Future Dom

Chapter 14

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“So, Romy, want to pick out ears and a tail?”

“Hmm? Oh, yes, sorry. Just thinking.”

“What about? Not changing your mind, are you?”

“No, no, not that.” She smiled, laughing at herself. “Not even close. I was thinking about two things, actually.”


“First off, is there some way so I’d be decent in a fight, if I needed to be? One of my jobs is going to be to defend Alicia, and I can’t do much of that the way I am. A normal dog could.”

“There’s a few things we can look at, yes. I think so. The second?”

Chapter 13

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Mary waited until the couple left before entering. “Oh, sorry, I didn’t meant to intrude…”

“Oh, don’t worry. Mary, this is Romy, who I’m doing a bit of work for. Romy, Mary, a friend of Slave’s.” A pause, as they both worked out how a woman and a dog acknowledge that they’ve been introduced, then Talib cut it. “Romy, can you wait in the other room? We’ll get started in just a bit.”

“Ok. Nice to meet you, Mary.” She left, and the door closed behind her.

“She was in Slave’s reports, wasn’t she?”

Chapter 12

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Mary was picking at her food over lunch. She’d brought a healthful salad and juice; it even tasted decent, if very bland.

The blandness didn’t really bother her. It was the fact that she remembered what intense taste sensations her new tongue could provide under the right circumstances that was distracting her.

As she’d told Slave, she understood now why Slave was so happy where she was. Understood quite possibly all to well: The desire to be back there, crawling on her knees, his cock on her tongue… It was stronger than she’d thought it would be.

Chapter 11

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Slave Scavo: So, did you enjoy your vacation?

Mary: Oh, god… I just got to work, please, I need to concentrate.

Slave Scavo: You seemed to be able to concentrate very well last week.

Mary: I know, I remember… Look, I need to concentrate on my work.

Slave Scavo: Isn’t keeping track of what Master’s doing exactly what you do at work?

Mary: Yes, but please, I need to be able to think clearly, not just be Master’s fuck-toy…

Slave Scavo: Just teasing you, girl. I miss your mouth already, but I don’t want to get you in trouble at work.

Chapter 10

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Slave Scavo: So we have confirmation that Mr. Faust is a mechanical. He just picked up a 70-kilo load without any apparent effort.

Mary: A 70-kilo load? What was he carrying?

Slave Scavo: Ms. Shri and the box she arrived in. Which she has just departed in as well.

Mary: Already?

Slave Scavo: She’s been ready for pickup for over a day, and we notified Mr. Faust two days ago what the timeframe was.

Mary: Just… It hasn’t been a week, even.

Chapter 9

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“So if you’ll sign here.” The delivery man was bored.

Talib signed where indicated, and handed the pad back. “Thanks for the fast service.”

“It’s what we do. Though I hate these heavy ones on the weekend deliveries. Can I get you to lend a hand? It’s got wheels, but…”

“Yeah, sure. It’s fragile anyway, I wouldn’t want you to drop it.”

“Wasn’t marked as such.”

“That’s why the case is so big. Still, best not to push it, right?”

“Of course, sir.”

Chapter 8

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Talib was waiting when Mary walked into the office. Her eyes flicked momentarily to her friend, standing in the corner, dressed today in a long top and boots. It took a second look to realize the ‘top’ was a corset, and while it covered her breasts (while giving them a nice lift), it didn’t quite make it to her cunt. Mary pretended not to notice.

“Welcome, please, have a seat.”

Alicia's Return

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Talib watched the new client walk into his office, then turn to her puppy-girl beside her. “Romy, why don’t you go play with Scavo, ok?”

“I haven’t heard her called that in… Romy, you said? I thought I recognized her. Let me guess, you are Alicia, right?”

“That’s right. And you, of course, are Talib Yoshida.” The young woman sat.

“What’s it been? 10 years?”

13; I’m 21 now. I got Romy’s message, from before, just a few weeks ago.”

“Ah.” He waited.

Economy Notes

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This story occurs in a post-scarcity world, with near-perfect healthcare. This means the normal economies we are used to don’t work: No one needs to work to get food, shelter, or clothing. And most of the population don’t, or at least don’t work hard.