Chapter 9

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“So if you’ll sign here.” The delivery man was bored.

Talib signed where indicated, and handed the pad back. “Thanks for the fast service.”

“It’s what we do. Though I hate these heavy ones on the weekend deliveries. Can I get you to lend a hand? It’s got wheels, but…”

“Yeah, sure. It’s fragile anyway, I wouldn’t want you to drop it.”

“Wasn’t marked as such.”

“That’s why the case is so big. Still, best not to push it, right?”

“Of course, sir.”

Between the two of them, they managed to manhandle the suitcase-sized box down off the truck and into Talib’s entryway. Talib decided the driver had earned a tip, and sent him on his way.

He was pretty sure transporting human beings by express wasn’t in the allowed list, but then he was only expecting one delivery today. He looked down at the small, battered, box, and wondered if it was still on the way.

Best not to gamble. He had Slave help him get it into the dungeon.

It only looked easy to open; it quickly became clear from working on it that the box wasn’t anything as normal as it appeared. Talib had just given up figuring it out on his own when there was a hiss of air, and a seam appeared around the box.

Lifting at the seam, it was to fold the top back. Inside the girl had been packed compactly against the sides of the box. Lying on top of her was a sheet of paper, and a viewer. The viewer held a Sentient Property contract, signed, with the girl below as Property. The paper said she’d been drugged, listed the drug and dosage, and expected recovery time. He had about five minutes.

Enough time to get her into the trainer.

Hung up, Talib finally got a good chance to look at her.

The client had said dark, and she was, an dusky brown that hinted she could be darker yet. Hair still brown, but barely, and from the scans her natural color. Breasts on the smaller side, but perky and shapely. Body: Toned and strong, with just enough extra to turn angles into curves. Whatever else the bastard might be, he had good taste.

The drugs would keep her groggy for a while, even once she woke up. Talib decided to indulge a bit.

“Wakey wakey.” He gave a slight tap across her cheeks.

“Wha… Where am I?”

“You’re in my training room. Welcome.”

“Training room? And why am I tied up? And naked!?” She was starting to get awake enough to be alarmed.

“Do you remember Mr. Stieber?”

“That <em>bastard!</em>”

“Not an inaccurate description. However, that’s beside the point. He’s decided he’s not going to take no for an answer. So he’s hired me to, ‘convince’ you otherwise.”

She was smart too. “What do you mean?”

“I mean, he’s decided you are going to be his adoring little fucktoy. And I’m here to make sure you are willing.”

“Not a chance.”

“Oh, I don’t expect you to agree now. But by the time I let you out of here… You won’t be able to think of anything you’d like better than to spend all day frolicking in bed with him, and any friends he wants to have join in.”

She’d been testing the restraints, and already knew them to be futile. “And you think you can make me?”

“Yep. I just wanted you to know what’s in store for you. Any last words?”

“Fuck you, creep.”

“We’ll get to that later in the training. Now, open wide.”

Of course she wasn’t going to cooperate. And of course he could force her to accept the dildo into her mouth. “This,” Talib held up an n-pad, “is because Mr. Stieber has decided he wants you <em>silent.</em>” He applied it to her throat. “This,” Another n-pad, “is because fucktoys should be horny at all times.” He placed it just above her crotch. “And these,” he held up two small ones, “are because a fucktoy shouldn’t try to get out of bed.” He placed them on her feet.

She was starting to look alarmed; the widening of her already large green eyes was actually very endearing.

“Anyway, that’s really about it for now. Well, except that I should start your training.”

This time he let the training machine come in on full automatic: the vibe pressed itself into place first, then the electrodes on her breasts, then the helmet with sound and video once she’d realized what was happening elsewhere.

Talib sighed. “Over all too quickly, really.” He ran a hand down the inside of her thigh. “One last thing, though.”

