Chapter 6

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Talib rose as his prospective client arrived in the office, always ready to extend a hand in welcome. “Hello; I’m sorry I wasn’t in myself when you came by earlier — I’ve recently taken on a new client and was working on some intensive training. I’m glad you were able to set up an appointment with my reception-bot. Please, have a seat. What can I do for you?”

The man seated himself, looking around suspiciously a moment. “I was given your name by a mutual acquaintance, a Mr. Faust. Can we speak freely here?”

Talib quickly ran a mental checklist. Yes, he’d run a cleaner through recently, though he was going to have to tell the police about this meeting, just to maintain their trust. “I ran a full cleaner through just this morning; routine, of course. I get many clients who want to be sure we are dealing in private.” He paused, then added with a knowing tone: “I take it you have an, um ‘exceptional’ requirement?”

“Exceptional requirement… I like that. Sure.” He opened up, not sure he was dealing with a prepared professional. “A few weeks ago I was cruising the dole-farms, seeing what the new ‘crop’ was like. I spotted one particular fruit that caught my eye… Tall, dark, busty, curvy, gorgeous. I took her in, gave her a few trinkets, stuff she’d never seen before, paraded her around some of the lower echelons of true society, you know, gave her at taste of the real life.”

Talib murmured assent. “And then?” He already knew what was coming. “The lady didn’t live up to expectations?”

“The bitch turned me down! Said that she was grateful for all I’d done for her, but that she hoped she hadn’t misled me in any way, but that wasn’t what she was there for. That damn well was exactly what I was spending all that money on her for!”

“Deplorable manners.”

The client ignored him. “I mentioned my problem to a couple of friends, one of whom got me in touch with our Mr. Faust, who pointed me your way. So, do you think you can teach her what her role in life is?”

“I can certainly train her to understand that she needs to obey her betters.” A moment’s thought added: “Though I should mention I don’t do acquirement. I apologize if Mr. Faust seemed to imply otherwise. Though if you can get your friend to see me, I can handle the training.”

A waved hand dismissed that. “Mr. Faust was quite accommodating in that regard. He says he can have the bitch delivered to you whenever you are ready to start.”

“Well then, as I mentioned I am currently working with a less exceptional requirement, but I will be ready to take on your friend this weekend. I would be ready sooner, but…”

“I can see you don’t want to have your current client let anything slip.”

“Exactly. Now, let us discuss what role — exactly — in your life you want your friend trained for.”

The next hour was devoted to business.

Slave Scavo: Master told me to tell you that you are invited to his residence tonight. Dinner if you want, just tea otherwise.

Mary: Ok, what?

Slave Scavo: I think it has something to do with the fact that we finally have a contact other than Mr. Faust with the organization. And a ‘contract’, of sorts. I sent in a report; it should have just gotten there. I believe this is him giving the agency a chance to send someone to talk personally.

Mary: Isn’t that your job?

Slave Scavo: I’m eyes and ears; I can report, but I can’t really advise on policy. Not without checking in more than my cover allows. But you are an old friend, having you visit me wouldn’t be odd. So, will you come?

Mary: Um, yeah, I guess. I’ll have to look over your report, and talk to the rest of the group…

Slave Scavo: Dinner, or just tea?

Mary: Dinner, I think. Just tea would be… odd.

Slave Scavo: Ok; I’ve got to go — he’s making a production of it — see you then.

Mary: See you.

Mary Vela tugged at her dress as she walked up to the doorbell. Warned that Talib was ‘making a production of it’, she hadn’t been sure how to approach this meeting, and settled on formal. Of course, most of her ‘formal’ outfits were also her ‘date’ outfits, so she was feeling a bit more aware that she was ‘dressed to impress’ than she was sure she wanted to be.

This guy, after all, had tried to kidnap and brainwash her best friend. He’d failed, but somehow she was now fawning over him. Sure, the ‘cover’ and the ‘training’ was part of that, but she still wasn’t sure what to think of him.

