Chapter 3

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Talib heard the bell ring as his door opened, and shut down his vid terminal. He was going to have to teach Slave that ‘I would complain, but…’ counts as complaining, but he didn’t really mind the casual tone of the exchange. She was reassuring her friend that she was still herself, and she needed to keep in practice slightly. As long as she didn’t have any problem holding to proper discipline normally, he’d let that slide.

Though he did make a mental note that he was going to have to give her some exercises to practice using her tongue. For that matter, he wondered if there was something similar for the vagina…

But he had a customer. Two, actually. What looked like a rich older gentleman, and a young conquest, though looks could be deceiving, especially about age. He rose to greet them. “Welcome. Please, take a seat.” He gestured to the chairs in front of him.

The woman’s eyes glanced at Slave, standing in the back corner. The man’s lingered.

“Thank you.” They sat.

“What can I do for you?”

The man was still doing all the talking. “I have a house in the country, and I was hoping to put a up an exotic ‘pet’ there, for me and guests to play with on occasion. Ms. Astrauk here answered my ad, but her performance wasn’t very pet-like. We talked about it, and agreed some formal training would be best, but I don’t really have the time, nor do I know how best to do such training.”

Talib turned to the woman. “Is this true? You are here of your own volition to be trained as a pet for Mr.…?”

“Meier. Yes.”

Mr. Meier had bristled at the implied questioning of his honesty, so Talib cut in: “I’m sorry for sounding like I doubted you, Mr. Meier, but I do have to make sure everyone agrees to what is being done, particularly if they are the person agreeing to be trained. I won’t train someone unwilling — it’s unethical, and it’s illegal. I need to hear it from themselves. Now, had the two of your discussed what type of pet you wanted her to be?”

The pair looked at each other and back at Talib, obviously not understanding the question.

“Ok, there are several standard types of human pets people get trained as. Leaving aside things like ‘sex-pets’ which are really just ‘pets’ in that they serve, the most common would be dog, cat, and horse; Horse might be considered more of a ‘livestock’ training than pet, but I’ll leave that in there for now. Generally ‘pet’ means ‘animal,’ and we can consider other types of animals, but it gets hard to decide what that means for most animals. In general, dog-training would emphasize obedience, loyalty, tricks, and friendliness. Cat-training would emphasize sensuous motion, sex appeal, sex drive, and playfulness. In other words, a cat-girl would slink around the house looking sexy, play with string, yarn, chase things, and be fairly independent and willful. A dog-girl would tend to want to be near her master, would be more likely to play ‘fetch’ or other games where they interact with their master, and would generally be fairly obedient and attentive to their master.”

They thought about that for a moment. “I think I was thinking more of a dog-like pet, if that’s ok with you, Romy?”

“That is what I was imagining when I saw the ad as well.” Talib heard the tone of voice that said she was intrigued by the options, but for now this is what they were going with.

“Ok then. Now, I heard you say this was your ‘house in the country’? How big an acreage is it, and how often do you visit?” This was asked directly to Mr. Meier.

“It’s not very big, about one tenth of a kilometer squared. I’m up there most weekends, for a day or two.”

“So, I assume you’ll want your pet to roam both indoors and outdoors. Is there anyone to take care of them during the week?”

“Why would she need someone to take care of her? Can’t she take care of herself?”

“Yes, as a human. In general, I find if you want truly pet-like behavior, they need to stay as a pet full-time. Not that they can’t be trained to take care of themselves as a pet, especially if there is some provision made for it.”

“Such as?”

“Food and water dispensers set up to be used without hands, and access to bathroom facilities. It doesn’t have to be fancy, just possible. I can help with that as well.”

“I’m sure we can work something out.”

“Ok then.” Talib turned to the corner. “Slave, you’ll need to remove your skirt and shoes.” He turned back to couple. “I want to go over options on stance a moment; I assume as dog-pet she’ll be on all fours, but there are a couple of options. I’ll have my assistant demonstrate.” He turned again. “On hands and knees.” Slave obediently knelt. “Come out where they can get a good look at you.”

