Hydra - Second Capture

Submitted by Darkmind on Sun, 11/10/2013 - 17:44

Hydra - A submarine Cyberhive recruitment, acquisition, and guard station unit. Typically one of the first units deployed on a planet newly targeted by the Cyberhive, often as the first acquisition unit as the hive tries to build a local force.

In most cases there is no visible portion of this unit. A typical deployment will be to a seabed in a low-traffic area, where the Hydra will completely bury itself, only extending the characteristic attack tendrils when it has a target in range.

Detection is usually via statistical analysis of disapperences, or by detection of the Mermaid units set up as guards. (If any.) Presence of Mermaids should be considered a strong indicator of a nearby Hydra, but is not considered conclusive.

Hydras appear to have storage and support for up to four Mermaid units, as well as housing for up to four Torpedo kits. Additional Torpedo kits can be installed, by trading out Mermaid storage, or Wing kits can be swapped for Torpedo kits on a two-for-one basis. Occasionally several Hydras will work together to support more Mermaids in an area than they could individually.

Conversion can be done by the Hydra itself, in the case of Mermaids, or a Torpedo or Wing can be used to transport targets to a central conversion facility.

– Entry from the Army’s Cyberhive Unit Identification Guide

“See, what did I tell you: Empty beach.”



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