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Mary woke up relaxed and well-rested, aside from a small cramp in one hand. Well, that was to be expected.

She really wished she could have had her owner fuck her last night.

She sat up and looked around. Her room was a mess: clothes flung everywhere, her bag dropped by the door, the bed mostly slept on, not in... "Looks like I needed some sex." She shook her head at herself, grabbed a towel and some shampoo, and headed for the showers.

Her head was clearer this morning. She wasn't as obsessed with serving Stephan as she had been last night. Still, the thought sent a nice shiver through her.

She paused a moment at the shower, about to remove her necklace as normal. She decided against it: removing it might break the spell, and that would never do. It had taken water before: a few showers wouldn't hurt it.

That got her thinking though, as she soaped up in the shower. She needed to know what the necklace actually did. What powers it had. The book had said 'enhance her youth and beauty', but what did that mean, actually? And would the fact that she had worn it, literally, all her life make a difference?

For that matter, had it already affected her, before it had been activated? Mary knew she looked like a porn star; she had since she was fourteen. She still (at 22) didn't look a day over 16, and people always assumed her DD breasts were the result of implants.

She looked down at them, washing the soap off their perky form, with the necklace hanging between them. She didn't actually need a bra. Was that an effect of her necklace? Or the fact that her crotch looked shaved, (with just a little fuz to emphasize the center of attention) without her doing anything?

She had always just put that down to genetics. Her mother and sister were the same way. Of course, her mother had worn a necklace just like hers her entire life...

Her sister had never worn the necklace, apart from a few times as a kid. It was always handed down to the eldest granddaughter: Mary had gotten hers when she was born from her mother's mother, and had expected her mother to give hers to Mary's daughter. Jessica had bloomed a little later than Mary, and at 18 looked almost as old as Mary, but was still an 11 on the knockout scale.

Perhaps the necklace affected your children as well? Mary would have to research. Figuring out how to serve Stephan depended on knowing these things.

Mary paused from working shampoo into her hair, examining her thoughts and feelings for her owner. He was still a history geek in her mind. That hadn't changed. Nor the fact that she found him a little naive. He had a tendency to focus on his project, and ignore the rest of the world. He treated everyone the same, though he seemed to respect her more than some.

A history geek, who lived in his own little world, and treated everyone as a visitor to it. Someone she could hang out with, because he was non-threatening to her or her current boyfriend. A nobody, really.

And she wouldn't dream of disappointing him in the smallest thing.

Mary shuddered at the thought. So, her impression of him hadn't really changed, that she could tell. Even her feelings did not appear to have been tampered with. It was just that he was her owner, she was his slave, and serving him was her life's goal.

So: How to accomplish that. She could still just go over to his room, confess that she was his slave, and let him take over. Mary even admitted she liked the sound of that in her own mind. Just let him figure out what to do, have him order her around...

Mary brought her fingers back to her hair. This wasn't the time.

Mary, however, had to be honest with herself. His probable reaction would be 'This is a joke, right?', and when she managed to convince him otherwise he'd start searching for a way to 'fix' her.

Mary did not want to be fixed.

Eventually, if he didn't manage, he'd probably realize what he had, and start taking advantage of her. Mary didn't mind waiting, really, if that was what it took to be his slave. But Stephan was a history buff: if there was a way to 'fix' her, he would probably find it, and sooner rather than later. Then, she would have to go back to being what she had been.

Mary wasn't sure what that would mean. Would she remember this? Would she remember how good it felt to call herself his slave, even if he didn't know it yet? To have a clear sense of purpose, for the first time?

It was not something she wanted to give up. Besides, doing so would mean she could hurt her owner, on purpose even. And that was unacceptable.

Mary stepped out of the shower and dried off, then headed back to her room.

She had made the right choice last night: she needed to convince Stephan that he wanted to take advantage of her first, then tell him she was his slave. The question she faced was how to do that.

Mary picked up her room while she pondered where to start, and come to the conclusion that she did not have the necessary information. She needed to know more about the necklace, and more about Stephan. She could skip class and go to the library for the first, but the second would take a while.

Well, one thing at a time.

Nothing in her closet looked like something she wanted to wear, and Mary was considering whether it was to cold outside to go naked when she stopped herself.

Obviously, activating the necklace had other effects.

She sat down on her bed to explore her mind. Ok, so there was the obvious effect of not wanting to disobey or disappoint her owner. No problem. She wasn't body conscious at all: that was a problem, at least potentially. Mary had known she was drool-worthy, but had never particularly liked to be drooled over. She had tended to try to hide her body somewhat as a result. (Though she had a couple outfits for when she wanted the boys to drool.) Unless she wanted a lot of awkward questions, she probably needed to continue that.

Which meant she probably should have at least wrapped her towel around herself on the way to and from the shower this morning. Oh well.

Actually, now she was thinking about it, she realized she actually wanted to show off her body, at least a little. Particularly at her owner's side... She wanted to show off the fact that he had something as beautiful as herself.

Well, at least that could be contained. And probably used. Appearing a little sexier in Stephan's presence probably would make him more likely to think about things to do with her. Or to her.

So, what other effects was this going to have on her life? She couldn't tell for the moment if it had affected her sex drive, though it seemed likely that would be changed. Thinking of her current boyfriend just brought revulsion to the idea of his touch...

Oh, Nick. She was going to have to break up with him. That was going to hurt, some. She wasn't head-over-heels in love with him, but she could see it had been going that way. He was a good guy, and didn't deserve to be dumped, really. She was going to have to think of a way to let him down easy. And soon.

Her skin was crawling at the idea of going on another date with him. Or even their common quick kiss in the hallway.

Anything else? Mary ran through a quick recap of everything she did on a common day in her mind. Nothing else seemed to be affected, at least that she could tell. It was probably safe for her to go outside.

Once she got dressed.

Concubines Necklace

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