Chapter 2

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Slave Scavo: Mary! How are things going at the office?

Mary: Scavo! You made quite a scene today… And you changed your name?

Slave Scavo: Yeah… I guess it shows in the comm, doesn’t it? It’s to help with my deep-cover assignment. Help to convince anyone watching that I’m fully conditioned.

Mary: How are you taking it? And should I be calling you ‘Slave’? ;)

Slave Scavo: You can if you want, just remember I’m not your slave.  ;) And it’s been fine. Fun, in a way, actually: I had a bit of a fetish for this stuff anyway. (I mean, I volunteered, right?) A lot of work though, and scary at times.

Mary: Scary? How?

Slave Scavo: Mostly when, well did you hear how I had to enter the assignment?

Mary: I heard something about you having to pass an ‘inspection’, or something.

Slave Scavo: Yeah, well, I had to be able to prove I was unwilling… So we temp-blocked some of my memories. Anything that would have told me I’d agreed to it, and glitched my implant so I couldn’t communicate…

Mary: Ah, so you thought you actually were kidnapped.

Slave Scavo: And unable to call for help. So a bit scary there. There are other moments when Master orders me to do something and I’m not sure how, and I can’t ask for help, but nothing major.

Mary: ‘Master’, huh? And you are Slave?

Slave Scavo:  :) Yeah… I couldn’t really take this cover without doing training, so I kinda have to call him that.

Mary: How much training?

Slave Scavo: Long-term deep cover as his brainwashed ‘personal assistant’, so um, all of it? Basically. Heck, the office has me on half-pay because I’m mostly acting as a civilian.

Mary: That’s not really fair, is it? I mean you should get danger-pay, at least.

Mary: And what does ‘all of it’ mean? :)

Slave Scavo: I think if we actually were in danger, I might get some. And, well: Obedience, sex, nudity, doing chores, etc. He hasn’t had me bark like a dog, but I have played fetch. :)

Mary: And you like it?

Slave Scavo: Yeah. I feel kinda sexy, and servile, and safe.

Mary: And what do you think of ‘Master’?

Slave Scavo: Um, well, he’s a very good trainer, and I’m enjoying my training…

Mary: I think you just managed to blush in text. You enjoying yourself that much? The ice queen?

Slave Scavo: I guess I just needed someone who could take a firm hand to me.  :) But yeah, I’m enjoying myself that much. Of course, Master is encouraging that in his training.

Mary: And you aren’t complaining, I take it.

Slave Scavo: Oh, loudly and copiously, at all the right times.  :) But not seriously, no.

Mary: Well then, don’t tell you ‘master’ this, but I think this was probably good for you. You were getting to be a bit too anti-men in general, particularly on this task-force. You were losing objectivity.

Slave Scavo: Um, just to say, you are aware I signed a Sentient Property contract, right?

Mary: Yeah, for your cover, so?

Slave Scavo: Well, it is a real contract, however much it’s ‘for my cover’. Legally, you are talking to Master right now, or maybe something like his answering machine; he doesn’t have to ask my permission to read my comm logs. (Or to block my comm, which he had done during training. For that matter, he’s only unblocked it for a few people right now, all in the agency.) So I can’t ‘not tell ‘master’.’ In fact, since this is the first ‘social’ call he’s allowed me to make, I’m expecting him to read it carefully.

Mary: Oh. He blocked your comm? Is that allowed? What if you wanted out of the contract?

Slave Scavo: If I wanted out of the contract, I can call the emergency comm line, which he can’t block. But other than that, yeah, he can block my comm. He can even order me to say something, if he wants. There’s not a lot he can’t do to me if he wants, I mean, you saw me walk into the office, right?

Mary: Yeah, I guess I did. You looked… Statuesque.

Mary: If he orders you to say something, how would I know?

Slave Scavo: You would mostly have to know it doesn’t sound like me. ‘Statuesque’?

Mary: Tall, erect, breasts jutting out, I’d say ‘proud’ if that can apply to someone being led around on a leash.

Mary: Oh god, I thought your breasts looked bigger than I remembered. Is that what you meant?

