Chapter 22

Talib leaned back and sighed. Turning a guy away was always — awkward.

“Master, may I ask a question?”

“Sure, Slave. What is it?”

“Is it just because you prefer women that you don’t train men?”

He turned his chair to face her. “Pretty much, yeah. I have trained men in the past, when I was starting out, but it never worked as well, for either me or them. Money isn’t a problem at the moment, so I stick with women — who I enjoy training more.”

Slave nodded. “And you don’t put that in your ads?”

Talib shrugged. “I do and I don’t: I do take male customers, just not for in-depth training like he wanted. I do recreational mods and training in their use. And I’ve done a fair amount of consulting, or couples training. I’m planning on cutting down on that — as I said, I don’t need money, and I’m more interested in, well, the types of work our friend Faust wants, or what I’ve done with you.”

“How far do you plan to go with that?” Scavo asked, then blushed. “I’m sorry, not my place to ask.”

“It’s ok. Truth is, I haven’t really thought about it to much. With the resources I got from Faust, you were easier to train than I expected. We’ll see. I don’t want to attract too much attention, after all.”

Slave nodded, and thought about Mary. Her friend was proof her Master wanted to have more than just one slavegirl.

“Any other questions, Slave?” Talib asked, willing to humor her for the moment.

Scavo scrambled mentally to get back to the present. “Um… One more. You seem fond of mods for your slaves, but have you used any yourself?”

“Curious, Slave?”

Scavo nodded a reply.

“Yes, I have. Nothing to major, just to enhance my pleasure and performance: A thinkener on my dick, as well as something so erections are completely voluntary.” He paused. “I saw one more in the black market catalog I’m thinking of. It would allow me to secrete addictive semen, if I wanted to. What do you think?”

Scavo’s mind flashed to the idea of girls begging for her master to cum down their throats, and she flushed. “I, um, like the idea. A lot. It hits my triggers to help you enslave others.”

Talib grinned. “I’ll think about it then.” In a generous mood, he added: “How about you, Slave? Any that you want?”

Scavo thought a moment. “Ah… Whatever you desire, Sir. Really.” Realizing her phrasing, she blushed, and decided to explain. “I’ve been practicing thinking in ways that hit the triggers you implanted. It’s… A pleasant way to pass the time.” She blushed further.

Talib’s grin grew. “Well, that is why I implanted them. What brought it on, if I may ask?”

“Ah, it was just… Watching you with Mary, and realizing that I wasn’t going to say anything as you bent the will of my closest friend, that I actually wanted to help you, that I wanted to see her kneeling at your feet, helplessly worshiping you… It was turning me on, and it was odd at the same time. I mean, I joined the agency to make sure that didn’t happen to people, and I know that, but… If it’s you, it didn’t seem like a bad idea. It kinda made me realize I’m going to be stuck like this — your adoring slave — for basically as long as you want to keep me, and I thought I might as well make the best of it.”

Talib nodded. “So you aren’t resisting, even in the back of your head.”

“No. I mean, I wasn’t before, not really — you are a good trainer, and I have enjoyed this type of thing before, so it wasn’t like I was going to object too strongly — but I guess I have given up any desire for ‘rescue’. Being your slave, wanting to be your slave… I know it’s partly what you’ve done to me, but it’s wonderful. Beyond words. Trying to train myself to accept that… Is ‘Right’, I guess.”

He stood, and ran a proprietary hand down her, lingering on the exposed skin of her ass. “It is. In fact, I order you to keep doing it, whenever you have the time.”

Slave’s eyes widened, as she realized the feedback she felt from following an order would be added to the feedback she was already getting from the ‘approved’ thoughts, and licked suddenly dry lips. “Yes, Master. I will obey.”

Talib chuckled, and went back to the desk.

Their next customer was a couple — A large-breasted woman and a thin-looking man who’s eyes went to Scavo the moment he entered the room, and stayed there. “Hi, I’m Talib Yoshida. What can I do for you?”

The man extended his hand. “George Hofmann. We heard you are the guy to talk to about ‘recreational’ mods.”

“I’ve done quite a few, including some of my own design, yes. What can I do for you?”

“I’m hoping you’ll help me put together a couple of mod packages for a ranch I’m putting together. Eniko here is my partner, test subject and first volunteer.”

The voluptuous woman spoke up: “Or first client, if you prefer.” She was smiling as she said it.

“Ok, that sounds like it should be possible. What type of mods are you thinking of? I assume since you are coming to me this will be an ‘adult entertainment’ ranch of some kind.”

