went back to redecorating her room, the task she had been working on when she had stumbled across the goggles.

She left the hook in place. She had a picture that would fit right there anyway.


“You guys have got to see this.” It was four days later; Wednesday, ‘hump day’. All the girls were in the house: movie night would start in a few hours, and it was still to early in the semester to have much else going on. Natalia had planned this to get everyone at once, so they wouldn’t have to keep track of who was converted and who wasn’t. Less chance of discovery this way.

“What have you got.” This was Keshia, humoring her.

“My grandma sent me an old VR set in that package.” Her grandma hadn’t sent a package; Natalia had sent it herself so she had an excuse for where she got the goggles. “It’s hilarious!”

“Let me see that.” Keshia was trying to get rid of her actually, but it would work just as well. Natalia handed the goggles over. “Kinda clunky.”

“They’re old. That’s probably as small as they could make them back then.”

“They look like they’re still in pretty good condition.” This was Sophia, looking over Keshia’s shoulder. She took the goggles from Keshia’s hand, looking them over closely. “Odd design.”

She slipped them on her face. Natalia saw the start of fear as Sophia felt the neural-interface hit her and start the reprogramming. She looked around; no one else seemed to have noticed.

Sophia came out of the enforced catatonic state before the polite silence ended. She shook her head, and looked down at the goggles in her hands. She shot a quick knowing glance at Natalia before speaking. “Wow. That was weird.

“I know. Isn’t it?” Natalia kept up the pretense.”

“Let me see.” This was Christa, almost snatching the goggles out of Sophia’s hands, and slipping them on before anyone could protest.

“Your grandma’s one weird lady.” Was her comment as she came out of reprogramming, and handed the goggles back to Natalia.

“Isn’t she? Can you image someone buying that?”

“No way.”

“Ok, I’ll bite. Hand them over.” Natalia handed them over to Keshia again, as the rest of the girls sitting around started to move over to their group.

“I can honestly say that I’ve never seen anything like them.” Was her exiting statement.

There was a chorus of ‘my turns’, and the goggles started to circle the room.

There were two holdouts: Sabina and Zala. “Come on, you have to see them!” It was the general plead.

“I’ve seen enough bad VR. Don’t worry.” Sabina went back to reading. Zala didn’t even answer.

There was a moment of glances around the room. The newly converted whores advanced on their unconverted friends.

“What?” Sabina looked up from her book, sensing something was amiss. The girls normally wouldn’t have given up that easily.

Both holdouts were grabbed and pinned to their chairs. “What’s going on?” There was fear in her voice, whereas Zala’s cries of “Let me go!” just had anger.

Natalia pushed the goggles onto Sabina’s face. “Stop th” The word stopped mid-syllable, as the interface activated.

Zala froze, then screamed. It took nearly the entire sorority to hold her steady.

Sabina slid the goggles onto Zala’s fear-filled eyes.

They all waited for their sisterhood to be complete.

Zala, of all of them, cried when she removed the goggles. “But I wanted to be an doctor!” she complained. She’d always been the one to opt out of group activities, preferring to study.

“Don’t worry Zala. I’m sure a brothel will need on-site medical help.” Natalia said, calming her.

“You think so?”

“I’m sure.”

“You think our pimp will let me do that?”

“I don’t know. We… Need to pick one out.” She turned to the group. “I thought it was something we should do together.”

Keshia laughed. “Yeah, well all should have a say in picking the guy who will be selling us.” That got a general laugh, breaking the tense mood of the last few minutes.

“You didn’t just get that from your grandma, did you.” This was Sophia.

“No, I found it a few days ago, behind a loose wall in my room.”

“Part of the brothel that was here before.” They all nodded. Keshia went one step further though. “You’ve been hiding this since then? You poor thing.” She brought Natalia into a hug.

“So; who do we want as a pimp?” No one answered. “Ok, better question: What do we want from our pimp? What qualities should he have?”

“Handsome.” “Confident.” “Popular.” “Able to take charge.” Were the instant reactions.

“Wait, let’s think about this a moment.” Sophia stopped the call-outs. “We want him able to take charge, yes, but we’ll all follow him anyway. And we want someone who can find us clients, but… We don’t want him too high profile.” She looked around at the group. “If the captain of the football team suddenly starts hanging around with us hanging off his arms, someone will notice. And the police still keep an eye on this house. We need someone who can slide into groups without getting noticed, and who is smart. So he can run a prostitution ring, and not get caught. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I don’t want to go to jail. I want to be able to give lots of people pleasure.” There was a chuckle at that.

Natalia stepped away from Keisha. “So, smart, and able to get along with anyone, but who won’t be noticed if he starts acting a little strange.”

“Does he have to be sure of himself?” This was Sabina. She looked like she had an idea.

Natalia glanced at Sophia, letting her field the question. Sophia shrugged. “I guess not. The goggles will give him a sense of purpose, I think. As long as he is able to make confident decisions. And right ones.”

“Then I have the perfect guy. He’s in a couple of my classes, and I’ve seen him at a few parties. He never really is the center of anything, but he fits right in, and he’s one of the smartest guys I’ve met. He’s confident of what he does, but not really of who he is, from what I’ve seen.”

“Sounds like you’ve paid a lot of attention to him.”

She blushed. “He’s? Kinda cute. I’ve wondered about him a couple of times. He never seems to be dating anybody though, or ask anyone out.”

“You sure he’s not gay?”

“Actually, I’ve heard people ask him. He says he’s not.”

“Anybody else have a candidate?” Natalia didn’t mind debating all night, but only if they actually had something to debate about. Everyone looked at everyone else, waiting for someone to say something. No one did. “Ok then. I vote that we let Sabina bring in this guy of hers. He sounds good enough.”

Heads nodded. “Ok Sabina, figure out a way to bring him in and goggle him.” Sabina nodded.

There was a pause as the group realized they didn’t have anything to do.

“Now what?” This was Christa.

“Well?” Natalia looked around the room slyly. “I’ve got all these sex techniques in my head I’ve been just dying to try out for the last few days?”

The idea bloomed across the assembled whore’s minds.

The race to get naked had many winners.

House of VR

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