Slave Scavo: I meant the whole scene, but yeah, my breasts are part of it. He enlarged them, and made it so they are perky, even without a bra. I wasn’t consulted.

Mary: But you can undo it, if you want, right?

Slave Scavo: Yeah, I can undo any of his modifications with a standard reverser, once I’m not Property anymore.

Mary: ‘Any’? What others?

Slave Scavo: Well, the other one you might have been able to see is that I can breathe through my neck now. Great for giving him blowjobs.  :) He made a couple more once we got home: Something so I’ll need high-heels — that hasn’t taken full effect yet, I’ll have to see how it works — and he re-colored and lengthened my hair.

Mary: How long and what color?

Slave Scavo: It’s an iridescent black, with brown and blue highlights. Quite pretty, actually. And: Long. He said to my ass, but it’s about to my knees. Of course, maybe he means to my ass when it’s braided, which I have to do now. Know any sites for instructions on braids? I really don’t want to do a bad job.

Mary: He’d punish you?

Slave Scavo: Probably. And then make me re-do it, and keep it up until I got it right. I was hoping he’d let me wear it loose, but no. Braids, to show of the length, color, and so it can be out of the way. (And, apparently, because he likes looking at my back.)

Mary: Or backside.  :) And yeah, I went through a long-haired phase for a while (though not as long as <em>that</em>), and I have some links to some good instructions for you. Copied.

Slave Scavo: Thanks. I remembered that phase. It looked good on you.

Mary: Thanks. I thought so too, but it took ages to do anything with. As you’re about to find out.  :) I wish I could see it.

Slave Scavo: I can’t go anywhere without Master’s orders. (And I have to be on the leash, outside of the house.) But you could ask him if you could come over to visit. Or come see me at his office sometime — he’s been on vacation, but he said he’s going to be re-opening soon, and was talking about outfits for me.

Mary: So you’ll be dressed, at least. :)

Slave Scavo: Well, Master did say that he wanted it clear I was Property, and that I can’t look to ‘normal’… Apparently that might disappoint the thrill-seekers.

Mary: I might have to see that. I’d be good to talk face-to-face.

Slave Scavo: Um… No talking without permission, or being addressed. I suppose if you were talking to me that would count as being ‘addressed’, but I think Master would have something to say about us trying to chat. I can do this only as long as it doesn’t distract me, and I’m not allowed to use anything but my implant comm link.

Mary: I bet that would apply if I were to visit you at ‘home’ as well.

Slave Scavo: Yeah. I’m Property, and Master keeps that in mind. You’d basically have to visit him, and ask to play with one of his toys for a while. :)

Mary: If I’m supposed to ‘play’ with you, I might have to ask your master to install a longer tongue in his toy.  :) But it sounds like a chat is out of the question.

Slave Scavo: Basically. But if you wanted to meet Master, see what the new man in my life is like, you’d be able to see me standing around. Probably serving you. :)

Mary: Hah! Tea and cookies, served in silence with a bow. And if it wasn’t perfect, I’d get to spank you and have you make it again. :)

Slave Scavo: Wouldn’t surprise me. I’m sure you would too.

Mary: It’d serve you right, for all the stuff you’ve pulled on me over the years. Anyway, the place hasn’t been the same without you. As you aways said: To many ‘Y’ chromosomes in one place must melt the brains. We’ve been running ragged trying to find information on this ‘Faust’ character, and the situation over in… But I’m not sure your Master is cleared to hear about the rest. I’m sure you’re expecting us to be running surveillance on you, hopefully to find whomever is watching you. We had some eyes in the house, but Talib wiped them all basically first thing after Faust left.

Slave Scavo: I expect Master was worried about Faust leaving anything behind, and the agency’s just got caught in the sweep.

Mary: That makes sense. I’ll point it out next meeting: It was the only thing they were worried about from him. Though legal’s still in a tizzy about your status as Property.

Slave Scavo: I sent a note on that with Master’s interpretation: The contract he used shouldn’t transfer any of my rights as a police officer to him, but it does suppress them. I can’t use any of those rights without his permission — though he also can’t order me to use them.

