Wing - First Capture

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Wing - One of the most common Cyberhive automated units. Is used in both troop transport and recruitment functions, using the same device.

The name is descriptive: The unit appears as a single uniform wing, wingspan extending to a length of 3.25 meters, including the center engine/connections unit.

Possibly the oldest type of Cyberhive units. It is rarely seen alone or empty in modern combat.

-- Entry from the Army's Cyberhive Unit Identification Guide

The new sculpture attracted attention, if only because if it's sudden appearance.

It had simply appeared overnight, outside the Freshman dorms. No evidence of construction, not even any trampled grass underneath. Just two long poles, directly into the grass, a bit over three meters apart. No base or pedestal was in evidence.

The poles held up, at just about shoulder hight, what looked like a jetpack of some sort. The two straight wings extended out, with the supports attached to the wingtips. In the center was a slightly thicker bulge, which on one side had a curved protrusion, which looked a bit like a jet engine.

Only it appeared to be empty. Just the intake, pointing skyward, and the exhaust end. Crawling under it you could see skylight.

The other side of the bulge was blank. Just a few seams in the metal.

It wasn't seamless. There were quite a few seams, in various patterns, over the object. But there was no indication on how it had gotten put together, or of course, how it had gotten placed there.

The first crowds started to form around noon, during lunch. People poking at it, or trying to figure out where it came from.

The University police briefly cordoned it off, but it didn't appear to be a danger, and there was no obvious way to remove it. Whatever had been done, those poles were well-set into the ground.

By evening, people were ignoring it, and walking right past. A few heads turned.

Betty Waller's wasn't one of them. She'd been and gawked in the morning, when she'd first left her dorm, and glanced at it a few times since, but it was background now. Another part of the campus scenery.

Which meant she got no warning when something finally did happen.

The first she knew something had changed was when something wrapped around her left wrist and tugged. She looked down and turned, and saw the metallic tentacle that had gripped her, as well as the others that were protruding from the suddenly open cavity in the center of the device. The look only lasted a second though, as it quickly grabbed her other wrist, and spun her around to face away from itself.

The crowds weren't gone, and even without her scream people would have gathered, but it brought people at a run. And then it was cut off, as a mouthpiece was forced between her teeth. The air it fed her was dry.

The mouthpiece also kept her head from moving, preventing her from watching the damage done as the device's arms shredded her clothes as it further secured her, leaving her naked and spread-eagled above the grass where it held her.

She felt cold metal at her back, and she knew it had drawn her in. There was a flash as someone managed to draw a camera, and one tendril planted itself firmly in her sex. Then her legs were drawn closed, and her arms to her sides. A shimmerfield formed around her head, and she felt and heard the engine start.

People were just starting to get into range to try to help as the poles lifted themselves out of the earth, and retracted into the wingtips. One person even manged to get a hand around her ankle as the device lifted her into the sky, but the rapid rise shook the hold loose.

The flight was fast, terrifying, and exhilarating. The wing flew low enough to the ground that taking in where they were was impossible, especially at speed. Meanwhile, the tendril expertly pulsed, shifted, and generally fucked her. The shimmerfield only covered her head and shoulders, streamlining her, but she could feel the motion of the air past her bare skin. Especially across her nipples: the field seemed to end exactly where they would be placed on the edge, and the turbulence tweaked and teased them continually. Especially as they grew harder.

Very soon they were over water, and the wing brought her close enough to the surface that she was worried about waves hitting her, particularly at the speed they were going. It never happened though, even though the trip over water was twice the length over land.

Unable to move her head, she never saw the island approach. All she knew was that one moment she was over water, and the next she was in a dark tunnel, and slowing. Moments later she was upright again, and stopped, though not quite on the ground. The wing had found a mounting in the wall, and she was hung there.

"Welcome. I hope your trip was pleasant." The voice wasn't human, but it wasn't quite the measured tones of a computer either. Betty couldn't move more than her eyes, but she scanned the room she found herself in. She saw no sign of the speaker.