He connected the jack to her skull, and waited until the program broke into her implant. A few moments was all it took to program the rewards for thinking of sex and obedience. A bit more time was needed to find a way to link the image of the client to that of ‘sexiness,’ but not much. Deterrents were implanted for freedom and independence, and he was done for the moment.

Talib stood back and looked at the bound form, already responding to the sexual stimulus. “Such a waste.”

Slave spoke up from the back corner where she’d waited if she’d needed to assist. “Shall I send a report…”

Talib held up a hand before she could complete the sentence. “Not yet.” Was his only answer. He pointed to the crate. “Who knows what else that might have carried? Time for some cleaning.”

“Yes, Master.”

“Ah, Mr. Faust. A pleasure to see you again.” Talib extended a hand to his visitor, as Slave led him to the dungeon where he was working.

‘Working’ in this case meant monitoring the status of a woman who was spread-eagled on a table in front of him, blindfolded and gasping, her lips attempting to form words as a dildo hung in her cunt, wired do a display in front of him.

“Thank you. Is Mr. Stieber’s present ready?”

Talib waved his hand at the scene. “She’d be calling his name, if she could speak. She’s ready; I’m just tuning and playing, really.”

“Good. Could I collect her now?”

Talib shrugged, and poked a few buttons on the display, and her gasps died off. He removed the dildo and blindfold; she blinked to regain her eyesight as she assumed a seductive pose on the table top. “I assume you have some system in mind to get her out? She won’t wear clothes, and she can’t walk.”

“She can’t walk?”

“Mr. Stieber’s request.” He pointed to her feet. “She can maneuver them, but they aren’t strong enough to hold her weight. If she needs to go someplace, she gets on her knees. Is that a problem?”

“No, I just wasn’t aware it was coming up. I assume you still have her delivery box?”

“Yes, though I had thought of getting rid of it. In the future I’ll remember to keep it.”

“Please do; we’ll mention if it should be destroyed. Assuming we use this method of delivery again. Can we get her in the box?”

“Certainly. Shri; get in the box over there.” He pointed to where the box still sat in the corner of the dungeon. The woman obediently slunk off the table, then shuffled on her knees over to the box and attempted to fit herself into it.

It eventually took some help; Talib had to push a bit to get her arms and legs to fold up into the compact bundle required to fit. Once she was inside, Mr. Faust walked over and closed the cover, pressing something on the outside which caused the seam to disappear again, and a light blink green twice. “I see you’ve cleaned it.”

“I clean everything, regularly. I have had clients try to spy on other clients before, both here and at my office. Privacy is important in my line of work.”

“Ah. Well, I thank you, you appear to have done an excellent job here, and I’m sure Mr. Stieber will be pleased.”

“I trust he will forget my name before you throw him to the wolves.”

“I’m not sure I understand?”

“Mr. Stieber was a test. I understand I’m not trusted by your association yet, so I’m not going to complain, but he has the tact and discretion of a rock. When he gets caught, I don’t want him to have anything to point back to me.”

“Was that a threat?”

Talib shrugged and spread his hands: “What threat? I’m not going to turn him in. I just don’t want his obvious carelessness to get me in trouble.”

“So you don’t believe Mr. Stieber can be trusted?”

“I think he can be trusted to not betray us intentionally, but I don’t believe he is smart enough to avoid doing so unintentionally.”

“If that is so, may I ask why you agreed to work with him?”

“As I said, I took him as test of my loyalty. I agreed because I want the association to take me seriously, but I don’t want them to take me for a fool either. This… Was not interesting. Almost anyone could have done the same, though probably not in as little time. I understand that most of your clients probably have similar tastes, but this was routine.”

“And you object to the routine?”

“I prefer more interest, though I understand you may not have a lot of people willing to train for you. If the client impresses me, I will be more than willing to do a routine job to show them my skill. This client did not impress me.”

“I believe I understand. We will not trouble you with ‘unimpressive’ clients again.”

“Thank you.”

“And now I must arrange to have this package to delivered to Mr. Stieber. Good day.” And with that he picked up the box and walked out.

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