The fact that this was a business as well as a social call just made it more confusing. It had only been an hour ago that her two-hour meeting on what she was supposed to be doing here had ended.

Her hand hadn’t had time to drop from the doorbell by the time the door opened.

Scavo was standing there. Mary felt her breath catch: Her friend was in what appeared to be a sheer silk kimono, lightly patterned. Very sheer: It was clear Scavo was wearing nothing beneath the dress.

“Welcome, please come in.” The hostess gestured for Mary to enter, and Mary stepped forward automatically. “May I take your shawl?”

“Sure.” She let her friend come and lift the wrap from her shoulders, before she remembered the reason she’d worn it was to appear more professional. Then again, watching her friend walk away with the shawl held carefully across her hands, she wasn’t sure how professional she wanted to be. The girl moved like sex itself…

Focus. She turned back to the room, just as Talib himself appeared. “Welcome! Mary, I believe? I’ve heard about you from Slave, and it’s nice to finally meet you.”

Mary was suddenly glad she’d gone for ‘formal’: He was in a full tux. “And I’ve heard a lot about you, Talib. Thank you for inviting me over.”

“No problem. It’s good to see friends of my Property.”

Scavo was nowhere to be seen at the moment, though Mary’s eyes looked. “It’s nice to hear that. I’ve heard of Owners who like to cut Property off from all their old contacts while the contract is in force.”

“I’ll admit it can be helpful during initial training, but especially for long term contracts you need to remember that the Property — despite their status — is a person, and needs more than just orders. Please, have a seat.” He gestured at the living room chairs, and followed Mary into them. “Dinner will be ready in a moment.”

“Shall I assume that’s where Scavo is?”

He smiled. “Yes, she’s finishing up, after waiting for you by the door. I have one other client in the house at the moment, but she’s in the dungeon, locked in the kennel for the night.”

“Kennel? Oh, yes, you were hired to train a ‘pet’ for someone.”

“Correct. She’s been doing well; she’s absorbing some hypnotics at the moment, actually. Nothing major, just some minor finishing touches. Mostly, I didn’t want anything she needed to disturb us — she’ll be fine until I check on her later, this way.”

“It’s good to hear you think of Scavo as a person — or were you just being polite about your excuse to invite me over?”

“Please, you aren’t the first friend of my Property I’ve had over. I’m sure you can check that. And I couldn’t do what I do — any of what I do — if I didn’t think of the people I’m training as people, with their own likes, dislikes, wants, and needs. Much of job is finding the right way to satisfy those, within the context of what they are training as, after all.”

Mary was trying to reply, when Scavo appeared in the doorway. “Dinner is served.”

“After you?” Talib asked, and Mary found herself following Scavo into the dinning room. There were two chairs, at right angles, and Scavo went to stand behind one of them, helping Mary sit, then aiding her Owner.

Plates were already prepared, and Scavo waited only until they had placed their napkins before removing the covers on some beautifully prepared salmon with rice. “Wine?”

It was Scavo asking, and she had the bottle in her hand. Seeing the other choice was probably just plain water, Mary nodded assent.

Scavo didn’t bother to ask Talib before pouring, and then retreating to the corner between them.

Mary twisted to look at her. “Isn’t she going to eat?”

“She ate already.” He paused, and asked with a hint of humor in her voice. “Would you rather she stood where you can see her?”

Mary snapped around, trying to deny she’d been staring at her friend’s body, but realized her reaction had already said it. Before she could think of what to say, Talib waved a hand, and Scavo moved corners, placing herself squarely within Mary’s line of sight. She was smiling.

Mary blushed, and took a bite. “Don’t tell me she cooked this.”

“She did. With, I’ll admit, a bit of help from a chef program in her sandbox.”

“Well, it’s amazing. My compliments to the chef.” She raised a fork in salute. Scavo curtsied. “And the trainer, I guess. She’s never been very domestic.”

