Chapter 19

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“I can’t believe I agreed to this.” Mary was saying, as Slave led her down to where Talib was supposed to be waiting.

“You asked for this, if I remember correctly. You could have just come over for dinner and ‘dessert’ once a week, but you didn’t think it was appropriate.”

“Thanks for the support.”

“Too late to change your mind now, at least for this weekend. And hush; Master says no talking.”

Talib walked up from behind them. “I’ll be enforcing that, on both of you, in a moment, since you can’t seem to walk ten feet without chattering. But I do want to ask Mary a question first: Would wearing heels to work stand out as unusual?”

“Um, no, I usually wear heels anyway.”

“Good. Now close your mouth. We’re going to make your mouth more useful for other things. Don’t worry, you’ll keep the tongue.”

She looked up at him, and realized from his eyes that answering back wouldn’t be a good idea. Shutting her mouth, she let him apply an n-pad across her lips again, and wondered what he was up to.

“Ok Slave, let’s see what she considers appropriate travel wear.” Slave took that as an order to remove her sister-slave’s clothing, as intended. Mary tried to object for a moment, but without being able to speak she didn’t know how, especially as Slave was efficient in removing her blouse and pants. “Hmm. We may have to get her to do better. Those granny-panties just won’t do. Destroy them, Slave.”

A scissors was produced, and shredded the offending garment. “The bra as well. She can do better.”

Mary wanted to object; that was her clothes they were destroying, after all, and she’d spent money on them. But somehow the idea of saying anything — even if she’d been able to speak — just didn’t fit in at the moment.

“Do you think I’m being too rough on you? Remember, in this house, I own you, cunt. You have the right to keep your outward appearance to the world, but those were not your outward appearance. That was what you wore to show me, and I find them lacking. You will do better in the future, won’t you?”

Mary nodded.

“Good. This is a new contract, so I’ll be lenient, even though you should know better from your training. Next week, though, I’ll expect better. Even if I don’t let you wear them for the rest of the weekend.” He pulled back. “Slave? Get the boots I got ready for her.”

Slave left, but Talib didn’t make it wasted time. He had a pair of cuffs right there, and by the time Slave was back Mary had her arms securely locked behind her head. “Get on the floor, and lie on your back.”

Her hands made a pillow behind her head as she got down on the bare concrete.

“Legs up.” It wasn’t easy. “And spread.”

Mary blushed, but obeyed. She realized she acting like a slut in heat, but at the moment she felt like one. She hoped this meant Master would use her wet cunt, or order Slave to use that wonderful tongue…

“Slave, pass me a boot.” He took the boot from her, adding: “Get started on her other leg.”

She hadn’t really seen the boots that had been brought, and she realized now that they were lace-up, going well over her knees.

They had pointed toes too, not quite ballet-boots, but higher than Mary was used to wearing…

She felt a tingle in the soles of her feet, and realized why Master had asked her if she could wear heels into the office. He could make any modifications he wanted, as long as it didn’t affect her ‘normal appearance’. If she usually wore heels, than that was her ‘normal appearance’ and he could modify her feet like he had Slave’s. Even if it meant she couldn’t walk in any of her current shoes.

Reflexively she tried to fight, only to realize that in her current position it was hopeless.

Once they were done, it got worse.

Talib fastened cuffs around both of her ankles, and attached chains to them, pulling them from both sides, and lifted her off the ground. He kicked a pillow into place behind her back, which took some weight, but hardly enough to notice.

“Ok Slave. I said I would give you something better to do with your mouth than talking, kneel in front of Mary.” It left her wet pussy right in front of Mary’s face, where she could see and smell how aroused Slave was. Her mind pulled up how delicious it would be to taste that juicy flesh, but the n-pad prevented it. “Now you can lick her any way you want, but you must make sure she doesn’t cum, no matter what you do. Play with yourself if you like, or use Mary. You are allowed to orgasm once every ten minutes, as long as you keep licking.”

Slave set in with a will, and as Mary expected went right for the delicious nectar of Mary’s own pussy, and Mary shuddered, knowing that Slave was well-trained, and would follow Master’s order explicitly. She wondered how long she would hang here. She wondered what Master was doing to her mouth. She wondered if Slave cared that she was tantalizing her best friend with her own sex.

But mostly, she wondered if she’d be allowed to cum.

Mary: How do you do it? Keep sane with Master… Pushing you all the time?

Slave Scavo: You fight too much; you keep worrying about what you want. You need to just let Master command you.

Mary: I… I guess I can’t argue.

Slave Scavo: I do have two advantages: I don’t have to ‘go back,’ so I can just let his control flow through me continually, and I’m not a ‘treat’; He likes to enjoy you while you are here. Me, he can have any time.

Mary: ‘Enjoy’. He torments me. I swear he wants to see how long I can stay on the verge without going mad.

Slave Scavo: He enjoys us each differently.  ;) How’s your mouth?

Mary: Fine. No one’s noticed. I threw out nearly everything in my kitchen though: Solid foods, no longer on my menu.

Slave Scavo: How does it feel? It’s the first mod he’s given you that he hasn’t given me.

Mary: Odd. It feels soft inside, not hard. I have to keep from playing with it using my tongue; I was pressing it against everything, expecting it to feel different, somehow. But when my teeth fold back and it folds in around Master’s cock…

Slave Scavo: Good?

Mary: Heavenly. Almost better than sex the other way. Even a dildo feels amazing. I sucked on enough of them over the weekend…

Slave Scavo: That and speech practice. He wanted you ready.

Mary: And I can speak fine. No problem, no one’s noticed. Any idea on what the last two things were for?

Slave Scavo: The n-pad and the chastity belt?

Mary: With implant-programs for them, and a warning that I shouldn’t turn the programs off. And the chastity belt had a dildo on it, which I can’t feel. Couldn’t feel as it went in, actually.

Slave Scavo: Yes, I have an idea. No, I’m not allowed to tell you.

Mary: God he likes to torment me.

Slave Scavo: He does.  :) It should make you happy, that he is able to use you in a way he enjoys.

Mary: That’s the scary part, it does. It really does.

Mary: Anyway, I need to get back to work. I’m hoping to get off a bit early so I can go shoe shopping. I had one pair that it looks like I’m actually standing in.

Slave Scavo: Good luck, and have fun shopping!

Mary: Thanks, sister.

Mary: One addition on the mouth.

Slave Scavo: Yes?

Mary: I hadn’t noticed this morning I guess. I can drink normally just fine, apparently. But for lunch I had a shake with a straw…

Slave Scavo: And?

Mary: And using a straw is now a sexual experience. A very sexual experience. I’m not even horny, and I nearly came in my cube.

Slave Scavo: But it didn’t fold up, did it? It kept the ‘normal’ look?

Mary: Yeah, it was fine. It just surprised me.

Slave Scavo: What are you going to do?

Mary: I think… I may use straws more often. ;)

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