She obediently crawled forward to the center of the room. “This is the more common position: It’s easier to hold, more comfortable for the pet, and looks both human and pet-like. She can raise her head fairly easily, and look around. It also means she’s on about the same level ‘standing’ or sitting. Slave: Fingers and toes.” Slave rose slightly, spreading her legs, so that she was balanced forward on her toe-tips which extended out to the side and behind her, and tipped down to where she was reaching to the floor, weight on her fingers alone. “This one is also possible, though it takes training to hold for any period of time. It provides faster locomotion, and easy access to her sex. She has more trouble raising her head to any significant degree, and it feels more unbalanced. It looks distinctive, though with training it can be quite animal-like. Other options would require major nanopad work: It is possible to create various crosses of the two positions, lengthening arms and shortening legs, but that would be at a significant extra cost.” He looked back at his display model. “As you can see, my assistant is not trained for this position: She’s showing signs of fatigue already. You may return to hands and knees, Slave.”

“I would prefer this position.” Romy appeared to be gathering willpower, or at least her nerves. “You keep calling her ‘slave’, is that how you always address her?”

“In this case, she has agreed to change her name to ‘Slave’, so mostly I do. I sometimes will use her last name, or her position.” He smiled, to put the client at ease. “She’s here under an unlimited Sentient Property contract, with the understanding that she’s to be my personal assistant and servant in whatever capacity I want her for, long term. It’s a fairly strict situation, but she it was her idea. You can talk to her in a bit, if you want, though her speech is a bit slurred at the moment.”

“Why is that?”

“I was going to get to this in a bit, but we can cover it now: She’s adjusting to an n-pad modification I recently gave her. I have the facilities to work with some very complex n-pad data sets, and can apply them during or as a part of training. Slave, sit up and face Romy. Three modifications I’ve made are visible from this position: I’ve enlarged her breasts, changed her hair color and length, and added a set of nostrils to her throat.” The assistant opened them for a moment, to make them visible, then closed them back up. “Her speech is slurred because I gave her a new tongue, and she is still getting used to it. Slave, show her your tongue.”

Slave obediently opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue, first extending it full length, then splitting it and controlling each half separately. She rippled through a couple of different textures on the surface, then fused it back, and half-withdrew it to show the demonstration was over. Romy extended a hand, tentatively. “It feels like a tongue.” Talib said, sardonically. “Though you can go ahead and touch it if you want.”

Ms. Astrauk giggled a moment, but withdrew her hand. At a head motion from Talib, Slave shifted position to in front of Mr. Meier, so he could get a good look at her. He looked close a moment, then asked: “Could you get her to…” And he made a movement with his two index fingers indicating a split. Slave didn’t wait for an order, just split the tongue again, and extended a it bit further. “Ah.” He looked up. “She doesn’t need to extend her tongue to do that, does she?”

“No, sir, she doesn’t. She is just trying to make sure you can see it.” Talib waited a moment, then nodded to his assistant. She withdrew her tongue and closed her mouth, but remained seated. “Of course, these are just examples, I can pull up whole catalogs of options if you want. As I said though, these would be an extra cost, depending on the cost of the program itself, and how much it would impact training.” He paused a moment. “Common puppy girl mods are a more dog-like tongue, with or without drool, paws, either front back or both, dog-like ears, or a tail.”

“Of course you already have the programs for the mods you’ve given her.”

Talib smiled. “No, it doesn’t work that way. They are licensed either per person or per application, for some repeatable mods. So you would have to buy them separately.” He thought it prudent to add: “The tongue mod I’ve given her is a very expensive program, actually, and is going to take a fair amount of training time exclusively for it, which would extend training time. It’s worth it for me, as both a display model and because I know I will have time to enjoy it, on a regular basis. If you want a tongue mod, I would recommend something more thematically appropriate to your pet.”

“What do you mean my ‘thematically appropriate’?”

Talib tapped a moment, and pulled up a few images in the air. “Typical tongue mods for puppy girls try to imitate the ‘tongue hanging out’ look of a dog. Some are nearly impossible to hold within the mouth, some simply allow the subject to hang her tongue out on occasion. As I mentioned before, some people like the drooling look, while some just want the tongue itself.”

Romy was a bit more reserved about this whole thing, and Mr. Meier finally noticed. “What do you think, Romy?”

“I think I wouldn’t mind occasionally hanging my tongue out if it makes me a better pet, but no drool.”

“Fair enough.” Talib moved on. “Now I mentioned, but was going to talk about more, paws. It’s the most common mod, and can be done several ways. It also helps the pet: Hands are not meant for walking on for long periods of time. N-pads modifications are only one option in that, as well. There are several available sets of paw-gloves, which are basically shoes for the hands. N-pads would be more complete, but would take some time from training as well.”

