Chapter 11

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Slave Scavo: So, did you enjoy your vacation?

Mary: Oh, god… I just got to work, please, I need to concentrate.

Slave Scavo: You seemed to be able to concentrate very well last week.

Mary: I know, I remember… Look, I need to concentrate on my work.

Slave Scavo: Isn’t keeping track of what Master’s doing exactly what you do at work?

Mary: Yes, but please, I need to be able to think clearly, not just be Master’s fuck-toy…

Slave Scavo: Just teasing you, girl. I miss your mouth already, but I don’t want to get you in trouble at work.

Slave Scavo: Consider this a customer service survey: We kept you pretty sexed up, and you were still kinda in it when we had to send you home yesterday. Just wanted to make sure you were ok this morning.

Mary: Yeah, I’m ok. As long as I don’t start thinking what it felt like to have Master between my thighs…

Slave Scavo: I’m sure you’ll manage. But that’s twice you’ve called him ‘Master’. They’ll probably want you to start calling him ‘Talib’, or ‘Mr. Yoshida’ at least.  :) Don’t want you to get in trouble.

Mary: Yeah, right. Sorry, I wasn’t paying attention.

Slave Scavo: That’s the point. So, do you understand why I want to be his ‘personal assistant’ now?

Mary: Yes… I think I do. Maybe to well.

Slave Scavo: You wanted to find out. Well, have a good day.

Mary: Thanks. See you later.

Slave Scavo: See you later.

Mr. Meier was standing out front of his ‘cottage’ when Talib and Slave arrived. “Mr. Meier, what an unexpected pleasure. I wasn’t expecting to see you here for this — has Romy’s behavior been satisfactory?”

“Romy’s training has been everything I asked for. I have no complaints with your work.”

“I hear a ‘however’ there.”

“Very perceptive Mr. Yoshida. Yes, however, my experiment with showing off a human pet didn’t produce the results I’d hoped, and while it is pleasant to play with Romy for a time, her presence impinges on the solitude I find I am used to enjoying here. At the same time, she’s confided in me that she gets bored and restless with no one around, though I have allowed her a visitor. But please, come inside, no need to discuss this on the street.”

“Thank you. So, if owning a human pet hasn’t been the experience either of you has hoped it would be, I assume you have released Romy from her contract. If that’s so, why not just send me a message saying so, and that my services are no longer required?”

“Me and Ms. Astrauk have been discussing the situation, and while she agrees with me that my little experiment isn’t as much as success as she’d hoped, she has been enjoying the company of her visitor — enough that she was willing to continue the contract for that alone. I’m not willing to continue the contract on that basis, nor do I feel it an ideal plan. She hopes that you can help.”

“How so?”

“By being an intermediary, and probably providing some additional training.” Romy had crawled up and was speaking now. She gave a grin. “We agreed to end the contract, but I’m preferring to remain as a dog for the moment, at least until we know if this idea works. But I could at least drop the speech-protocol program, so we can discuss this.”

“Ok, I’m lost then. Who is this visitor? And why should I be an intermediary? I assume you are talking about forming a new Sentient Property contract, but you could just come in as regular client.”

“Because the visitor he’s allowed me to have is Alicia, and I’m not even sure if it’s possible to have a Sentient Property contract with a minor.”

“I told her that it’s probably possible, but that it’s not an area of law that I have any expertise in. I’ll admit this whole idea was my brainstorm.”

“But I like it a lot.”

“Well, I’d have to check with my lawyer friends — at the very least though, you could be Property of her parents, with the contract specifying that you’d be helping care for Alicia.”

“If that’s the only way — but I’d much rather be Alicia’s property, proper. Even if her parents have to sign off on it or something.”

“I’ll see what I can do. In the meantime…”

“I’ve agreed to let Romy stay for a few days, provided I don’t have to change anything about her accommodations. But I’m going to have to unfortunately insist she’s gone by the weekend — I have a party I’m throwing.”

“I don’t want to break training for a couple of days and then go back under, but otherwise I’ll be at your office for the undo clause in the contract.” She held up her front paws, to make clear what she was talking about.

“You also have clothes there, don’t forget.”

“I won’t.”

“So, you will accept being an intermediary between Romy and Alicia’s parents? I haven’t actually met them, and this is not something I’m well versed in…”

“No problem. I’ll take care of it, no charge, out of interest.” Talib gave a small bow to each. “Romy, I’ll call you as soon as I have something set up.”

“Thank you.”

“And a thank you from me as well, Mr. Yoshida. I’ll definitely recommend you if anyone asks about training of this sort, I’m sorry it wasn’t what I…”

“No problem, Mr. Meier. And I’m sorry to hear your first foray into Sentient Property contracts wasn’t what you’d hoped, but I am glad you didn’t have a bad experience despite it.”

“Very much the contrary, thank you. It was just — not what I expected.”

“It can be. Well, thank you for your time and custom, and for an interesting problem to solve.”

“It has been a pleasure.”

Future Dom

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