“She’s taken to it well then. Perhaps she just associates it with submission, and on it’s own it loses it’s appeal.”

“Perhaps.” Mary decided she needed to change topics, while she still could. “I read Scavo’s report on your meeting with the potential client. It would have helped if she could have been there.”

Talib shrugged. “Unfortunately, she was busy at the time — I couldn’t hold the meeting and train my current client at the same time, and I didn’t realize this was going to be a ‘special’ client. I’d sent her to the park to play fetch.”

“The park.”

Another shrug. “The client needed some practice with long-distance commands in a busy environment, and to feel fully comfortable in public, as her Owner intends to show her off at his country house. But he’s perfectly legal — although I did have to explain to him what Sentient Property is.”

“Point taken. What did you think of your client today.”

“Personally? He’s an entitled, self-important, bastard. He’s also a test.”

“How so?”

“I’ll lay money he’s never even thought of taking a slave before, and that his ‘friend’ helped put the idea in his head. He doesn’t have the imagination. He got sent to me because he’s expendable: If he gets caught, the organization doesn’t lose anything. But if it’s clear he was caught because I ratted him out, then they’ll know I can’t be trusted. I might be able to baulk, just turn him down, but he isn’t asking for anything objectionable, and he’s willing to spend money. On the other hand, we can’t swap in someone other than his intended target, because she is someone he knows well enough to identify.”

“I could point out that someone with a class-12 n-pad programmer could probably fix that.”

He acknowledged the point. “Possibly. But it would probably take almost as long or longer than the training would take, and you have to find a volunteer who is a close enough physical match to start with. And they’ll be able to check the original target’s home and friends. We’d have to relocate her, and cut her off from her past. And we’d have to hope he didn’t use any incompatible n-pads in the meantime, or do a DNA test.”

“So, what’s your recommendation?”

Shrug. “Two choices. Either we back out entirely, blow my and Officer Scavo’s cover, and decide this whole investigation’s a dead end, or I train the girl. Keep an eye on bastard; he’ll slip up sooner or later — probably sooner — and you’ll be able to arrest him then. We can then de-program the girl.”

“So you think we can catch him without risking your cover, after you deliver the girl.”

“Given his intelligence level, it wouldn’t surprise me if you could do it before, but that would be suspicious. Ideally you’d do it after I get my next assignment, whenever that is.”

Mary took another sip of the excellent wine, taking a moment to savor the flavor before setting the glass down. “Unfortunately, your analysis matches ours. We don’t like it, but we’ll let you train this one.”

“And you’ll keep it off the books? If I’m just going to get arrested for it later, when we take down the organization, I’d rather walk now, no offense.”

“Yeah, we’ll keep it off the books.”

“Ok. I’ll need that in writing though. Sorry, I’m in a bad position and can’t cover my ass to much.”

“We’ll get it to you. Before this weekend.”

“Good, and thanks. And now that business is done…” Mary looked down, and realized her plate had disappeared. In it’s place, Scavo was placing a delicately frosted white cupcake.

“Champagne?” Scavo was indicating to a new glass that had appeared beside her still-full wine glass. Mary found herself out of her depth again, and could only nod.

“You don’t eat like this all the time.”

He laughed. “Not even close. Most nights it’s a cold sandwich, hastily grabbed. But I do like to put on a show, occasionally. And I wanted to show off everything that Slave has learned.”

“You think of her like that, as ‘Slave’, don’t you.”

“Yes I do; I was calling her that before the name change, after all. In a lot of ways, I haven’t really trained her all that differently than I would have. Than I have a lot of clients, really.”

“So, why the kidnapping then? If you could have just gotten one of your clients to take her place.”

“I think your boss had it right: The thrill of the forbidden, somehow. I was getting bored; I was even losing clients because of it. I’ve done it all, pretty much. And while it’s always nice to have a sexy lady under my control… Well, it was starting to feel like I was just doing a show.”