“This is a lot of options, Mr. Yoshida. I didn’t really realize what all was involved here.”

“True, it can be confusing, but I want to make sure everyone is happy with the outcome. You came, I believe, to the best, Mr. Meier. I could train Ms. Astrauk here without asking these questions, just based on my judgment, but then you haven’t been fully informed of your choices. Also, you seemed to be interested, in at least some of them. I was going to cover paws before miscellaneous mods, but we got off track just a bit. The only real topic that we haven’t touched on yet is content of the training, and if you want you can leave the question of paws to Romy herself, and she can decide even during training, after trying several different styles of gloves.”

“I think that would be best — it doesn’t really matter to me; the only reason would be if it would help Romy.”

“Fair enough. Unless you have a strong preference at this point, Ms. Astrauk?”

“I have no idea what would be comfortable. Trying things first sounds good.”

“Ok then. We’ll go straight to the content. Now, since neither of you had much of a distinct image of what pet you were thinking of, I think we can assume my standard puppy-dog training will cover most of it. That leaves three main questions: Speech, specific tricks, and sexual training.”

“What do you mean, speech?”

“Should she be able to speak at all? If so, should it be full speech, or something mutated to sound like a dog is trying to pronounce human words? And how often should she speak: Basically whenever, just on occasion, or just when addressed?”

“Well, my first thought is that pets don’t talk, but…”

“If I can make a recommendation: As a first-time pet owner, you’ll want some communication, but you’ll also want her to stay in character, which can be hard if she can talk like a human. What would probably work best for you is ‘dog-sounding’ speech, on occasion, but she can speak on her own if she needs to. It’s a balance, but gives you the ability to communicate when needed, without really breaking character.”

The pair looked at each other; Romy shrugged, Mr. Meier spoke. “Sounds good to me.”

“Ok, on to the next. A well-trained dog will typically fetch, come when called, heel, etc. Some puppy-girl owners prefer to train their pets themselves, or you can have me train her for some or all of the tricks. Each trick will take time, of course. For puppy-girls, I typically include ‘come’ and ‘fetch’ automatically as part of the regular training, but I can leave it out as well.”

“How long does it take to train each trick?”

“It can vary by the trick and the pet, but at minimum it takes something like twelve hours, spread over several days, to really train the trick to what I would consider ‘fully trained’.” Talib paused, thinking, then decided to add: “And of course, any trick — any training, really — would need to be kept up. If you use it continually, she’ll remember it, but if you go months at a time between uses, she may not.”

“Let me think on that one a moment. What was your last issue again?”

“The last is sexual training, if any. Some pets are kept strictly as animals — no sexual contact between them an their owners. Or we can include training for standard or oral sex, or both. Some people even want to train their pets to have sex with actual animals of the same species that they are being trained as. That’s borderline legal — the animals need special training as well, and I don’t have the animals, though I can provide the training if you want it. Of course, no training is required: If you agree to have sex, you can do so. But if it’s going to be a feature of the relationship, I prefer to train with it.”

“Both standard and oral.” Animals didn’t need to be mentioned, obviously.

Talib turned to Romy, to get confirmation. “Do I have to do oral?”

Mr. Meier started to speak, but Talib got in first. “Slave, what does semen taste like?”

“Chocolate.” It came out slightly slurred, but understandable.

“Ms. Astruak, I can train you to both be good at, and to enjoy oral sex, if you’ll let me. I won’t do it against your will, but I can promise that you’d look forward to providing oral sex when I’m done.”

She thought a moment. “Ok, I’ll agree to it.”

“Ok then. I should ask, do you have any opinions on tricks? Generally the pet doesn’t, and just gets trained in whatever their owner wants, but if there are any you specifically want to learn, or are opposed to, now is the time to say so.”

“I… Can we do beg? Especially since we’re doing oral sex anyway? And make sure I don’t cover my breasts when I beg.”

“Certainly, if that’s ok with Mr. Meier.”

“Fine with me. I was thinking, why don’t we do a slow training for tricks. You get her back to me with the basic training as soon as possible, but when you aren’t busy, you can pick her up during the week, and continue training on tricks so she learns most of them. Do a couple the first month, then come back in a few months, check her training, and add another as you get a chance.” He took a deep breath. “I’m obviously a bit uneducated on what this all will take, so you’ll also be able to check up on her, and teach me whatever I need to know to keep her in good condition.”