“Of a sort…” George answered. “The plan is for a cowgirl ranch, though I may expand later. The main income will come from milk sales. More of a dairy really. We’ll want some temporary or time-based sets, for girls who only come in to be milked, as well as some more full-featured sets.” He drawled.

Talib turned to Eniko. “And you, miss? What are you looking for?”

“Oh, I’ll be a permanent resident, I hope, at least until I get tired of it. I was thinking fairly minimal mods for myself - just something to start lactation, and maybe some ‘comfort’ mods.” She glanced sideways, and then a bit at Scavo as well. “Maybe a bit of help with training, as George hasn’t done this sort of thing much.”

“Sounds reasonable. I should be asking what the budget is here; this sounds like a large undertaking.”

George’s drawl opened up: “It will be, but I’m hoping to do in stages. We thought we’d get Eniko here hooked up, and then there would be someone to answer questions when we advertise. I’ve got cash — I’ll just pay for the rest as it comes.”

“Good enough. Would you mind if I took a look at your facility before I set anything up? This sounds like besides the actual lactation — which is a fairly generic mod — what you really want is something so the ladies can enjoy themselves, and for the best at that I’d need to see what the setup is like, so I can adapt to it.”

“Sounds good. Any time in particular work for ya? The place is open and empty right now if you’ve got the time.” George replied.

Talib shrugged and double-checked his schedule, which was empty for the next few hours. “Sure, why not?”

Talib was impressed when he saw the place. Letting out a low whistle, he commented: “How big is this place, exactly?”

“The main farm is about 140 hectares, though only a small portion of that has buildings on it. I’ve got an option on the use of the preserve behind it though — just in case. I wouldn’t be able to disturb the landscape, but I might think of something.”

“I’m impressed. How do you afford all of this?” They were walking in, towards the ‘barn’ area.

“Both George and I have chipped in on this, Talib.” Eniko answered. “This isn’t either of ours first adult entertainment venture.”

George cut in. “And I figure that the milk should cover the cost, once we get the place running. The farm itself is self-sufficient, or will be, on all essentials, so we’ll get the dole credits, as well as being able to sell a ‘premium’ product. I’ll admit it took a bit to set up, but…”

“It should be worth it in the end.” Eniko finished.

Talib nodded his understanding, as they reached the main barn. George opened the door with a flourish. “We’ve got it set up with both standing and kneeling milkers, on cushioned concrete. If you have advice on the setup, we’re all ears, but we have been trying to think of everything.”

Talib wandered and looked around. “I see you’ve got multiple milking rooms, instead of one large chamber.”

Eniko answered. “I figured we’d get some short-timers; girls who want the experience, but don’t really want to be public. On the other hand, I know some will get off on being seen as part of a herd… Similar thoughts are on why we’ve got the standing and kneeling milkers in different rooms — different herds should be kept apart; the lack of individuality of being part of a unified herd is part of the experience we are selling.”

Talib nodded to show he understood, testing the springiness of the floor as he walked, and the padding on the restraints in the milking stations.

“We’ve got one room without restraints, for casual users who just want to come in and milk, but the main system here can hold a girl in exact position.”

“I can see that. And you’ve got it modular, with some motion built in, so you can resize for different girls or make sure the girls move around.”

“Exactly. Gotta keep up good health.” George acknowledged the praise. “The milk-barn is the main focus, but we’ve got some other pens and stalls, if we want to expand in the future.”

“I’m impressed, I’ll admit.” Talib confirmed. “You have a n-pad programmer around here?”

“In the office, right over here.” Eniko said, showing the way to a room that was less ‘office’ and more ‘supply and mechanical room’. “Class-15, though it will prompt for an authorization code for anything over class-4. Neither of us is qualified to use the higher classes, but we thought it might be useful to have on site.”

“It will be. It’s always easier to have one on-site.” He walked over and poked a few buttons, before speaking over his shoulder. “You want the lactation mods now? I can have it print them out in a few minutes.”

“Sure. Sooner the better.” Eniko grinned.

“How often do you want to get milked?”

“I’m going for cow-like: every four to six hours, and at least a gallon per milking, if possible.”

“Hmm. It’s possible, but you’ll need to eat and drink a lot. Basically, you’ll need to be eating or drinking constantly.” Talib was going though menus and picking out options.

Eniko grinned. “As I said: Cow-like. It’s been a fantasy of mine for a while, though I’m worried I might get bored with it quickly.”