“And now?”

“This is as good a thrill as that would be — plotting against some nefarious organization, trying to stay in the shadows… It’s probably better, actually. How did you like your dessert?”

“It was delicious. Something else Scavo made?”

He nodded.

“How did she have time?”

“It just takes dedication, timing, and concentration. Given the proper incentives, she has all of those. Here, take your champagne glass; we’ll go to the comfy chairs.” He led her back to the living room. “Sorry, if I had a mansion we’d be in the ‘parlor’ or drawing room now, but I didn’t go that far.”

“It’s a nice house. Though, from your financials, you could probably afford more, if you wanted it.”

“This is big enough for the moment. I’ve had bigger, when I kept more Property at a time, but… As I said, I was getting bored, and losing clients. Time for the next thing.”

“What was the next thing?”

“I guess that was my problem: I couldn’t really think of it. All I could think of was extending what I had. Anyway.” He looked up, as Slave entered from clearing the dishes. “What do you think of her? Her training, I mean?”

Mary drank half of her champagne before setting the glass down, and walking over to where her friend stood, waiting for orders. She circled the waiting Slave, looking her over carefully. Slave’s hair drew her touch: It had been woven onto a frame, down to her shoulderblades, and then fed down into a narrowing braid, that reached nearly to the end of the kimono. Of course, the kimono ended like a short skirt…

She held up the hair a moment to the light, letting the color play across it’s surface, then let it fall. “It’s almost hard to believe this is Scavo.” She turned a moment, to look at Talib. “Um, can I see her tongue?” She blushed, sightly.

“Certainly. Slave, show her your tongue. Kneel first, so she can get a better look.”

In heels, Scavo was half a head taller, so Mary found herself grateful. Scavo knelt, gracefully, and stuck out her tongue, then split it, showing it’s dexterity. She allowed patterns of textures to run across it, then rejoined the tip, unifying the pattern as she zipped the tongue back together backwards, then let the patterns swirl around the surface like a whirlpool.

Mary just stood awestruck. “Wow.”

“It took a bit of training, but she’s absolutely amazing with it now.”

“I’ll believe that.” She took a breath to calm herself, then walked back to her chair.

She was starting to feel the champagne. And the wine. Exactly how much had she had, anyways? The glass had always been full.

“I note you haven’t talked to her since you got here.”

“I… Um, I thought you didn’t allow her to talk.”

“Sure I do. In formal settings, she has to be addressed first, of course.”

“Oh, right.” She turned to the motionless servant. “Scavo, how are you doing?”

Mary just about jumped when she answered. “I’m doing fine, Mary. Thank you.”

“That… You are trying to give her an accent!”

“Guilty as charged. I was trying to see how long I could go before she noticed. Since I was re-training her to speak anyway, I thought I’d see if it was possible. She’s not done yet, but she can at least speak fluidly now.”

“Fluidly enough to mostly keep up with my tongue-twisters. Which I don’t think you could do.”

“True, but then I’m not the one studying them, am I, Slave.” He turned back to Mary. “But where’s the sassy Mary who manages to tease you about sex in your chats?”

“I…” She had no answer. She hadn’t really internalized that he had been reading her chats with Scavo.

“What do you think, Slave?”

“I think she’s been talking about me like I’m not here all night, while she can’t keep her eyes off me anytime I’m in the room. She’s been fascinated by what my tongue can do ever since I mentioned it, and I know she never wears panties in that dress.”

“Really. Maybe you should give her a better look.”

Scavo apparently knew what that meant, as the kimono-robe got seductively removed, while she moved to stand at Mary’s feet, then knelt so she was on eye-level with her sitting friend, managing to separate Mary’s legs on the way down.

Mary’s mouth was dry, and she finished the champagne in a gulp.

“What do you think Mary, should I give you a demonstration of what my tongue can actually do?”


Slave pushed her head forward, and Mary’s dress up, and Mary found she had no will to object.