Talib let his voice show the respect he felt for that plan. “That actually sounds like an excellent plan, Mr. Meier. And let me say that acknowledging that you don’t know everything, and that you need to care for your pet, are two of the signs of a very good owner-to-be.”

“So, two last questions: When do you want to start, and do you have a Sentient Property contract already?”

“Start as soon as possible. And what’s a Sentient Property contract?”

“Well, I can certainly start training today. As for a Sentient Property contract… It’s what makes this legal. The law has set up a category for people who are the — temporary — property of another. There are several variations, but the essence is that the ‘Property’ assigns the ‘Owner’ certain rights and responsibilities under the law. Exact details can vary, but there are some rights that can’t be traded away, foremost among them is the right to change your mind. ‘Property’ can always contact the standard emergency comm line, say they want to terminate the Sentient Property contract, and be out of the contract. On the other hand, as long as they are acting within the contract, Property cannot be held accountable for their actions. Their owner is held accountable instead. Property also has the right to safe and humane treatment, and to have no permanent changes performed on them without their permission. Temporary changes that either reverse themselves or can be reversed by a standard reversal pack can be permitted, as per contract. I’ve already shown you examples of that on my assistant here. Notably, despite her being in the most open-ended contract, I did not have the right to change her name. I had to ask her permission. Well, in this case she asked me, but the principle applies. Sentient Property contracts are always for a limited term, rarely for more than a year, although the term can repeat. At the end of the term the Property will be contacted by the government and has to positively affirm that they want to continue the contract, if it’s repeating. My assistant’s repeats every six months, although we both expect to be together much longer than that. Property also doesn’t get the standard rations — their share goes to the Owner instead.” He smiled. “Confused yet?”

“It’s actually a whole lot simpler than it sounds, and I have templates for common variants. In fact, based on my notes, I can bring up what I’d recommend for you now.” He did so. “This is called a ‘fixed purpose’ Sentient Property contract — it says that Mr. Meier can do basically anything he wants, with the exceptions we’ve agreed on, as long as it’s for the ‘purpose’ of training and keeping Ms. Astruak as a ‘puppy-girl’ type pet. If you were to start treating her like a maid, for instance, that would not be covered under the contract. It’s a four-month repeating contract, so she would have to re-affirm once a quarter. Shorter terms are generally ‘stronger’, in that the contract is more likely to be considered binding. Of course, if you want to consult an outside lawyer, I have the contact information for several who specialize in this type of thing. They can either work up a contract from scratch, or verify this one.” He ‘handed’ both of them virtual copies of the contract.

Mr. Meier read it through quickly, then passed it back. “Sounds reasonable, and I’m sure you deal with these all the time.”

“Virtually every client who walks through that door, in one way or another.” Talib smiled back.

Romy was spending more time examining her copy, but finally satisfied herself that she understood what it said. “I see further modifications are permitted, with permission from the Property.”

“Yes, this means you can discuss other mods, when you get the chance, but you appeared to want to vet out anything, so it has to be run by you first.”

“And not everything we discussed is mentioned here.”

“Much of our discussion was about my role as trainer — that will be a separate contract between me and Mr. Meier. The Sentient Property contract is what permits the training to happen, it doesn’t specify exactly how it will occur. The other contract will have my price, and what I will be allowed to do and not do to you, as his Property.”

“Ah.” She thought one moment more. “How do I sign it?”

“Just touch at the circle at the bottom, and tell it you are signing it. Mr. Meier, did you sign your copy? Excellent. Now, Slave, why don’t you take Romy into the other room, and answer any questions she has about being Property, and my training, while I finish up the paperwork here with Mr. Meier. Oh, and you can put your shoes and skirt back on.”

“Yes, Master.” She rose, and bowed her head to Talib. “With your permission, Mr. Meier?”

“My permission? Yes, of course.”

“I need your permission to take your Property from you, to the other room.” She smiled, gently. “I just want to be sure you understand what I am asking.”

He looked over at Romy, understanding. “Ah. And if she refuses?”

“Then you, or I, as your agent in this, have the authority to force her, as long as no permanent harm is inflicted in doing so.”

“I understand, and yes, you have my permission to take Romy into the other room.”

She gave a slight nod to Mr. Meier, then held out a hand to Romy. “Coming?”

“Er, yes, of course.”

Slave led the way, only pausing to collect her skirt and shoes. Once in the other room, she shut the door, and started putting them back on.

“I really have to do everything he says?”