Talib turned. “It could happen. There are a few different solutions — we could enhance the pleasure nerves for when you get milked, for instance, making being milked an orgasmic experience. However…”


“I’ve been working on something, a modification of something a recent client asked me to do. Trying to turn it down and make it safer. I could use a test subject, if you are interested.”

“What is it?”

“It’s a positive reinforcement program, basically a low-level implant program which would detect certain thought patterns and make them more enjoyable to think about, or discourage the opposite. The initial version, that I was asked to implant, would end up in a runaway reinforcement loop, making it dangerous and hard to remove. I’m working on a way to have it level off and keep the reinforcement to normal levels, so the reinforcement doesn’t get addictive and out of control.”

“It got out of control?”

“I suspect it will, on the first subject. But I warned her about the risks, and what it would likely do to her thought patterns. She thought what she was trying to do was worth it. I thought the mechanism was interesting, and so have been working on something safer.”

“Hmm. How safe is it?”

Talib shrugged. “Well, it’s still experimental, so I can’t say for sure. I’d like to monitor how it develops over time. But the models suggest it should be pretty safe. And any permanent changes to your thought pattern would take time, so I should be able to take it back out before then.”

“Sounds interesting. What’s the cost?”

Talib paused. “Tell you what, I’ll cover the cost — of both this and the n-pads for you — myself, gratis, with the condition that I get to monitor your thought patterns and see how my experiment works.” He smiled. “Think of it as a free sample. I figure if you like my work I’ll get lots of business from you two in the future.”

“Sounds like a deal to me. What do you think, Eniko?” George interjected.

“Free, and we know you are one of the best. Sounds good.”

“Ok. Well, I’ve got a couple of n-pads here that I thought I’d start with. Lactation, and a bit of neck reinforcement, so you can hold your head up. I gathered you are going for the ‘on all fours’ cow look?”

“Preferably.” Eniko put out, with a smile. “No hooves or anything though. Just human, hooked up.”

“That was going to be my next question. That shouldn’t be a problem; you’ve got good floors. I’ll make sure you can support your head, but that should be it.” He pulled out the two n-pads, and grinned. “Now, the best placements of these would require you to remove your shirt, at the very least…”

Eniko laughed. “I’m expecting to be put on display naked. Shirt, no problem.” And she suited action to words, sliding both it and the bra underneath it off.

“Ok. This is the lactation, I’m going to put it so it gets to both breasts… And this one goes on your back, near your collarbone.” Talib narrated, as he placed them. “The lactation one should be done by the time I leave, but the other should stay on overnight at least.”

“So I’ll need to be milked already by then?”

“No, it’ll take a few hours. The pad basically starts your body lactating. You’ll then have to actually produce the milk. Don’t worry, you’ll know when you need to be milked.”

“I’m sure.” She replied, tentatively prodding the pad, but making sure not to dislodge it.

“Ok, for the rest, do you have an implant interface cord around someplace?”

Both Eniko and George turned to look, but Scavo had already spotted one in the equipment in the room, and was pulling it out. “Thanks, Slave.” Talib plugged it into a nearby terminal, and started transferring the program he’d been working on from his home systems. “Ok, I’ll need level zero access to your implant — the program can’t run in the sandbox.” He told Eniko.

She hesitated a moment, then said “Ok.” And plugged the cord into her implant, taking a seat near the terminal. “Access granted. How does this work?”

“I’m loading the program now, but we’ll need to configure it together. Basically, we need to set what thoughts are good and bad. So…”

“Ok. Being milked: Good.”

“Right. I’ll go through choices. Standing up, on two legs?”

She laughed. “Bad.”

“Crawling on all fours.”


“Speaking words.”


“Being naked.”

“Good.” She was getting into the fun of it, enjoying picking out choices.

“Good to hear. Try to picture each choice clearly. Mooing.”

“Good. Normal.” She laughed. “That’s what a cow does.”

“Exactly. Being docile; following the farmer’s orders.”


“Wearing clothes.”

“Bad. Very bad.”

Talib looked up, with a smirk on his face. “Being fucked while being milked.”

Eniko returned it. “Very good.”

“Independence, willfulness.”

“Bad. Cows follow the herd.”

“Ok. Any others you can think of?”

Eniko thought about it for the moment. “Trying to think beyond the moment. Reaching for more than being a milk-cow.”

“Bad, I assume?”

“Yeah. That’s really… I can see myself getting bored, and this is supposed to stop that, right? So it should just reinforce staying in the moment.”