A moment later, she had no mind to either. “Oh, god that’s good.” And then Slave really started. “Ahhhh…”

But apparently Slave had been trained to not let it end to quickly, and backed off just at the last moment, then came back. Mary lost track of what she was doing, but felt her legs wrap around the pleasure-producer, and her hands press the into hair, as she pressed Slave’s head deeper into her cunt.

She didn’t know how long it was before that expert tongue finally let her cum, and she didn’t know how long it was after that before she finally drifted out of the post-sex haze and opened her eyes.

Talib was still sitting right across from her, smiling. “Enjoy yourself?”

Mary blushed scarlet, and looked down at her dress. It was hooked well above her waist, and pulled down from the top, leaving absolutely nothing hidden. She forced herself to stay calm and not act like she’d just been caught by her mom, straightening her dress and smoothing it back out nonchalantly. “Yes, I did, thank you. Did you enjoy the view?”

He laughed, sharing the joke. “It wasn’t bad, thank you. I hope that answers any questions you have about my Property’s new tongue?”

“It was an adequate demonstration, thank you.”

“No problem. Now, unless you want to stay the night, may I see you to your car? Of course, you are welcome to stay, and I’m sure we can find someplace you are comfortable…”

“That’s ok; while I’m sure I’d be very ‘comfortable’, I do have work tomorrow, and I don’t want to show up in a cocktail dress.”

She rose, to find Scavo standing next to her, still naked, but with Mary’s shawl in her hands. “Your shawl, madame.”

“Thank you.” She turned, and let Scavo drape it over her shoulders for her, then turned back. “By the way, you missed a spot.”

Scavo’s tongue darted out to the spot indicated, and made the offending juice disappear. “Thank you.” The she went to hold the door, as Talib made good his word to walk Mary all the way to her car.

She set the autopilot for home, and frigged herself until she could run to bed.

Slave Scavo: So, how are you this morning?

Mary: I’ve got a bit of a hangover. How much wine did I drink, anyway?

Slave Scavo: About half a bottle, plus about a glass and half of champagne, and the cake was mildly alcoholic as well.

Mary: Did you have orders to keep me from noticing how much I drank?

Slave Scavo: Not directly… I was to make sure your glass stayed full though. I won’t say that wasn’t on Master’s mind.  :) Forgive me?

Mary: For what?

Slave Scavo: For getting you drunk and seducing you.

Mary: Of course. I’ll even consider forgiving Talib.

Mary: Damn girl you were sexy, and you switched between ‘formal servant’ and ‘sex personified’ so fast it made my head spin.

Slave Scavo: Thank you. Most of the time, I’m supposed to be both. :)

Mary: You manage that as well. And… thanks, for the ‘demonstration’. I had been wondering, what it felt like, how to ask, and if I really wanted to ask. I could have said ‘no’, but… I’m glad you didn’t give me much chance. I would have over-thought it.

Slave Scavo: You are welcome, although I was just following Master’s lead. And you tasted delicious. A great dessert. Better than those cupcakes. :)

Mary: Those cupcakes were awesome; I hope you got to try one.

Slave Scavo: I did, but… New sense of taste, remember? They tasted bland, slightly disgusting, actually.

Slave Scavo: I’ve noticed a pattern: ‘Healthy’ foods are ok; they have some appeal, but not much. Fatty foods are greasy, and sugary foods are just disgusting. Best avoided. The only thing that really tastes good (and it tastes really good…) is eating someone out — either sex.

Mary: So it’s a diet plan and an encouragement to engage in oral sex.

Slave Scavo: Yep. Of course, since most of what Master is feeding me would be bland diet food that actually tastes better this way, I don’t mind.

Mary: And I’ll bet you get a lot of what you really want to taste as well.

Slave Scavo: True.  :) Anyway, got to go practice my new accent.

Mary: See you later.

Slave Scavo: See you later.

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