New Life

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Mary walked back to her dorm from her project meeting unconfused. She had a problem, and she knew it. How to solve the problem, that was the question.

She was Stephan’s slave.

She’d felt it the moment he’d uttered the words that activated the necklace. The wave of pleasure that had flooded over her then… Well, it had been lucky he had been so absorbed with reading. She had wanted to tell him, right then and there: to proclaim her new position in life.

She probably would have, if he hadn’t kept talking, or if it hadn’t been a public area. Not that she cared if people knew, but not wanting to make a spectacle had played in her thoughts.

She pondered this a moment as she opened the door to her dorm room.

Her problem was that Stephan was too nice.

He was a good friend; Mary had always enjoyed hanging out with him because he didn’t act like a sexist pig around her, like so many guys did. She was gorgeous, she knew it, and that was fine. But the way some guy’s brains short-circuited at the sight of her…

It had never been something she’d enjoyed.

Stephan, however, wasn’t among them. He had always treated her, and all women, as an equal, for as long as she had known him. Which, she admitted, wasn’t that long. Two years of college, that’s all. That had made him a good person to hang out with, when she wasn’t with the girls, on with whomever was her current boyfriend. And it made him someone she could work with on projects without being constantly hit on.

Now though… She didn’t want him to hit on her. Mary wanted him to order her. To his side, to his feet, to his bed…

She realized she’d undressed, and was lying on her bed, fingering herself. Dreaming of kneeling at his feet, naked, or feeding him, or…

“Fuck it.” Mary spoke aloud to herself. The problems could wait; tonight she needed to revel in her new role.

Even if it was only her fingers fucking her to oblivion.

Concubines Necklace

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