"I'm sorry, let me introduce myself. My name is ERROR INVALID." She winced as the voice broke into definitely computerized metallic synthesis for a moment, and then continued, "I'm a digital augment of my creator, Dr. Meier." A light came on, showing a skeleton in a chair, an arc of electricity flowing through where the skull should be. Betty's eyes opened wide, and she resumed struggling as hard as she could. Not that it made a difference. "Unfortunately, he has neglected to disconnect himself from my systems. This has caused some maintenance problems in the mansion." Betty's view noted the sparking wires and flashing red lights on the consoles below her. "Searching my uploaded databanks has identified the requirements for the human maintaince unit called 'maid'; Of the humans surveyed at the educational facility, you matched the specified requirements best. You will now be fitted with an interface to this system. If you do not wish to become part of this experiment, please say so now."

Nothing moved, despite Betty's best efforts. That included her mouthpiece, which was preventing her from making a sound.

"Excellent. I'm glad you are so cooperative. Please remain calm as you are transferred to the interface chamber, and are outfitted for your new position."

'Calm' was not high on the list of how Betty was feeling at the moment. She did hope that the machine would release her for a moment, or even loosen it's grip. If she could just escape, she might be able to shut down whatever was running this place.

A giant three-pronged hand came out of the ceiling, and pulled her from the wall. The metal tendrils that held her came with, detaching from the wing/backpack to stay with her. She was swung around and down hard enough that if it had been maintained for more than a split second, she would have blacked out. As it was, she almost felt grateful for the support the tendrils offered, for just a moment. Then she was attached to plate behind her, and a glass wall came down in front of her.

The tendrils coming back to life would have cheered her, if they'd released her. Unfortunately the only one that left was the one she actually wanted to stay: the one between her legs. She hadn't noticed how much it was affecting her until it was withdrawn, and she suddenly was without the pleasurable presence. That thought distracted her for the last moments as the machines brought her back to a spread-eagle.

She felt a sharp prick in the back of her neck, and then numbness. The mouthpiece finally dropped, along with most of the rest of the tendrils, but Betty found herself unable to move. Even her eyes were frozen, as she watched huge needles approach on robotic arms.

The feeling of them penetrating her flesh was present, in the form of a press and tug against her skin, nothing more. A wave of them flowed down her spine, and two arcs of them entered from under her breasts, following just under her skin to her still-erect nipples. Her vagina was ringed with entrances, and lined with the feeling of them nestling under her skin. But her focus was on the two that came in from the sides of her eyes. She could just about see them as they came in, and she could feel them just behind her eyeballs.

Then there was a longer modification, as her heel-bone was removed and replaced, and something pushed up the backs of her legs. Betty was suddenly glad she couldn't feel pain.

And then, for the first time in longer than she cared to think about, she was physically free. The wall lifted, and she could step forward. "I have arranged for appropriate protective wear, as well as the required tools. This system does not intend to control your mind at this time, so you will receive instructions on this channel, as well as direct guidance. Your compliance will be rewarded as appropriate." The voice was inside her head this time, and Betty felt herself stepping forward.

She was able to look down, and saw the jeweled beads at the end of whatever had been inserted into her nestled in against her skin. Her bust-line seemed to float, suspended in midair on whatever had been done to her. Her heel hit the floor, well before she was expecting it to, and she looked further down to see a perfectly formed high-heeled shoe, that looked to have grown from her otherwise naked skin.

Two steps took her to the table. The 'protective wear' upon it was lace and gauze. Betty tried to hold her hands back from reaching for it, and felt pain again. If she had full control of her body she would have screamed in agony, but as it was she felt herself, smiling, bend over and pick up the outfit, and proceed to dress herself like a fetish model.

The pain faded as her resistance did. In curiosity, she actively reached for the feather-duster on the table, and was rewarded by pleasure flowing through her, and she learned what the point of lining her cunt with stimulus controlling rods was. She was already in orgasm as she stepped away from the table, and started to dust.

A part of her mind noted with horror and sadness that she was going to be happy to serve here. The rest started the process of trying to predict what the computer would want of her next.


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