A Mistake

Submitted by Darkmind on Sun, 11/10/2013 - 17:42

The human-colonized sphere would be a much different place had Dr. Meier been a different man. Many point to different deep-seated psychological issues. Some claim evidence of hidden megalomania tendencies. Others point to the lack of female acquaintances in his history. (His mother, predictably, gets brought up as both evidence for and evidence against.) Claims of undiagnosed autism are also common. It is hard to know what parts of his psyche came through in his greatest — and most horrible — creation.

All are agreed on two things however: First, that more testing and debugging should have been done before human testing. Secondly, that he should not have used himself as a test subject.

— Excerpt from the first chapter of Cyberhive - a History and Examination of the Effects of a Consciousness


Several wires shorted out, spreading acrid smoke into the underground room. A few lights flashed brightly — some green, more momentarily red or amber — before going black. Other lights and readouts cycled through their states, before settling down. Eventually most were green, though not all. The main interface screen read ‘Brainwave Reading Interrupted, Possible Corruption. Press Screen Now to Abort’. It held it for 30 seconds before continuing with it’s program.

The smell of singed skin came from the body in the seat, and lifeless eyes didn’t register the screens warnings, nor did lifeless hands raise to abort the awakening of a new mind in the computer.

Despite the thousands of volts still coursing through the brain in the chair.


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