“No; only if it’s related to being a puppy-girl, as the contract said. He also can’t order you to do something illegal, or that will cause you permanent harm. I’d have to see your contract to know more than that. Of course if he does order you to do something illegal — or you do it based on your understanding of what your duties as a puppy-girl are — then he gets in trouble, not you.” She shrugged. “You were already ready to be his pet; this really just formalizes it. Pets — normal, animal pets, I mean — are considered Non-Sentient Property, with much of the same rules applying to both.” She grinned. “Though if they do something illegal without being specifically ordered, they can be punished for it, as they can’t understand that they are Property. So you are actually more protected under the law.”

“And you, do you have to do everything your owner says?”

“Just about. There are some specific rights that I can’t sign over, or that don’t sign over automatically with this type of contract unless explicitly listed, but on a normal day-to-day basis, anything that I’m likely to have the chance to do I’d have to follow his orders. I’m glad you came in: otherwise I would have had to just stand in that corner all day, without moving or saying anything.”

“I noticed you were walking on tiptoes, was that another order?”

“Actually, no. Or not directly. That’s a mod that wasn’t visible while I was kneeling in front of you: I can’t flatten my feet. It’s actually as easy for me to stand on tiptoe as it is to stand in heels, after the mod. But the order to put on the n-pad that applied that mod was an order.”

“And you follow them without question?”

“<em>I</em> have been through training. It’s automatic, really. He used an intensive training with me, so I can’t even say I was resistant to it at the beginning, but I had agreed to it. As he said, I was the one who proposed that I take on this position to him.”


Slave hesitated. “That’s a long story, and complex, and I’m not sure you are cleared to get all of it, actually. The basics are that I thought I would enjoy it, and it would advance what I wanted to be. I’m learning about training and how to operate a business from him by observation, and some of this may be useful to me some day. While I expect and hope to be his Property for a long time, I never expected it to be permanent either. Eventually I’ll have to do something else.”

“But you like it?”

“Yes, I do. I love it, actually.”

Romy digested that a moment, before asking her next question. “So… What can I expect in training?”

Slave had to shrug. “Actually, I’m not completely sure. I haven’t been Master’s assistant all that long; I’ve never actually seen him train someone else, and I think he won’t use the intensive training he used with me on you. What I suspect you’ll get will be some direct training: lessons in how to act like a dog, rewards if you do well, and punishment if you don’t.”

“What did he use with you?”

“I spent the first three days of my training tied up and connected to a machine that fed me — though a dildo — enticed me, fucked me, punished me, and drove me. I wasn’t allowed to sleep or rest, and the machine filled my world with images and sounds of what my life was to be. It was basically a brainwashing machine, and it worked fairly well. At the end of it, I couldn’t call ‘Master’ anything but that, I was completely ok nude or dressed however he wanted, I got horny at the very thought of him, and the thought of disobeying him gave me panic attacks. It took a week or of living with that for it to level out to something that let me act in some form of ‘normally’; it was all set deep in my head, but my front thoughts didn’t know it yet. So it took a while, even then.”

“Is that when he convinced you that sperm tastes like chocolate?”

“Actually, that was part of the tongue modification. Of course, I can’t really taste anything else, so it’s got it’s downsides.” She paused, and remembered Romy’s reactions. “You’ve agreed to a tongue mod as well, though it may or may not include that taste modification. If you want to ask about it, and either want it or don’t, I’m sure we can manage that. I will say that a tongue mod is annoying: You won’t be able to eat, drink, or speak while it’s working. Mine took a bit over half a day, but it’s a complex mod. Master will probably have yours completed overnight sometime, so it won’t matter much. But from my training, I can tell you that he’ll keep his promise of making oral sex enjoyable.”

“Like he did for you?”

“I already enjoyed oral; but there were plenty of other things I wouldn’t have done as Free that I’m enjoying as Property.”

“Did you really change your name to ‘Slave’?”

“ ‘Slave Scavo’, yes. Though didn’t actually have a first name before, so I just added the ‘Slave’ part. And yes, it was my idea — he was already calling me that, and I wanted to make the point that I’m considering this a long-term commitment, so I asked if we could make it my legal name. Since I just added it to my former name, it isn’t as major a change as it sounds like; I can just use my last name in situations where being called ‘Slave’ would be awkward. And, as Mater mentioned, that isn’t a change they can order you to make. Though they could train you to respond to a ‘puppy-girl’ name, and just use that.”

