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Main Party

Darius Kimball

  • Race: Human
  • Magic Types: Arcane, Mental, Nature. (The last boosted by his bond with Esti.)
  • Magic Style: Sorcerer-in-training. Picking up seid and warlock as protective/relevent to his current situation…

Central character, the ‘leader’.

Esti Assendorp

  • Race: Meliae (An ash tree-spirit, as opposed to a dryad who is an oak tree-spirit.)
  • Magic Types: Nature (Occasionally pretends to have Arcane, but has no actual ability, just enough Nature ability to fool others.)
  • Magic Style: Mage

The first of Darius’s subordinates, she enrolled in Magic U to prove nature spirits are intelligent, but had someone trap her in her tree. Rather than have them bind her to them against her will, she asked Darius to bind her to him.

She is stronger and more adept at Nature magic than just about anyone else, but the fact that she often has to hide what she is doing and the fact that she works directly (In ‘Mage’ style) limits her in relation to the more powerful magic users around.

Slightly naive, though fairly strong willed and intelligent. The latter two are not as noticeable around Darius, as she will always side with him in the end. The binding keeping them together also keeps her alive, and has rewritten her to love him unconditionally, though she tries to avoid letting that leak through. (For his sake: Darius would not want to have hurt/changed someone in such a fashion.) She knows Darius does not return her love, and has no problems with that.


  • Race: Cait Sídhe (Cat-Elf.)
  • Magic Types: Arcane.
  • Magic Style: Sorcerer.

Siofra was the second to fall under Darius’s control. She challenged him to a Duel, and lost. (Quite to her own surprise.)

As an Elf, she is much older than the others in this group. (At least, so far…) She is also a far stronger magic user, and is quite knowledgeable in both skill and theory. However, she knows magic as sídhe use it, not as humans do. Also, while far stronger than the others at their current level of training, she is not actually all that strong for an elf, nor has she learned much magic that was not ‘of use’ to her: traps (both creating and escaping) she is good at, as well as creation/maintaining of a fairly pleasant lifestyle, but she is not actually well versed in combat or other magic that had not interested her.

Hedonistic and amoral in nature, she keeps her bargins, but is quite willing to let Darius get into minor trouble. (Major trouble she would help with: Him being seriously hurt would impinge on her honor.) The duel she trapped Darius in was a common thing for her: She would collect one or two ‘playthings’ in such a duel, then have fun with them until her hold over them was finished, at which point she would go looking for new toys. She lives in constant search of amusement, only keeping the deals she has agreed to.

She is also a natural shape-shifter, with two main forms: Elven and cat. As a cat she appears as a Kellas Cat: a large black cat with a white spot on the front of her chest. (Although she can change her size as well.)

She often pretends to be Darius’s familiar.


  • Race: Demon
  • Magic Types: Demonic
  • Magic Style: Special

A small demon Darius originally summoned in class. Unfortunately he augmented the summoning, and left a link in place when he dismissed her. She followed that link back to him. Fortunately that link also made her want to help Darius…

She has little power, and can only manifest in a form up to about a foot tall. She does have the full choice of that form within that size. Her preferred form is that of a well-endowed female (with small horns and occasionally a tail), although she can in theory take just about any form. (Including male forms, should she so choose.) Forms other than humanoid can be a strain however.

To stay by Darius’ side, she has agreed to pretend to be an enchanted athame (dagger), which he wears on his belt. This does allow her to sample in the life-force of anything he cuts with the dagger, which allows her to feed unobtrusively. In dagger form her upper body is unchanged (except to alter her skin into a metallic appearance), while her legs are fused together to become the blade. (Her hands are held behind her head, forming the pommel.)

Note that while she takes the form of an athame, she is not treated as an athame: She is actually used for cutting on a daily basis, more as a personal dagger than anything else. (Also, an athame normally represents a masculine principle…) Darius will however use her in a ritual fashion, where she helps make sure the magic flows evenly and precisely. (Which augments his skill.)



  • Race: Fairy
  • Magic Types: ?
  • Magic Style: ?

A fellow student at Magic U, in the same year as Darius and Esti. Likes to tease, and knows Esti’s secret.


  • Race: Sídhe
  • Magic Types: Arcane, Nature.
  • Magic Style: Sorcerer, with some witch techniques.

An Elven plant healer, the group went to her to have Esti’s former tree healed. She knows Siofra, from some unknown indiscretion in Siofra’s past…

Melanie Roux

  • Race: Human (Wifwolve - female werewolf)
  • Magic Types: ? (Probably Arcane)
  • Magic Style: ? (Probably Sorcerer)

A fellow student, first year. Daughter of a (former) minor noble house of France.

Cursed with an odd form of the werewolf curse: The daughters of the original woman who was cursed turn into a wolf once ever six months or so, for several days at a time. During this time they are fertile, and can get pregnant to either a wolf or a human. (Or to another werewolf.) If she gets pregnant, she will be stuck in wolf form until the pups (and it’s always pups) are born. Then she can turn back into a human. If the pups were fathered by a human, their wolf form will wear off within the first year, after which they age as normal humans. Daughters get hit by the curse when they hit puberty. Sons are immune, and will not turn wolf again.

There is always at least one daughter per litter, and always multiple children per litter.

Pups fathered by a wolf are wolves, with no human features.

Professor Heffernan

  • Race: Human
  • Magic Types: Arcane, Demonic
  • Magic Style: Sorcerer

The Demonology professor at Magic U.

Magic U

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