Slave Scavo: Feel free to ask me about anything you guys are wondering about on Master’s conduct in this. I might be able to ask him, or I have to learn some of how he thinks, so I might be able to answer them directly.

Mary: I’ll keep that in mind.

Slave Scavo: And I think I’ll have to sign off now; this braid is going to take more concentration than I thought to get right.

Mary: Ok, try to keep in touch if you can.

Slave Scavo: I will. I don’t think Master wants me to lose my friends if I don’t have to. See you.

Mary: See you.

Slave Scavo: I want you to know, I blame you for this.

Mary: What?

Slave Scavo: I have an n-pad over my mouth now: I won’t be able to eat, drink, or speak until at least tomorrow morning. And it’s because of your comment about ‘installing a longer tongue.’

Mary: He didn’t.

Slave Scavo: He did. He even said it’s ‘designed for maximum pleasure’, whatever that means. And, because I apparently have an ‘expert’ available to help, I have to do a different hairstyle every day, I can’t just use the same basic braid over and over.

Mary: <Rolls on the floor, laughing.>

Mary: Ah, the problems you get into by being Property. :)

Slave Scavo: <Grumbles> Ah well. I’ve got to go. But I blame you!

Mary: Your mess!

Slave Scavo: I may have more time to chat like this than I thought.

Mary: Oh? Am I the one who’s going to have to be worried about it distracting me from my job?

Slave Scavo: We’ll see. There’s not much for me to do at his office. He’s basically got me standing in the corner while he reads at his desk.

Mary: How’s he got you dressed? Are you dressed?

Slave Scavo: Sorta. I’ve got a figure-cut (as in, it may as well be called skin-tight, even over my breasts, which it follows, not compresses) jacket, buttoned to the neck (or to my collar), with long sleeves. It just reaches to the garter belt, which is holding up what I guess you would have to call a skirt, that reaches to just above my knees. High heels of course, to match the grey jacket and skirt-thing.

Mary: Sounds fairly conservative, actually.

Slave Scavo: Then you aren’t imagining it right. Besides the jacket following every curve like wet paint, there’s nothing from high on my waist to where the ‘skirt’ starts, halfway down my thighs.

Mary: Oh, yeah, that wouldn’t be called conservative… How tight is the skirt?

Slave Scavo: Miniskirt tight. I’d complain about walking in it, but…

Mary: Yes?

Slave Scavo: Apparently complaining to you counts as complaining out loud. I got spanked for grumbling to you in that last chat, and my comm was locked down again for a bit.

Mary: Which explains why you didn’t contact me again for two days.

Slave Scavo: Yeah.

Mary: How are you doing with the hair? And how did the tongue turn out?

Slave Scavo: The hair is still taking ages. Today I’ve got it in a high ponytail, and then four-strand braided. It still reaches to the skirt. I kinda like it swishing against my ass though. The tongue… It’s going to take practice, like the throat did, actually. It’s really long: I can actually lick my eyebrows. And it splits: it can be two pieces (which I can control individually), or it can join somehow, and act like one piece. There’s also a couple of different surface textures I can have it form: bumps, or ridges, or a combination, or a couple of other things. It’s a sex toy in and of itself. Of course there are a couple of downsides: It’s hard to talk with it. (Though Master assures me that with practice it shouldn’t make a difference), and I’ve basically lost all sense of taste. (Well, sperm tastes like chocolate…)

Mary: Wow.

Slave Scavo: I can probably ask Master where he bought the programming, so you can try it yourself. :)

Mary: I think I’ll pass. How did the feet thing turn out?

Slave Scavo: Nothing major there, actually: They look the same, they just point down continually, and I can’t flatten them. They don’t feel rigid, but there’s no effort involved in standing on my toes. It also only took a night to set; I’d actually recommend it to anyone who wants to wear high heels the next day. (Of course, you need to sleep in shoes, or at least I did. I’m not sure what the actual requirements are.)

Mary: That one could be useful.

Slave Scavo: I’m surprised it’s not more popular. Oh, got to go: Customers.

Mary: Don’t you just have to stand there?

Slave Scavo: And be attentive. See you later.

Mary: See you later.

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