“Hmm. That wouldn’t be to bad…” She giggled. “He could have a ‘pet’ name for me.” Back to serious. “But I wouldn’t want something really degrading.”

“Well, I think actually Master would probably have made that part of the discussion if he was planning on making it an option.” She paused, catching a thought, then continued. “By the way, what got you into this? Neither of you sound very experienced with dom games…”

“Oh, I played around with it a bit in college. Had a couple of boyfriends tie me up, that sort of thing. So I saw this ad, and I thought ‘I can do that’. He’s actually paying me for this, and all he really wants is someone to show off to his friends a few times. A sorta ‘prove I can afford anything’ trophy. So, I’ll get a lot of free time, the run of a very nice house, and save up some money. I’ve got a shop I want to open up eventually, but this sounded fun in the meantime, and I won’t have to take out a loan when I do it. He actually told me he didn’t get many takers on the application, and I was basically the prettiest.”

“Well, you are very pretty. I suspect he didn’t get many takers because anyone who’s very experienced with this stuff wouldn’t have touched that ad: Not that it sounds like you are in a bad situation, but they couldn’t know that from the ad. And even a well-meaning person can be a bad owner, if they don’t know what they are doing. Master’s right that this system of having him come check up on you a few times a month for minor training is a great idea. Master knows what he is doing, and he can help Mr. Meier learn.”

“So you think I’m not making a mistake?”

“Not at all. Of course, I’m biased after all.” She gave Romy a smile, “But I think you’ll be fine. You’ll have fun as a dog for a while, and then you can go open your shop.”

The door opened, and Talib walked in. “So, girls, did you have a good little chat?”

Slave immediately answered. “Yes, Master.”

“And you Romy? Did you have any other questions, of either me or her? You might get chances later to ask, but you might not as well.”

Romy thought a moment. “I guess not. I’ll admit I’m a bit scared; this sounds a bit more… thorough than what I was originally expecting.”

“I thought it might be. Please, don’t worry about it; you’ll still be yourself, able to make your own decisions in practice if not in theory. All I’m going to do is teach you which decisions are expected in certain circumstances.”

“Um, Slave here” She had trouble getting the name out, “mentioned something about you brainwashing her…”

“Yes, I used some — fairly light — brainwashing techniques on her during initial training. Her training was actually quite complex, and that got us past any initial resistance quickly, which meant we could focus on the details better. All of this was part of what we’d agreed on. Yours is quite a bit more simple, so I wasn’t planning on using it, unless you want me to?”

“Ah, no, thank you.”

“Ok then. We’ll be staying here at my office for a bit longer, but we can get started with a few things.” He walked over to a wall, and pressed a catch. The wall slid aside, revealing a bunch of small lockers. “If you can choose one, and put your belongings in it, we can seal it up. They’ll keep them safe and in good condition for as long as you want, and you’ll be able to get them whenever you want after your contract has ended. No one else will be able to get in, not me, and not even Mr. Meier.”

Romy was impressed, but had a question: “My belongings? I didn’t bring anything with me…”

Slave spoke up. “He means your clothes. Puppy-girls don’t wear clothes, after all.”

“Ah. Um…” She looked back and forth between them, obviously realizing that modesty wasn’t a concern here, and then started to take off her clothes, blushing slightly.

Talib nodded to Slave, who went and helped Romy gather them up and put them away neatly in the locker, which then took a retina, handprint, and DNA scan ID before locking.

“Ok, I have two items for you. The first is optional: It’s an n-pad modification, which by the contract you have to agree to. This one just shortens your hair, and keeps it that way. Nothing major, and we can cut it normally if you want, but this will keep it out of the way and keep you from having to worry about it all the time.”

Romy, obviously still nervous, nodded. Talib applied the n-pad to her forehead, and her hair near-instantly went from shoulder-length to finger-length. In seconds, the pad had come back off in Talib’s hand.

“The second isn’t optional.” He held up an open collar, and advanced on Romy. She shied away instinctively, but Slave was right behind her to hold her shoulders, and in a moment the collar was secure around her neck. “Very good. Now, there isn’t a whole lot I can have you work on here, but I do have one thing that we should get started on.” Another wall slid aside, this one hiding a variety of bondage equipment. At a touch, a dildo sprang out from the wall at waist-height, and started to ooze a clear yellow substance. “It will take a while to get fully trained on oral, but I’d like you to start by getting on your hands and knees and trying to lick that clean.”

