Chapter 10

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Slave Scavo: So we have confirmation that Mr. Faust is a mechanical. He just picked up a 70-kilo load without any apparent effort.

Mary: A 70-kilo load? What was he carrying?

Slave Scavo: Ms. Shri and the box she arrived in. Which she has just departed in as well.

Mary: Already?

Slave Scavo: She’s been ready for pickup for over a day, and we notified Mr. Faust two days ago what the timeframe was.

Mary: Just… It hasn’t been a week, even.

Slave Scavo: Master just got done chewing out Mr. Faust on how this was too easy. He’s been disgruntled about the whole thing; apparently he could do this type of thing in his sleep. Romy was more complicated: She actually had to do something. Mr. Steiber just wanted something to fuck. Didn’t even care how good she was at it, really. So once Master implanted the obedience routines he was basically done, and he used some black-market tech to do that.

Slave Scavo: He told Mr. Faust that he expected Mr. Steiber to blow his own cover promptly, by the way.

Mary: So we can move in immediately. Ok.

Mary: It just surprises me how easy it was for Talib.

Slave Scavo: He’s been training people to act most of the way for a couple of decades, Mary. Give him more powerful tools, and no restraints, and he knows exactly what to do.

Slave Scavo: Or are you just worried about your own appointment next week? :)

Mary: A bit of both, I think.

Slave Scavo: Don’t worry — you’re a normal client, and a police officer. He’d never be able to get away with black market stuff on you. :)

Mary: You are supposed to reassure me by saying he wouldn’t try. :)

Slave Scavo: I’ll be right here watching, to make sure he won’t do anything to you he wouldn’t do to me. And I’m sure he won’t try anything.

Mary: Thanks. I guess I’ll see you Saturday.

Slave Scavo: See you then.

Slave opened the door for Mary again on the first ring. This time she was dressed in a conservative black outfit; scoop neckline, short sleeves, skirt nearly to her thighs, boots and gloves. It was comforting to Mary. “Welcome, the Master is expecting you.”

Watching the outfit move against her friend’s skin, she changed her mind on it being comforting: Something about her reminded Mary of a domme. Not the most comforting thought.

Though it was what she was here for, wasn’t it?

They didn’t stop in the living room this time. Slave opened a door Mary had only seen last time she was here, and led her down a stairway.

Mary stopped halfway down the stairs to take in the room. There was a large frame standing next to Talib, a couple of cages along the back wall, a table off to the side, some open space, and obvious panels in the walls and ceiling that could be opened for access to devices she was trying not to imagine for the moment.


“Yeah, sure.” She started back down the stairs.

“Welcome to my lair, by the way.”

“I’ve actually been here once before…” She was looking at the frame. Last time she’d seen it, Scavo was on it.

“Ah, that time. I’m sorry I didn’t remember: I wasn’t exactly memorizing faces at the time.”

“I can believe that. So… Were do we get started?”

“We start by getting those clothes off of you. If you’d rather I take them off, we can work with that…”

Mary suddenly noticed she couldn’t see Scavo anymore. “Um, no, I’ll do it myself. I don’t want them damaged.”

“Then it’s best you did it yourself — I’ll have Slave take good care of them.”

Slave appeared beside Mary, coming, as Mary expected, from between her and the door. She hesitated.

“Or would you rather I invoked Property rights? Or we could just call it off, of course, if you are to scared.”

“No, I’m not scared. I’m just taking it all in a moment.” She hurriedly got started undressing. Slave whisked the clothes away as soon as they were removed.

Mary stood there, clutching her arms around herself and feeling exposed, and looked at the fully-clothed Talib and Slave. “Ok, what next?”

“Next we get you in here.” He motioned to the stand beside him.

“That’s what we took Scavo off of.”

“It’s also what I got back on, after we agreed to have him be part of the operation. It’s his main training stand.”

“Don’t worry, it’s quite pleasurable, actually.”

“Yeah, he likes to overwhelm you with it…”

Heart in her throat, Mary stepped up to the frame, and allowed her friend and her friend’s master to tie her arms and legs to it. Talib raised it slightly, then lowered down a headdress. “Here, this will help keep you from being distracted…”

It came down and closed off sight to the outside, she could hear whispers in her ears, but nothing else. She focused on them, and found she could just make out what they said: ‘Obedience is pleasure’, ‘Sex is fun’, ‘I need to serve’, and more besides, on the themes of sex and obedience.

The screen in front of her lit up, and she barely could understand what it showed before the next image came. And again, and again. Naked, sexed, submissive women, that was all she was sure it was showing her…

And then something started between her legs, and she couldn’t concentrate enough to tell what it was showing her anymore.

Talib patted Mary’s bare flesh as she writhed under the control of his trainer, then pulled out his handheld with the black-market software to hack her implant. “You are going to make her yours permanently, Master?”

He looked up. “Yes, Slave.” He waited for the reaction.

“Oh, that’s so… So hot.”

He grinned. “I know. You love the idea of me turning your best friend into my personal sex toy, and it’s even better if it’s without her permission, isn’t it?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Well, you can play with yourself while I work, but you can’t cum, got that?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Oh, and no telling her: If she figures it out on her own, you can talk about it with her, but otherwise we’re just going to let her think it’s all herself. With a bit of training helping her along.”

“Yes, Master.”

Mary woke convulsing in orgasm. Awake, she looked down her body to see who or what had brought it about. “Morning, sister. Master said I should wake you, and then you need to return the favor, to practice using your new tongue.”

Mary just moaned as Slave crawled up her form, and sat so that Mary had easy access. “After that, I can untie you, and we can get started. You have a busy day ahead of you. So get licking; that’s an order from Master.”

Her tongue acted without her thought, not that she wanted to resist tasting the deliciousness that was Slave’s snatch.

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