“Ok, think that clearly: Staying in the moment.”

“Staying in the moment is good. Trying to plan, or wish, for more is bad.”

“I think I’ve got everything then. Ok.” Talib typed a few more things in, and disconnected the cord.

“I don’t feel different.”

“It will take a bit, while your mind adjusts to the new rewards. You aren’t supposed to notice, really.”

“Ok.” She sat and thought a moment, while George spoke up. “You can do this for any of them?”

“It takes their permission, and help, to set up, but yes. The help in setup is mostly a safety precaution, but it does help make the setup more precise. But as I said: It’s still experimental. I’d like to see how it works on Eniko before trying it on anyone else.”

Saying that, Talib turned back to Eniko, and looking closely at her chest, or rather the n-pad on it. “This looks like it’s done for the moment.” He said, taking it off.

“Thanks.” She answered, then got out of her chair. To her hands and knees. “I’m looking forward to being milked.”

Talib grinned down. “I’m sure you are, since you just decided to crawl, not stand. I’m betting you’ll feel better with those pants off too.”

“I did? I did, didn’t I… It just felt right. Yeah, pants are bad.” She said, shifting to slide the offending garments off without standing up. She then looked at herself, and gave a half-laugh. “Looks like it works.” And with deliberate intent, she added: “Moo.”

Talib caught the slight look of pleasure on her face as she hit the reward trigger. “Oh, I know this part works. It’s keeping you from getting addicted and permanently warped into a cow that I’m working on.”

“Ok. Can I go get milked now?”

“Milk will take a couple of hours, remember? But we can take you into the barn where you can get set up.”

“That sounds good…” She trailed off.

Talib turned to George. “She’s avoiding planning, and I think she’s trying to speak as little as possible too. Let’s get her into the barn area before I go.”

It didn’t take much to push the naked woman into one of the milking stalls and secure her — she went straight for it as soon as she saw it. George shook his head as he was leading the way out. “Mr. Faust said you were impressive, but I have to hand it to you, that was smooth.”

“Mr. Faust?”

“Yeah, you know, likes to be mysterious, puts you in contact with clients with ‘special’ needs…”

“Yes, I know who he is. I just didn’t realize this was a Mr. Faust job.”

George looked at him. “You mean you didn’t just enslave my ‘business partner’ there for me?”

“No — I played straight. As I said, it’s experimental, but this shouldn’t be addicting or form any permanent changes in her thought patterns. I could do more, but I didn’t realize this was that sort of job.”

“So you going to go back in there and finish the job?”

Talib hesitated, thinking. “Not tonight. It’d be suspicious. She’s expecting me to come in and do some monitoring, I can ‘finish the job’ then. For now, she’s trying to be a content little cow all on her own, so she’s not going anywhere. Besides, I have another appointment I should get to. If you’d mentioned him before, so I knew what type of job this was, I’d have approached it differently, but as it is…”

“I get it, I get it, my mistake. We’ll fix it later. Anything else you can do for me?”

Talib wanted to make up and make a good impression. “You got the black catalog?”

George shook his head. “Nope. No idea what you are talking about.”

“Here.” Talib pulled out some security paper he carried with him — not as good as Faust’s, but adequate. “This will self-destruct by tomorrow. It’s a catalog of mods that aren’t allowed in the legal lists; I can help you with some of them if you want.”

“Thanks. I’ll look it over.” George answered, taking the paper.

“No problem. I’ll come over in a few days for my first ‘checkup’ and we can get thing sorted out then.”


Happened to check the site and saw the addition to this chapter - hopefully that means more to come! Recently rediscovered your work on this site after originally seeing you on mcstories - was glad to see you’re still writing and I’ve loved this story so far.

Yeah, this is basically my working area, so you’ll see my years-long story development process.  :grin: Some get started and then abandoned, etc. I do like the world setting (It’s a world I basically think we need to build towards — several current and upcoming social problems have been solved in rational ways, even if not everything’s perfect) in this one though, and have it planned out a ways in my head.

I am so happy to see you are still writing. I love your stories from mcstories. com. My favorite ones are Addiction, Consensual Reality, Open Book and Cow’s Bargain. I just saw the link to this website and I thought I’d check it out. Look forward to read more of your work! Best, L

Would love to read more. :)

I hope to read more of this story and possible new stories in this setting. Either here or on Smashwords.

Thanks, I haven’t had much time to write recently, but I’m meaning to make more.

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