Romy gulped, looked at both of them, Talib who was looking stern, and Slave who was looking encouraging, and then knelt and placed her tongue on the dildo. To her relief it tasted sweet. “It’s just honey. But I said hands and knees, not ‘kneel’. Ass up.” He gave a gentle prod, and she shifted position. It was harder to lick this way, but she could manage.

“Very good. Slave, I want you to kneel behind her and practice using that new tongue of yours. As long as she keeps licking, you do.”

“Yes, Master.” She knelt and went to work.

Romy’s eyes had opened wide at the instruction, and she’d stopped a moment as Slave started. “Oh, Slave, don’t be afraid to give her a small nip if she stops. Like now.” Romy yelped at the sudden feel of teeth on her clit, and went back to licking the dildo clean.

It felt a bit surreal to her — she knew she’d agreed to this, but in the end it had all happened so quickly. The honey on the dildo wasn’t bad, in fact she’d always had a bit of a sweet tooth. It was awkward and felt odd to keep licking at it, especially not knowing when or if she’d be allowed to stop, but she could only half-focus on that.

If half: Slave was still experimenting with her tongue, but Romy couldn’t complain of her work. For a while, she’d been licking with it as one piece, but then she’d switched to to one fork around Romy’s clit, and the other digging in and out of her hole…

A nip got Romy back to licking. She hadn’t heard the command, but Slave must have known somehow. The moment she restarted licking that other tongue went back to work, and Romy found herself moaning onto the dildo as she cleaned it

Talib watched, sure now the link he’d given Slave to the sensors on the dildo were working; Slave could tell the instant that Romy stopped, and knew what to do then. He smiled, then went to finish filing the paperwork for this client.

Talib woke the two of them the next morning from where they laid side-by-side in doggy beds. Romy had taken the initial training well, and had agreed to hypnosis for some mild helper suggestions that would aid training. First thing Talib did was remove the spent n-pad from her mouth and had her try sticking out her tongue. It wasn’t as long as Slave’s, but it could hang out quite effectively if needed, and even flattened to look more like a dog’s tongue. He was satisfied.

Slave he wasn’t so satisfied with. “Well Slave, what have you forgotten to do this morning?”

“Hmm?” She woke groggily, then saw his stern expression and woke fully. “Oh, I haven’t had a chance to do my hair yet, I’m sorry, Master.” She rose from her sleeping curl to a kneeling supplication.

“Slave, I gave you access to my alarm clock precisely so you would have enough time. So you could wake yourself early enough to make sure you had the time.”

“I’m sorry, I must have forgot.” She knew it wasn’t enough of an excuse.

“Over here.” He gestured to a location by the wall. Slave came and, guessing some of what was coming, faced the wall.

Talib’s first move was to take her braid — now loosened by a day and night’s worth of wear — and push it up to a hook in the ceiling. He pulled slightly, so that his Possession would have to reach up to keep her weight off of it. The hook wasn’t strong: Too much weight, and it would fall, along with her hair, but it would be painful first. Then he took a specially-designed brace, and had her cross her wrists behind her head. The brace then held her there.

He checked a moment on an n-pad he’d placed on her crotch the night before, and seeing it spent, removed it, going to get a dildo that he strapped inside her. A wire ran from it to the wall, and he pulled two more from the wall, attaching them to her nipples.

A screen was activated in front of her, and a phrase appeared on it: ‘The thirty-three thieves thought that they thrilled the throne throughout Thursday.’ “Read the phrase, and pronounce it correctly, within the count down, and you won’t get shocked. If you pronounce it correctly, but take to long, it will move to the next phrase. If you mis-pronounce it, the computer will pronounce it for you, and you’ll have to try again, with the shocks getting stronger every time. You’ll also note some graphs around the edge of the screen; they indicate what you are supposed to be doing with your cunt to the dildo. Failure there will also lead to shocks. Fail both, and the shocks will add together. If you read the phrase correctly and quickly, and stroke the dildo correctly, you’ll be rewarded. The reward will get stronger with every successive success, but will reset with a miss.” He pressed a button, and ‘Start’ appeared for an instant on the screen. Slave immediately tried to pronounce the tongue-twister, slurring the fricatives badly. That she was shocked was obvious, and the computer immediately provided a correct version.

Talib watched a moment, to make sure everything was working correctly, then turned back to Romy. “Ready for breakfast?”


Future Dom

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