Chapter 8

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Talib was waiting when Mary walked into the office. Her eyes flicked momentarily to her friend, standing in the corner, dressed today in a long top and boots. It took a second look to realize the ‘top’ was a corset, and while it covered her breasts (while giving them a nice lift), it didn’t quite make it to her cunt. Mary pretended not to notice.

“Welcome, please, have a seat.”

“Thank you. I have some things for you.” She passed across a piece of actual paper, which Talib took and examined. It looked in order, though he’d have a lawyer look it over to make absolutely sure.

“Thanks. I’ll keep good records of everything I do to her, and make sure the police get a copy, of course.”

“Of course. Also, there’s this.” She passed across another document, this time on a standard viewer.

If she’d been a real client, he’d have sworn she was nervous. Talib took it, and duly examined it, then raised his eyebrows and took a closer look. “This is a Sentient Property contract, basically unlimited, for training. With you as the property.”

“Yes, it is.”

He waited.

“It’s not something the agency put me up to. I… I want to see what can turn ‘Scavo the man-eater’ into <em>that.</em>” She nodded at the motionless Property in the corner. “Also, I want that tongue. And training on how to use it. No accents though.”

He checked the timeframe on the contract. “That will probably take most of the training time, actually.”

“I kinda figured. Anyway, I have some leave coming up, and some money I’ve been trying to think of a good use for. My thought is to take a week off right after you finish up with your ‘test’ here; they’ll be madly scrambling while you are training, but if you aren’t doing anything related to the case, there shouldn’t be much to do. You are most of our case-load at the moment.”

“I imagine.” He tapped the frame of the viewer. “You sure about this?”

She wasn’t. “Yes. Definitely.”

He set the viewer down. “Well then, let me suggest we draft a contract that fits what you want a bit better.” He typed a few things, fed the result to the viewer, and handed it back to her. “Same timeframe, though I’ve filled in start and end dates. It specifies that this is a fixed purpose contract, for basic training, as well as the tongue mod and training for it. It also mentions that you are paying for the license to the tongue mod. End result is to be that you are fully competent with all aspects of your new tongue, and that you understand the duties, responsibilities, and reason for wanting to be, an ‘exotic personal assistant’. You do not need to be competent at them, just that you fully understand what they are, and why someone like Scavo would agree to fulfill them.” He paused to let her read. “Any other restrictions or additions you would like to add?”

“Like what?”

He shrugged. “I’m not sure. Pretty much anything you can imagine. I had one client once specify that I wouldn’t pee on her. I was never tempted to, but if she wanted to make it explicit, I wasn’t going to argue.”

She started to speak, then with a laugh, added: “Then put in that you aren’t allowed to change my accent.”

He laughed as well. “Deal.” A few keystrokes, and the contract adjusted. “Anything else?”

“No, I think that should be it.” She pressed and signed the contract.

“We should talk about pay…”

“I know your standard rates.”

His turn to start, then stop, then start again. “I never like to feel like I’m forcing a friend to pay full price. How about a 40% discount? Since you are a friend.”

“If you’re sure.”

“Always. Besides, I’m making it up with the client before you.” He took the contract and signed it himself. “Any other surprises for me?”

“That was it.”

“Well then, unless you want to come over for dinner…” He grinned at her.

“Not for the next couple of weeks. Maybe afterwards. We’ll see.”

“As you wish, madame.”

Slave Scavo: I can’t believe you did that!

Mary: What? Didn’t think anyone else liked those games?

Slave Scavo: No, I just…

Mary: Maybe I just wanted an excuse to feel your tongue again.

Slave Scavo: So that’s it: You want to addict girls to your tongue.

Mary: Can you blame me? :)

Slave Scavo: Careful what you wish for, girl. :)

Slave Scavo: Anyway, I’ve got to go: Gloating has got Master worked up.

Slave Scavo: See all of you later. :)

Future Dom

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