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Most beings speak English, as it’s the main language of the human world. So, if they want to deal with humans, they will speak in it. There are also translation spells, either temporary or permanent to an item or place. (Which may be limited in what they can translate, or not, depending largely on the amount of power someone is willing to spend on it.)

However, at the same time many races or peoples have their own languages as well. Some of these are defined, some not. Details on selected are below.

Special note: Darius — as a strong mental magic user — can translate languages fairly easy.


The Sidhe, naturally, have their own languages. However, this is unlikely to come up. Their king has cast a permanent translation spell around the main castle, and any Sidhe who wishes to deal with humans will have learned the local language. So everyone the main party will deal with likely either already speaks English, or will be under the effect of a translation spell.


Nymphs speak their own language, which sounds like natural background noises of nature. There are different accents, depending on what species they are linked to, but the generals are the same worldwide.

Darius is forced/required to learn this language, as part of his deal with the nymphs of Esti’s forest. Full details won’t be in the story, but occasional bits will be.


  • All sentences start with a slight whistle, to distinguish them from normal background noise.
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